極性工作方式 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [xìnggōngzuòfāngshì]
極性工作方式 英文
polar mode
  • : i 名詞1 (頂點; 盡頭) the utmost point; extreme 2 (地球的南北兩端; 磁體的兩端; 電源或電器上電流...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (性格) nature; character; disposition 2 (性能; 性質) property; quality 3 (性別) sex ...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (工人和工人階級) worker; workman; the working class 2 (工作; 生產勞動) work; labour 3 ...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (方形; 方體) square 2 [數學] (乘方) involution; power 3 (方向) direction 4 (方面) ...
  • : 名詞1 (樣式) type; style 2 (格式) pattern; form 3 (儀式; 典禮) ceremony; ritual 4 (自然科...
  • 方式 : way; fashion; pattern
  1. On the basis of investigations into the progressive yield process and the possible failure modes of rcc gravity dams, the quasi - elasticity design limit state of the ctrtical stability criterion is proposed and the real working state of the dams designed according to the ctriterion is discussed. a check formula using the material strength reducing factor as the safety index and a simplified formula similar to against sliding stability fromula are derived. finally, the corresponding design safety factors are given by using fem calculations with various influence parameters to be taken into account

  2. We attach special significance to as many cis countries participating in the work on humanitarian problems as possible and would welcome joining the agreements on the council and fund by all the commonwealth partners. active cooperation with the cis member states in these bodies and joint work on their timely and complete material - technical, financial and organizational support will serve to strengthen the commonwealth and deepen further the existing comprehensive interaction among our countries and peoples. as before, cooperation is actively evolving with our cis partners in combating terrorism and other manifestations of extremism, crime, illegal migration and illicit drug trafficking or to be more precise - narco - aggression

  3. The optimum conditions for air electrode preparation were shown as follow : 20 % ptfe and 20 % mno2 in active layer, thickness of active layer 0. 15 - 0. 25mm and the ratio of active carbon to ethine black 4 : 1 ; 60 % ptfe in the gas diffusion and waterproof layer, employing na2so4 as pore - making agents, thickness 0. 35 - 0. 45mm, colding forming and layer sequence catlytic layer / gas diffusion and waterproof layer / current collector layout ; employing 40 meshed nickel screen as current collector and thermal treatment temperature over 200

    確定了制備空氣電的優化藝條件,催化層中ptfe含量約20 , mno _ 2的最佳含量約為20 ,催化層中活炭和乙炔黑的比例為4 : 1 (質量比) ,厚度在0 . 15 - 0 . 25mm之間。防水透氣層中ptfe的含量約為60 ,以無水硫酸鈉為造孔劑,厚度一般為0 . 35 - 0 . 45mm 。電各層採用催化層/防水透氣層/集流體的排布,冷壓成型,熱處理對空氣電能影響較大,熱處理溫度不低於200 。
  4. Vxworks has a microkernel and can be cut out as need. it is helpful for developers to design the cable modem firmware using the developping environment and the templates ( for bsp and end ) provided by wind river. in this paper the author analyzes the whole cable modem firmware project based on the conexant cn9414 and vxworks 5. 4, gives the designs for the main functional modules of the cable modem

    Conexant解決案的軟體應用了windriver公司的vxworks嵌入系統, vxworks具有微內核結構和好的剪裁,是當前實時最好、最為穩定的實時操系統之一,可以滿足cablemodem的實時和資源需求,而且在cablemodem固件設計中利用windriver公司提供的豐富的開發模板( bsp和end的開發模版)大大簡化了開發
  5. The leec biochip can be connected with pcb ( printed circuit board ), thus it can generate a moving electric field by changing time, scope and field intensity discretionarily under single chip processor ' s control. meanwhile it is probable to reduce driving voltage and decrease temperature greatly, and so increase resolution of dna separation

    研究內容包括線分散陣列的理論設計,以普通載波片和有機高聚物pdms ( polydimethylsiloxane )為基本材料的晶元製藝, leec晶元和pcb板的連接,硬體控制系統的設計以及控制晶元的單片機程序編制等,此外還包括電化學檢測法的研究。
  6. At the beginning of the establishment of this company, because of the difference of the original three companies existing in the field of enterprises culture background, staff post functions, distribution system, inspiring style, promotion education and training, there is a urgency to set up a fair, reasonable and efficient administration management system to inspire the staff working activities, meanwhile to bring the staffs of the three companies to work together harmonically to make their devotions to the rapid development of the company

  7. It deals with our country ' s situation, the present of the old aged population, the measure to carry the old aged political socialization. it considers that is the economic base to safeguard the old people ' s lawful interests, to solve their living difficulties, the community is the principal way to advance the old aged political socialization ; relaying the community to arouse the masses to help respect and love the old people is the social base, to strengthen the management to ensure the funds throwing is the key question, to train old aged personnel is the main assortment, to arouse the enthusiasm of the masses and the old people is the good measure, to promote the socialization must be helped by the public opinion, the first to built the community management system to help the old people with their life, the second is to organize the community ' s cultural and physical activities, the third is to help the old people to resist the feudalism

  8. Correct measures are essential to carry out the peoples equality and development policy and pertinent religion policy in the multi - nation - state ; to form a correct concept of people and to publicize correct ethos by combining nationalism with patriotism ; to prevent and expose the western countries " factionalism on the peoples issues to the multi - nation - state ; to set down the active and effective measures aimed at the terrorist character of the peoples separatist forces. due to the pervading existence of the peoples separatist forces in the world, different countries need to reach the common conclusion to strike the peoples separatist forces ; to cut the capital resources of the peoples separatist forces and terrorist activities, to root out the basement of them, with the lead of un, strike the international support to them ; besides, different countries should strengthen nation security protection, form a new concept of national security, get international and organizing cooperation and get rid of every form of hegemony and power politics

  9. The properties of the key optical and electrical devices and the controlling mode in the system are put forwards. using the polar coordinate lines with different directions and the circulars with the same axis can be written together. by using he - cd laser ( 442nm ) as writing light source, the system can directly write line with width 05 # m on a sample

  10. It believes that for a long time in the past, the university teachers were mainly motivated by the means of spiritual motivation such as spiritual incentives and moral education, honors and awards, which led to the low income of teachers and the prevalence of undifferentiated distribution among them and greatly undermined their initiatives

  11. First of all, we bring forward the basic project of tadil, which adapts to combined operations. it is suggested to use tdma ( the abbreviation of time division multiple access ) as the working pattern and utilize the concept of mobile ad hoc network to construct the data link network. aiming at the impact of time delay on data link and the characteristic of cooperative combat under the command of director aircraft, this thesis applies a kind of kalman filtering algorithm in polar coordinates to compensate the error of time delay, and then does the transformation of target motion parameters to obtain the current information of target

  12. Though much progress has been achieved in previous study, there still remains a lot to be studied and perfected. the thesis is devoted to study on the multi - ribbed slab wall, the main bearing member in mrss, including its mechanism, failure mode, aseismic capability, mechanical models, ultimate bearing capacity and aseismic design based on control. the paper mainly accomplished such work as follows : 1 ) based on test research on multi - ribbed slab wall, the paper proposed the member ' s failure modes under horizontal loads, analyzed the co - performance between the inner frame and the infilled silica bricks and that between the slab and the outer frame, discussed the wall ' s bearing capacity, rigidity, deformation, ductility and energy dissipation ability in different modes, and put forward a simplified mechanical model of the slab wall under vertical loads

    本文針對密肋壁板結構的主要受力構件? ?密肋復合墻體為研究對象,就其受力機理、破壞模、抗震能、三階段力學模型、限承載能力以及基於控制的抗震設計法等進行了較為詳細的研究,完成的主要有: 1 )通過對密肋復合墻體在水平低周反復荷載和單調荷載用下的試驗研究,提出了墻體的主要破壞模;分析了框格與內部填充砌塊、墻板與外框的共同的受力特點;探討了不同破壞模情況下墻體的承載能力、剛度、變形、延、耗能等抗震能,並給出了豎向荷載用下密肋復合墻體的簡化力學模型。
  13. When the flue gas and dust past through electrical fields, they caused impact with positive and negative ion and electron between electrical electrodes to charge electric. the charged particles move and are accumulated to difficult electrical electrode due to effect of electric field force. through rapping method, the dust leaves electric electrodes and drop into the collection hopper, and the remove the dust by transportation system

  14. In the third chapter, making use of the results about abel equation, we discuss the existence, number and stability of the limit cycles of polynomial systems. the relative work of shui shuliang and cai suilin is generalized

  15. As to the work about experiment study, at first, the paper makes certain the prominent affecting factors to the automating and humidifying property of this kind of nozzle by orthogonal experiment. by jicha analysis method and fangcha analysis method, the paper got that the nozzle aperture, the initial water temperature and the spraying pressure have prominent effect to the humidifying property while the effect of the original air state is small

  16. According to the geological data which was gained by exploration investigation, establishing a geological model which can reflect rock mass characteristics ; with analyzing the internal and exterior factors synthetically, the deformation and possible failure mechanism and mode of the cut slopes was confirmed which combines with stereoic projection and other techniques ; the stabilities of the 14 high slopes are estimated synthetically by applicable design codes and guidelines. with the estimate result and some other analysis methods, the rock mass mechanical parameters of slope are identified ; as a results, 14 high slopes fall into 4 categories based on rockmass characteristics and discontinuities. the stability and deformation of some typical slopes was analyzed with distinct element method by udec ; the safety factor of some dangerous slopes are calculated by rigid limiting equilibrium method for comparison

  17. This paper researches basic principle of microwave digital phase shifter deeply, reviews different theories of all kinds of microwave digital phase shifter circuit, analyzes loaded - line phase shifter in detail and draws design curves according to formulas. and this paper presents a novel method, which makes use of modeling simulation that software - ansoft serenade 8. 7 provides to evaluate parameter values of pin diodes through s parameter measurement. then, a kind of 6 - bit digital phase shifter circuit is designed and simulated through software - ansoft serenade 8. 7

    本文對微波數字移相器的基本理論進行了較深入的研究;綜述了各種微波數字移相器電路的原理,著重對加載線移相器電路進行了理論分析,並根據計算公出一系列相應設計曲線;提出利用軟體ansoftserenade8 . 7所提供的測量數據擬合功能,通過測量s參數來確定pin二體等效電路參數的新穎實驗法;利用微波電路設計軟體ansoftserenade8 . 7對6位數字移相器電路進行模擬、優化設計,做出樣品,並對其能測試分析,對研製微波數字移相器具有重要的參考意義。
  18. English teaching, as its content with some artistic, demand that the teacher has highly skill about culturing students in which the fixed mode is not existed and has greatly innovative spirit

  19. How the supervisor can identify agents with burn - out caused by a repetitive job and deal with this situation is a positive way, trying to retain the agent

  20. State trading enterprises are readily used as trade - policy instrument by the government for their relationship with the government and their pattern of operation