varied experience中文意思是什麼

varied experience解釋

  • varied: adj. 1. 各種各樣的。2. 改變了的,有變化的。3. 雜色的,斑駁的。adv. -ly
  • experience: n 1 經驗,體驗。2 見識,經歷,閱歷。3 〈pl 〉 【宗教】靈性的感受。vt 1 經驗,體驗。2 感受,經歷。...

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  1. The main idea of this thesis is : social practice is imperative to university students, social practice is maturing step by step after the reforming and opening - up, the experience of university and college is that we must establish and perfect the education system with activity and we must stick to the communality between cultivation and social profits. in the new stage and new century, social practice in university and college will be socialized, specialized, varied and regulated by law

  2. By highlighting local case studies, the whole training was tailored to the specific eco - environment and production conditions of the piloting districts. the experts guidance and varied participatory approaches adopted in the training such as sharing the experience of others, playing games, group discussions and individual presentation have encouraged the trainees to actively air their view and helped them to get an initial knowledge on modern business management, a thorough knowledge on indicators used to assess the nutritive value of forage and sheeps nutritional needs at different physiological stages and a better awareness of forages importance in increasing the efficiency of sheep production

  3. The superintensive 4 programme offers you an intensive and varied language learning experience in small groups

  4. She encountered a very similar experience in the office of mr. jenks, only he varied it by saying at the close : " if you could play at some local house, or had a programme with your name on it, i might do something.

    在詹克斯的辦公室里,她的遭遇也十分相似,唯一不同的是,他在最後說: 「要是你能在某個地方戲院演出,或者有一張有你的名字的節目單的話,我也許能效點勞。 」
  5. In the course of my research, based on current research and the author ' s experience in teaching chinese, and have a foothold somewhere the teaching material, put forward four tactics : establish the concept of learning all the life ; combine the appreciation of reading and the practice of writing ; combine the learning in the classroom and the extracurricular practice ; provide a varied of the show ' s terrace and assessable mechanism