z. hr. = zero hour 零時。

  • z: n (pl Z s z s )1 英語字母表第二十六個字母。2 【數學】第三個未知數;(中世紀羅馬數字的)2000。3 ...
  • hour: n 1 小時,鐘頭。2 時間,時刻。3 一小時的行程;一小時的工作量。4 〈 pl 〉固定時間〈尤指工作時間〉;...


  1. Governor swann : still abed at this hour

  2. The queen s hotel, ennis, county, glare, where rudolph bloom rudolf virag died on the evening of the 27 june 1886, at some hour unstated, in consequence of an overdose of monkshood aconite selfadministered in the form of a neuralgic liniment, composed of 2 parts of aconite liniment to 1 of chloroform liniment purchased by him at 10. 20 a. m. on the morning of 27 june 1886 at the medical hall of francis dennehy, 17 church street, ennis after having, though not in consequence of having, purchased at 3. 15 p. m. on the afternoon of 27 june 1886 a new boater straw hat, extra smart after having, though not in consequence of having, purchased at the hour and in the place aforesaid, the toxin aforesaid, at the general drapery store of james cullen, 4 main street, ennis

  3. With colourless nail polish, study on the stomatic distribution of outer epidermis in the young stem, aged stem and aged leaf sheath, and adaxial and abxial leaf epidermis of young and aged leaves in s. purpurea, z. pendula and c communis was conducted

  4. As i lay in that dark hour, i was aghast to realise that something was within me.

  5. At this time there had come to him the thought that this south train from albany as well as utica being due here at this hour.