時間比較儀 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [shíjiānjiào]
時間比較儀 英文
  • : shí]Ⅰ名1 (比較長的一段時間)time; times; days:當時at that time; in those days; 古時 ancient tim...
  • : 間Ⅰ名詞1 (中間) between; among 2 (一定的空間或時間里) with a definite time or space 3 (一間...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (比較; 較量高下、 長短、距離、好壞等) compare; compete; contrast; match; emulate 2 (比...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (比較) compare 2 [書面語] (計較) dispute Ⅱ副詞(比較) comparatively; relatively; fair...
  • : 名詞1 (人的外表) appearance; bearing 2 (禮節; 儀式) ceremony; rite 3 (禮物)present; gift 4 ...
  • 時間 : time; hour; 北京時間十九點整19 hours beijing time; 上課時間school hours; 時間與空間 time and spac...
  • 比較 : 1 (對比) compare; compare with; contrast; parallel (with); comparison; by comparison; in comp...
  1. Using the dynamic mechanical analyzer ( dma ), pdms / pma ipn was investigated at temperature of 5 - 180 c. the initiator, the component ratio, the type of pdms and the filler effected the damping properties. the result showed that the damping ability varied with the parameter and there was an optimal value. the excellent damping material in the papers was ipn, where tan man was 0. 735, and the damping functional temperature ranged with tan 8 > 0. 3 was 46 c. the micro - morphology and structure of pdms / pma ipn were characterized by two kinds of sem

    高分子阻尼材料的有效阻尼功能區是在ipn材料的t _ g區內,而研究常溫條件下的阻尼性能更具有重要應用價值,運用動態熱機械分析( dma )對ipn阻尼材料進行表徵,在5 180內對其損耗因子( tan )進行研究,發現引發劑和交聯劑的用量、聚硅氧烷的用量和分子量等參數對ipn阻尼性能的影響大,存在一個合理配值,當pma與粘度為3300pa ? s的pdms之(質量)為1 . 17 : 1 、交聯劑用量為1, tan最大值為0 . 735 ,大於0 . 3的溫域差達到46 。
  2. In the first part, the basic knowledge of particle scattering in meteorology and physics was introduced. the particles to be discussed include aerosol particles, fog droplets and raindrops and the em wave band in the discussion is near - infrared. in the second part, the mie theory was briefly reviewed and was applied to investigate the scattering characteristics of spherical atmospheric particles, the result shows that in the visibility measurement meter using forward - scattering method, when the working wavelegth is between 0. 8 m ~ 2 m, the scattering angle is between 25 ~ 40, the distinguishability and the relative scattering intensity would be better than those under other conditions. in the third part, the superellipsoid was used to describe a wide range of shapes such as spheres. ellipsoids and cylinders. an improved t - matrix method which can be used to calculate arbitry shaped particle ' s scattering field was introduced, and the scattering characteristics of non - spherical atmospheric particles was investigated with this method

    計算結果表明,從相對散射強度、同一方向上不同粒子散射的可區分程度來看,在散射式能見度探測器中,工作波長介於0 . 86 m 2 m ,探測角度選取前向25度40度,探測的結果將會是理想的。第三部分中,使用超橢球方程來統一描述各種非球形粒子的形狀,然後使用t矩陣方法計算了一些形狀的非球形粒子的近紅外散射特性。另外,在本文中還針對球形粒子的散射場提供了一種三維可視化方法,使對散射場強度的空分佈的理解更加簡單,直觀。
  3. Besides, scan rate and cycle period also affect the result ; co - deposition of dualistic oxide is a focus of research, as an element in the same group, ir is selected. deposition rate of composition is decreased by the adding of ir composition, and when the proportion of ir exceeded 50 %, composition procession can be ceased. but cooperation of ir and ru oxide can highly increase the specific capacitance of active material ; annealing treatment under a certain temperature can help to change the hydrate ru composition into mixture state ru oxide, accordingly increase the stabilization of active material

    研究表明:電解液的配製過程中,氯化釕濃度、溶液ph值、陳化、溶液溫度對電鍍效果均有影響,其中溶液ph值是最主要的影響因素;在器的使用條件探索中,理論結合實驗確定了本電鍍液體系循環伏安電勢窗的理想范圍,並發現循環伏安掃描速度和掃描周期對電鍍結果也有大影響;混合氧化物的共沉澱是目前研究熱點,在此選用與釕同一族的銥作為共沉澱元素,銥的加入會阻礙氧化物的沉積速度,銥的例超過50 %會使沉積作用停止,但是二元氧化物的協同作用使沉積的活性物質容量大大提高;一定溫度下退火后處理作用會使水合釕化物轉變成混合價態的氧化釕,從而提高活性物質的穩定性。
  4. In this dissertation, we studied the tcra1101plus total station position system, which introduced the principle and characters of the instrument ' s closed loop tracking system. also we explained the cause of prism ' s position error and brought forward mathematic model to correct, moreover, the good results has been drawn form the expenriments. the kinetic survey system have been realized, which the sampling rate attain more than 5hz and the position precision can be less than 2mm on condition that targeted - point moving slowly at the velocity below 2cm / s. having finished the survey system to examine whether the fine - tuning stewart platform in good status, we have finished mensurating the position reference of the fine - tuning stewart platform and the offset of the prism

    在此基礎上研製了多臺器在線控制高頻采樣動態跟蹤測量系統,采樣率大於5hz ,在跟蹤小於2cm / s低速運動目標,測量精度好於2mm ;完成對饋源二次精調系統的檢測,包括對二次精調平臺位置基準的標定和觀測棱鏡偏心差的測定;設計不同動態測量實驗,對全站動態跟蹤的誤差來源和特點進行了分析;從實驗角度,對全站的測量滯及其穩定性進行了測試分析,給出了定量的結果;了全站和計算機的內部系統,發現兩者存在大差異。
  5. In order to compare the retention time ( rt ) and limits of detection of 20 organophosphorous insecticides in different conditions the experiments were carried out using a medium polar capillary column ( db - 1701 ) and a no polar capillary column ( db - 1 ) with two detectors ( gc - fpd and npd ). the rt of 20 organophosphorous insecticides in two different polar capillary columns was a retention qualitative method for 20 organophosphorous insecticides. db - 1701 capillary column coupled with gc - fpd detector was used in the following study, the limits of detection were in range of 5x10 - 11 ~ 2x 10 - 12 g, the linear range was 2x 10 - 9 ~ 1 x 10 - 11g

    本研究用兩種檢測器(氮磷檢測器和火焰光度檢測器器)和兩種不同極性色譜梓(中極性毛細管色譜柱db - 1701 、非極性毛細管色譜柱db - 1 )作為研究手段,了20種有機磷殺蟲劑在兩種色譜柱( db - 1 、 db - 1701 ) 、兩種檢測器( fpd 、 npd )上的保留及最小檢測量,建立了用不同極性色譜柱上有機磷農藥的保留可作為有機磷農藥雙柱定性確證的的方法;建立了db - 1701 , gc - fpd測定蔬菜中20種有機磷殺蟲劑的氣相色譜法,該方法的最小檢測量為5 10 ~ ( - 11 ) 2 10 ~ ( - 12 ) g ,線性范圍在2 10 ~ ( - 9 ) 1 10 ~ ( - 11 ) g,相關性良好。
  6. Under the pattern of cyber - education, open laboratories are becoming inseparable parts which still are weak in the process of teaching. as for electric experiment category, there are many problems in common, for instance, less safe in equipment systems, less functional in instrument protection, thus forcing students to spend large quantity of time reviewing, recording, and analyzing data, while students do experiment only with less time, which have negative effect on purpose of experiment, at the same time, this does not reflect benefits that internet brings us

  7. As one of the comparative research of cross - culture difference in visual cognition, this report has carried on the track test to observe landscape cognition and evaluation using the eye - mark recorder ( emr ), trying to probe into the cross - culture influence on human by collecting and analyzing the visual information in the variety trend of fixation point distribution, quantity and remaining time, so as to identify the meaning of regional landscape features and the layout of composing elements

  8. Cid - icp - aes has the advantages of high sensitivity, high signal - to - noise and high quantum efficiency, which nearly reaches theoretical limit value of theoretical parts of an apparatus ; it can memorize thousands of spectra lines at the same time. cid - icp - aes is the newest model, and there are still few articles to report analytical character of this type, as this result the optimum of operating condition and the effect of analytical parameters for photometric precision, signal - to - noise and detection limits are studied : r. f. power is 11 sow, nebulizer pressure is 28psi, the measurement time is 3 times and the integral time is 20s

    本實驗室的光譜是當前最新型號的全譜直讀光譜,這類新型裝置分析性能的研究報道少,因此研究著重分析了參數對測量精密度、線背及檢出限的影響,對器最佳操作條件進行了摘要優化:發射功率採用1150w ;載氣壓力為28psi ,測量次數選擇3次,積分為205 。
  9. The thesis also introduces the virtual instrument ’ s concept, system architecture, etc. the development of virtual instrument ’ s application software is discussed in detail. it includes virtual instrument software architecture ( visa ), and virtual instrument ’ s software platforms. the thesis discusses the principle and mechanism of work of the simulation of embedded system. by comparing with the principle of traditional logical analyzer, it draw a conclusion that the virtual logical analyzer will work in synchronous way when it is used for both logical state analyzer and logical time analyzer. the thesis

  10. At the same time, the paper also describes the confirmation of experiments project, the design of experiments installation, the choice of some measurement instruments. after finishing the experiments, some important conclusions are obtained, which are beneficial to set up the mathematical model about measuring force and wheel deformation accurately and reliably

  11. As an vxi equipment designed for testing complex data system, it wins through the shortcomings of traditional test method which uses signal generator to supply stimulus and utilizes logical analyzer to sample response data. it can achieve complicated cooperation between stimulus and response by sampling response data in the single period and then comparing it with the expectation data while imposing test stimulus on the test objective

  12. This can be achieved once gps timing synchronization is ready

  13. This high speed digital test module is based on the vxi bus structure and specified on multi - channel and high speed aspects ; it is also capable of generating the stimulant signal and collecting the responded data ; meanwhile because the relationship between stimulation and response can be programmable, the module is highly intellective and it helps the testing system work more automatically ; what ' s more, with the good functions like real - time comparison, branch, single step, pause, trigger, it makes the testing more efficient as well