zoning phenomenon中文意思是什麼

zoning phenomenon解釋

  • zoning: n. 1. 〈美國〉分區制,分區布局;(郵包)區域制。2. 分區取樣。
  • phenomenon: n. 1. (pl. -na ) 【哲學】現象 (opp. noumenon); 事件。2. (pl. phenomenons) 稀有現象;奇跡;珍奇;珍品;非凡的人。3. 【醫學】癥候。

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  1. The aging phenomenon coincided with oxygen absorption.

  2. Alliteration and assonance is not only a language phenomenon, but also an artistic one in poems

  3. What is andropause ? after age 40, men may experience a phenomenon similar to the female menopause called andropause, due to the gradual decline in testosterone level

  4. Ironically, use of an antimissile interceptor against a nuclear - tipped target with a proximity fuse could in fact set off a destructive hane phenomenon

  5. Abstract : although the inapplicable scope of the seismic zoning map has been stipulated in the related documents, the provided clauses are relatively simple, and the phenomenon of expanding the applicaple scope of the seismic zoning map still exists in society