水壓缸 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [shuǐgāng]
水壓缸 英文
hydraulic cylinder
  • : 名詞1 (由兩個氫原子和一個氧原子結合而成的液體) water 2 (河流) river 3 (指江、河、湖、海、洋...
  • : 壓構詞成分。
  • : 名詞1. (盛東西的器物) jar; jug; vat; crock 2. (缸瓦) earthenware with crude glaze 3. (像缸的器物) jar-like things
  • 水壓 : water gage; hydraulic pressure (用英寸高度表示的)水壓泵 hydraulic pump; 水壓鍛造 hydraulic forg...
  1. Once the water reaches its maximum speed, the valve slams shut and pressure is built up in the pump. this pressure forces open a second valve linked to the delivery pipe. when nullah water falls past the hydraulic ram, its momentum will lift a tenth of the water to a storage tank located near the esther li building photo 2

    泵內有活門,當溪在流動中受阻,會產生比正常力高十倍以上的瞬時力,此時,泵內的另一活門會打開,把十分之一的溪抽往設于李慧珍附近的儲備用(圖二) 。
  2. Some testing devices are of advanced ones, such as scanning electronic microscope, microfocus circular radioscope, water - immersed ultrasonic flaw detector, 3 - axis measuring machines, large - sized projector, etc. for the production of non - aero products, there are large - sized die - casting equipment, and nearly 100 pieces of specialized gear machine tools including worm - gear grinding machine, etc. it has some specialized production lines for piston, crankshaft, cylinder and housing, etc., as well as 4 flexible production lines advanced at home for motorcycle engine, and a complete set of automatic inspection test eqiuipment for motorcycle engine

  3. A new hydraulic reciprocating triplex pump for water shutoff and profile control

  4. It is by an electric pump pressure jar, tube of switch stone of the pressure and water gate make up

  5. Break pressure tank

  6. Reliability analysis of the primary cylinder body of the 300 mn hydraulic die press

  7. The formula and analysis would be helpful for the theoretical analysis and engineering design of the hydraulic cylinder piston ring seal structure

  8. By analyzing the results of the crhdm single cylinder experiment, constants in the formula of the flow resistance were obtained

  9. According to the control rod hydraulic drive mechanism ( crhdm ) and the characteristics of its hydraulic cylinder seal structure, the leaking ways of the hydraulic cylinder piston ring seal were analysed, its theoretical calculation model was built and its flow resistance formula based on the calculation model of differential pressure at the hydraulic cylinder piston ring seal was deduced

  10. After researching the part thermal equipments and systems include heaters, steam leakage and receiving systems, low pressure drain system etc, and computing the efficiency of the systems, find out the better choice of the imported assemblies than the domestic assemblies in parameter and the disfigurements in design and making. based on the above, point out the measure to progress them. according to the analysis, we can get some measures to increase the economical level of the systems and save more energy

  11. Modification of fit tolerance of working cylinder bush on 12500t hydraulic press

  12. Thermal stress control system actually gather the real - time data of unit sets , compute temperature fields , stress fields and maximum dangerous stress by the math modal , decide target and speedup rotation in every stage of startup process , and justify automatically to realize auto control a serial of processes of turbine , such as speedup , warm - up , connecting net , load changing , stop and unsteady condition etc , and improve automatic level of the unit sets. turbine auto startup ( tas ) system can automatically evaluate steam turbine ' s startup and load changing process according to thermal stress of

  13. In the special fields locking valves, underground mining, water hydraulic systems or beyond that with mining machines, hydraulics, selector valves as well as with aggregates, open cast pit, strip mining, surface mining and / or with hydro and hydraulically is saartech hydraulik gmbh well - known

    Saartech hydraulik gmbh是一家現代化的、可靠的專門產品供應商,這家供應商從事成套設備、機組,礦山機械,液系統,液,液動力源,液,醫藥技術,地下,地下開采,整流器、整流管、閥、閥門,截止閥、關閉閥,露天礦,學、技術、系統,方向閥,換向閥,液的的製造、銷售。
  14. Finite element analysis on high pressure cylinder body of high - pressure tube - testing press

  15. Research on fixing method for main operation cylinder plunger on 12500 t water hydraulic press

  16. Act as the using of the autofrettage technique, take a core spare parts high pressure cylinder in the number control all - powerful water incises of a factory as an example, the analysis and calculation was carried by making use of autofrettage technique

    以某廠生產的數控萬能切割機中的一個核心零件? ?高為例,著重運用自增強技術進行了分析和計算。
  17. The pneumatic loop goes through automatic water filter, which keeps the air in the compressor dry to ensure low failure of air cylinder and life

  18. New discovery of working cylinder changing at both side of 6000t hydraulic cylinder

  19. Hydr. cyl. flat type

  20. This thesis presents a kind of new style stroke sensing cylinder based on inside magnetic measuring. its significance is increasing the degree of automation