氫燃燒 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [qīngránshāo]
氫燃燒 英文
hydrogen burning process
  • : 名詞[化學] (氣體元素) hydrogen (h)
  • : 動詞1. (燃燒) burn 2. (引火點著) ignite; light
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (使東西著火) burn 2 (加熱或接觸某些化學藥品、放射性物質等使物體起變化) cook; bake; hea...
  • 燃燒 : (物質劇烈氧化而發光、發熱; 燒) burn; kindle; flame; set on fire; [化學] combustion; inflammation; ignition
  1. Because it well reserves the chemical stability of inorganic glass, it has the following features : low density, low thermal conductivity, vapor impermeability, no water absorption, incombustibility, protection from mould and rat eating, high mechanical strength but easy to cut and able to bear all kinds of chemical erosions except the hydrofluoric acid

  2. One study used an eight-foot diameter toroidal combustor, burning liquid oxygen and gaseous hydrogen, with four different injectors.

  3. In fact, a common bulkhead separates the liquid oxygen from the liquid hydrogen, the oxidizer and fuel, respectively.

  4. Petroleum products. liquefied petroleum gases. determination of total sulfur. determination with oxyhydrogen burner or lamp

  5. Since the hydrogen - burning shell and helium - burning core do not produce energy in a stable and steady manner, the star will pulsate and generate strong stellar wind

  6. Burning furnace is one key equipment of ahf unit, it supplys heat energy for the turning furnace

  7. From the viewpoing of the balance of energy, burning furnace is the biggest of the energy consumers, it consumes a lot of fuel oil - light disel

  8. When no hydrogen is left in the core, p - p chain reaction stops. remember that solar mass stars burn hydrogen through p - p chain producing helium, while stars more massive than 1. 1 solar masses undergo the cno cycle

  9. But, the research on combustion calculation model for hydrogen ? fueled engines has not still been engaged

  10. In the third chapter of this dissertation, based on the physical and chemical properties of hydrogen and the combustion characteristics of hydrogen, the quasi - dimension combustion calculation model of hydrogen ? fueled engine is set up through analyzing the characteristics of turbulence flame and chemical reaction kinetic of hydrogen ? air mixture. the model includes the dual ? area thermodynamics sub - model, quasi - dimensional turbulent entrainment combustion sub ? model, turbulence flame promulgating sub ? model, hydrogen - air mixture chemical kinetic sub - model and loss of heat transfer sub - model and so on

  11. Influence of hydrogen - air ratio on combustion efficiency for microcombustor

  12. Test on gases evolved during combustion of materials from cables ; part 1 : determination of the amount of halogen acid gas

  13. Common test methods for cables under fire conditions - test on gases evolved during combustion of materials from cables - part 2 - 1 : procedures - determination of the amount of halogen acid gas

    火災條件下電纜的通用試驗方法.電纜材料過程中產生氣體的試驗.第2 - 1部分:程序.鹵酸氣體量的測定
  14. Common test methods for cables under fire conditions - tests on gases evolved during combustion of materials from cables - procedures - determination of the amount of halogen acid gas - determination of the amount of halogen acid gas

  15. Development of reduced chemical reaction kinetic model for hydro - carbon fuel combustion

  16. Abstract : during the heating of scrap with carbon or hydrocarbon contented substances in some process, it will bring problems like explosion of carbon monoxide, fume and smell from oil volatilization, etc. , if incomplete combustion occurs. through laboratory experiments, the time related variation of gas contents and post combustion ratio of fume during the heating of oil - bearing scrap are studied. the results show that the restrictive chain of reaction procedure is the thermolysis of oil ; that temperature and ( co ) / ( co2 ) ratio influence transformation ratio and post - combustion ratio under lower temperature ; that 900 is the temperature above which the complete reaction can be ensured at all ( co ) / ( co2 ) ratios

    文摘:在某些廢鋼熔煉過程中,當爐料中含碳及碳物質且不充分時,會帶來煙氣中一氧化碳的爆、油污揮發時造成的煙霧、臭味等問題.通過實驗室裝置研究含油廢鋼在加熱過程中煙氣成分隨時間的改變以及二次率的變化,試驗結果表明,反應過程的限制性環節是油分的熱分解;在較低的溫度下( co ) / ( co2 )比例影響轉化率和二次率;而在任意比例下保證充分反應的溫度為900以上
  17. After that it is expected to become a red giant, as the hydrogen that presently comprises it is exhausted and the sun switches to burning helium instead

  18. The convective term is solved by ausm + ( a sequel to ausm which means " the advection upstream splitting method " ). the 7 species 8 steps model and 7 species 7 steps model of hydrogen / air is used in the hydrogen reacting flowfield, the 9 species 5 steps model of methane, the 10 species 10 steps model of ethane and the 10 species 13 steps model of kerosene are used in the hydrocarbon reacting flowfield, the results of the distributions of velocity, mach number, pressure, static temperature, total temperature, species mass fraction and the combustion efficiency are gained, and the numerical results of the pressure of hydrogen and methane are compared with those of the experiment

    計算中通量項採用ausm +通量分裂格式,反應流場採用/空氣的七組元八方程模型和七組元七方程模型,碳反應流場採用甲烷的九組元五方程模型、乙烯的十組元十方程模型和煤油的十組元十三方程模型,得出了超發動機室流場的速度、馬赫數、壓力、靜溫、總溫和組元質量分數分佈及效率等性能參數,其中和甲烷的計算壓力分佈與實驗結果進行了比較。
  19. The researches on combustion in hydrogen ? fueled engine are being carried out in developed countries. some researches on hydrogen ? gasoline dual fuel engine have been conducted in china over the years

  20. The finite - rate combustion kinetic model for standing oblique detonation waves is established. the tvd finite volume scheme is also presented. the combustion flow fields of standing oblique detonation waves are numerically simulated using 7 species and 8 reaction steps hydrogen combustion model, 10 species and 12 reaction steps methane combustion model respectively

    建立了適合多組分含有限速率化學反應流體流動的數學模型,構造了多組分化學反應流體流動守恆方程的tvd有限體積數值格式,採用7組分8反應的氫燃燒, 10組分12反應甲烷的化學反應機理,數值模擬了駐定斜爆轟波流場,取得了較好的結果。