adj. 形容詞 1. 〈美國〉(電影限制范圍)禁止十六歲以下兒童觀看的,(影片)X級的。
2. 淫穢的;有裸體演員出場的,有裸體表演的。

  • x: X2= (羅馬數字)10 XX = 20 IX = 9 XV = 15 XL = 40 LX = 60 XC = 90 DXL = 540 MX = 1010 =...
  • rated: 定額的;計算的;額定的


  1. There are five natural sample zones of adiantum reniforme l. var. sinense y. x. lin investigated, and recorded 34 species. 10 dominant species were used to calculate the niche width of populations and the niche overlap interpopulations

  2. Adjoin two new vertices x and y to n.

  3. X rays and antibiotics are adjuvant to surgery. x

  4. We d become irritable and angry for several days. meditation would be almost always impossible with my mind focused on the x - rated images and wrapped up in the passion and fantasies

  5. Occasionally, x - rated scenes would turn up on the movie screen, and master would promptly tell the video person to fast - forward the video. in the meantime, she would crack a joke by saying, " just to protect the little kids.