音標 ['eks.æksis]
n. 名詞 【數學】X軸,橫坐標軸。

  • x: X2= (羅馬數字)10 XX = 20 IX = 9 XV = 15 XL = 40 LX = 60 XC = 90 DXL = 540 MX = 1010 =...
  • axis: n ( pl axes )1 軸,軸線。2 【植物;植物學】莖軸。3 【解剖學】第二頸椎,第二脊骨。4 【政治學】軸...


  1. It supposed that the circle of sliding surface run through the foot of slide. the factor of safety is transmitted to the function of x coordinate of the intersection point of the tangent at the scrap of the circle and x axis. so, the two - dimension area of searching is changed to one - dimension

  2. Using a scatter plot, you select the columns to appear on the x - axis and y - axis

  3. X axis and y axis adopt ball spiral rods with excellent precisions and low friction factors

    X . y軸採用滾珠螺桿傳動精度佳,摩擦系數小。
  4. Based on this, the optimum operating mode of ln anisotropic one - dimension aeo device is determined as : light promulgates along z axis, ultrasonic wave promulgates along x axis, and direct current electric field is loaded along y axis

  5. The ms spectrum graphically relates a protein ' s mass and charge ( x - axis ) to its abundance as measured by its signal intensity ( y - axis )

    質譜圖顯示了某種蛋白質它的質量與電荷( x軸)與其通過信號強度檢測所得的豐度( y軸)之間的關系。