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  • volcanic: adj. 1. 火山(性)的;火山作用形成的,火成的。2. 有火山的,火山多的。3. 暴發性的,猛烈的,激烈的。adv. -ically
  • heat: n 1 熱;熱力;熱度;熱量。2 體溫;發燒。3 (氣候的)高溫,暑氣。4 【冶金】熔煉的爐次;裝爐量;一...
  • source: n 1 源頭,水源,源泉。2 根源,本源;來源。3 原因;出處;原始資料。4 提供消息的人。5 血統。vt 〈美...

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  1. Using this method to dispose interference of output signal of sensing elements, the interference caused by fixed position heat source of constant and adagio variable temperature can be effectively eliminated in exterior

  2. Hot - air furnace is the heat - source equipment for supplying clean - air to dry grain

  3. The heat source may be steam, heat conduction oil, electricity or coal ( oil ) hot air furnace

  4. The theoretical analysis on the operational characteristics of gshps taking into consideration of the characteristics that taking soil as the heat source and cold source, by means of thermodynamic methods, the theoretical research on the operational changing patterns of gshps with a scroll compressor using r22 as refrigerant has been conducted

  5. According to dynamical characteristic of the bubble motion in the flow field, and under the assumptions of isothermal system without interior heat source, uniform bubble size, and ignoring surface tension, the mathematical expressions for interfacial momentum exchanges have been deduced which include drag, virtual mass force, and lift