n. 名詞 (pl. z-axes) 【數學】z 軸(線)。

  • z: n (pl Z s z s )1 英語字母表第二十六個字母。2 【數學】第三個未知數;(中世紀羅馬數字的)2000。3 ...
  • axis: n ( pl axes )1 軸,軸線。2 【植物;植物學】莖軸。3 【解剖學】第二頸椎,第二脊骨。4 【政治學】軸...


  1. Since we can't specify lx and ly, the vector l can lie anywhere on the surface of a cone whose axis is the z axis.

  2. Z test conditions for machining centres. part 3 : geometric tests for machines with integral indexable or continuous universal heads vertical z - axis

  3. Z test conditions for machining centers - part 1 : geometric tests for machines with horizontal spindle and with accessory heads horizontal z - axis

  4. This paper discusses the formation algorithm of a terrane with folds. to form a fold with less lean, triangulation from scattered points in space and surface reconstruction are used. to form a fold that has superposition along z - axis, the single - value surfaces that compose the fold should be constructed separately and assembled later

  5. Z - axis feed dwell time at the hole bottom in a spot - machining spot cycle. set this time in spindle revolutions