zoning order中文意思是什麼

zoning order解釋

  • zoning: n. 1. 〈美國〉分區制,分區布局;(郵包)區域制。2. 分區取樣。
  • order: n 1 次序,順序;整齊;(社會)秩序,治安;狀況,常態;健康狀態;條理;會場秩序;議事程序,日程;...

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  1. It is necessary to scorn, to loathe, to abhor the creeds of other men, in order to conquer the temptations which they presented.

  2. The next in order, oneself in talent market will distinctly enter the more aboil competition ages

  3. The main contributions are as follows : ( 1 ) de ( differential evolution ) algorithm is proposed to invert the ocean acoustic parameters in shallow water in order to get faster and more accurate results than ga ( genetic algorithm ) and sa ( simulated annealing algorithm ). also a posteriori probability analysis method is applied to evaluate the uncertainty of inversion results. ( 2 ) maximum likelihood objective functions for broadband mfi are derived according to different conditions

    ( 2 )根據不同的前提條件,採用似然比的方法推導了寬帶匹配場反演的最大似然目標函數;深入地研究了寬帶匹配場處理中的相干與非相干問題;在分析參數反演的敏感性之後,提出了淺海環境參數寬帶匹配場反演的多步優化策略,並與全參數反演方法進行了性能上的模擬比較。
  4. In addition, add the addends in any order and the sum remains the same

  5. Takes the case of beijing city, this dissertation mainly studies the spatial distribution characteristics and temporal change trend of urban land price in different uses, and explores the spatial structure of land price and the mechanism of its formation, in order to supply some references for city function zoning, optimizing city land use structure and regulating city land market