womb stones中文意思是什麼

womb stones解釋

  • womb: n 子宮;胎;〈比喻〉內部;發源地,孕育處。 the womb of a ship 船體內部。 from the womb to the tom...
  • stones: 生命之石

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  1. Natural stones - determination of abrasion resistance

  2. And the servants also of huram, and the servants of solomon, which brought gold from ophir, brought algum trees and precious stones

  3. He built an altar of smooth stones.

  4. One stone and jade boundary line is it shout " die the stone " to clear, can cut apart, take out the good jade, if " the jade cherishes stones ", it belongs to this kind that " the stone cherishes the jade " ; one stone and jade boundary line is it call " living stone " to clear, it have " stone nail ", " stone spend ", " stone line ", " rice asterism ", etc. various kinds of distribution shape, flaw that excavate going dirtily while utilizing

    一種石與玉界線清楚叫「死石」 ,可以分割,取出好玉,如「玉抱石」 「石抱玉」屬此類一種石與玉界線不清楚叫「活石」 ,它有「石釘」 「石花」 「石線」 「米星點」等各種分佈形態,利用時要挖臟去瑕。
  5. Combine iolite with other prosperity stones citrine, aventurine, peridot, etc when the goal is to eliminate debt. iolite helps with the acceptance of financial responsibility and improves the ability ito manage finances. it also enhances leadership ability, personality power, self confidence, executive ability, and enhances intuition