zonal charge中文意思是什麼

zonal charge解釋

  • zonal: adj. 1. 成帶的,帶狀的。2. 區域[地區]性的。
  • charge: vt 1 填;裝(子彈);充(電);使飽和;使充滿;堆積,裝載。2 命令;促;諭示,指令。3 責備;告誡。...

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  1. Please charge the amount to my account.

  2. Public benefit collection taxation and government charge are three styles of acquisitive system of state - owned property

  3. We infered that this new absorption band was associated with the effect of charge - transfer transition between adsorbates and colloidal silver particles, not the effect of the surface plasma resonance due to the silver particles aggregation which was usually attributed to in previous research work

    我們將其歸因於與納米銀顆粒表面間的電荷轉移效應( ct ) ,而非通常所認為的因銀膠凝聚而產生的表面等離子體共振吸收效應。
  4. Door of department of commerce : be in charge of the industry guidance of current to food job and management, birds of cultivate of responsible supervisory government nods butcher surely, investigate case of management disease flesh, affusion pulp lawfully

  5. It revealed that hexagonal structure was easily synthesized in the neutral medium, and lamellar structure was inclined to prepare under basic condition, and from the cooperative charge density matching mechanism and function of manganese iron and template molecular, the alkalescence influence on the structure was explained, and appropriate neutral hexadecylamine ( hda ) availed to synthesis of mesophase with more ordered degree for the mediation of packing parameter