氫離子電極 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [qīngzidiàn]
氫離子電極 英文
hydrogen ion electrode
  • : 名詞[化學] (氣體元素) hydrogen (h)
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (離開) leave; part from; be away from; separate 2 (背離) go against 3 (缺少) dispens...
  • : 子Ⅰ名詞1 (兒子) son 2 (人的通稱) person 3 (古代特指有學問的男人) ancient title of respect f...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (有電荷存在和電荷變化的現象) electricity 2 (電報) telegram; cable Ⅱ動詞1 (觸電) give...
  • : i 名詞1 (頂點; 盡頭) the utmost point; extreme 2 (地球的南北兩端; 磁體的兩端; 電源或電器上電流...
  • 離子 : [物理學] ion
  • 電極 : electrode; pole
  1. The hydrogen in the gauge is ionized by electron emission from a heated cathode.

  2. As a comparison, ba1. 03ce0. 8gd0. 2o3 - was synthesized by sol - gel method. among these samples, nonstoichiometric samples were synthesized for the first time. the research work involved : the crystal phase of the sinters were determined by xrd ; ionic conduction under different experimental atmospheres was measured by gas concentration cells ; performances of hydrogen - air fuel cells with the sinters as electrolytes and porous pt as electrodes were measured

    用粉末x射線衍射儀鑒定它們的結晶相;在( 600 1000 )范圍內,以燒結體作為解質隔膜,多孔性pt黑為正、負, pt - rh合金網為集,分別組成濃差池、氧濃差池及?空氣燃料池並測定了它們的性能,研究了不同氣氛下樣品的特性及影響燃料池性能的因素。
  3. In this paper, high concentration vanadium electrolyte has been prepared by electrolysis, graphite and graphite felt electrode also have been made, moreover, the electeodes have been activated, and based it, a lab - level vanadium battery has been manufactured. cyclic voltammetry, current step and invariable current charge / discharge method have been used to study the reactive mechanism of electrolysis, of vanadium electrode reaction and of electrode activation, also to investigate maiden charge process and electricity performance of vanadium battery. the influence of electrode activation and trace stibium ion, indium ion added into vanadium electrolyte has been discussed

  4. During ion source operating, alternating axial magnetic field and azimuthal electric field in discharge tube ionize hydrogen gas purified by hot palladium pipe, and form plasma, hi fifties year, research reports studied on rf ion source are numerous however most of them are concerned about application, and research reports relevant to discharge theory or experiment model are unfrequent

    源工作時,放空間交變的軸向磁場和渦漩場激發放管中經鈀管純化后通入的,形成等體。 50多年來,關于高頻源的研究報告很多,但是,這些研究主要都集中在應用研究方面,有關高頻無環形放源的理論與實驗模型研究不是很多。
  5. Workplace air - determination of hydrogen fluoride and fluorides - ion selective electrode method

  6. According the key factors we find, we bring forward a new conception : multilevel suppressor and design a new high performance suppressor whose ion - exchange membrane has bigger areas and using three electrodes including one cathode ( anode ) and two anodes ( cathode ), at the same time we fill the suppression compartment with one kind of ion exchange resin which has moderate exchange capacity. according to our experiment ' s results, we find the new type suppressor has quite high working current efficiency and suppressing capacity. in most cases, the suppressor ' s current efficiency is over 90 % ; the suppressor can transform the naoh ( concentration : 200mmol / l, flow rate : i. oml / min, conductance : over 10000 i - i s cm " ) to pure water ( conductance : 8. 9 it s cm in chapter 3, the high performance suppressor is applied in determination some trace - amounts ions in plating solution, sewage. in this chapter, we also have a research on the gradient ion chromatography

    第二章首先以xyz - 1型化學抑制柱為例,分析了化學抑制柱的抑制過程得出影響抑制容量的主要因素主要是抑制柱的流效率和交換膜的流密度,因此採用中等交換能力的交換樹脂作為抑制室的填料以提高流效率,在通常情況下流效率可達到90以上;在選用同種交換膜的前提下,可通過增加交換膜的有效面積達到提高流的目的從而提高抑制柱的抑制容量,因此提出了多級抑制的概念並據此研製了共式高容量化學抑制柱,該抑制柱最高可將流速為1 . 0ml / min ,濃度為200mmol / l導率超過10000 s ? cm ~ ( - 1 )氧化鈉溶液抑制為導率低至8 . 9 s ? cm ~ ( - 1 )的純水,並且具有穩定性高、分析結果準確等優點。
  7. For the cathodic process it is likely that there exists a coupling between ni2 + discharge and hydrogen evolution. hydrogen evolution on working electrode should have masked the nickel ion reduction peak in lsv curve

  8. Abstract : it has been discovered that the coke formed in ch4 coupling under plasma can be eliminated via pure h2 discharge in the system. eliminating coke under plasma with positive or negative high voltage in dc electric field has been compared with that in ac field. the elimination of coke takes place only on the negative of the two electrodes in dc field, while on both electrodes in ac field. the coke on the reactor walls can be eliminated with either positive or negative high voltage and in either dc or ac field. based on the experimental facts, hypotheses of the reaction mechanism are suggested. quantity of eliminating coke depends on diametrical ratio between reactor and the electrode, input power and electrode materials

  9. The redox of v ( ) / v ( ), v ( ) / v ( ) couple on the graphite displayed one electron quasi - reversibility. it is proved that trace in3 +, sb3 + can inhibit cathodic hydrogen evolution during the charge process by increasing the hydro - gen overvoltage in addition that sb3 + is a stabilizing / kinetic enhancing ion. during the charge / discharge process, cross - mix and self - discharge rarely happened. the maximal energy density of the lab - level vanadium battery is 21 wh / kg. the capacity efficiency of the lab - level vanadium battery is as high as 94. 7 %

    池充末期,會發生水的解反應,痕量銦的加入提高了析位,抑制了充過程中負氣的析出;銻的加入不僅可以抑制氣的析出,還提高了正反應速率,增強了正表面的穩定性。實驗中得到的最高質量比能量為21wh / kg ,充放過程中僅有少的交叉混合和自放發生,自製釩池的容量效率可高達94 . 7 %
  10. Lithium carbonate - determination of fluoride content - ion selective electrode method

  11. The properties and manufacturing methods of carbon nanotubes are briefly introduced, and the prospect of its potential application in several respects for automobiles are analyzed, including hydrogen storage material, supercapacitor, electrode material of lithium ion batteries, et al