水高差 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [shuǐgāochā]
水高差 英文
water head
  • : 名詞1 (由兩個氫原子和一個氧原子結合而成的液體) water 2 (河流) river 3 (指江、河、湖、海、洋...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (從下向上距離大; 離地面遠) tall; high 2 (在一般標準或平均程度之上; 等級在上的) above...
  • : 差Ⅰ名詞1 (不相同; 不相合) difference; dissimilarity 2 (差錯) mistake 3 [數學] (差數) differ...
  • 高差 : surmount; superelevation高差儀 statoscope
  1. The black earth is a kind of alfisol, with a thick layer of humus, loose texture, high fertility, high porosity ratio, poor permeability and a high content of clay, which is suitable for cultivation

  2. According to the engineering practice, the theoretical basis and method that survey directly the horizontal distance and height difference by the total station system as fourth grade and below fourth grade control network are put forward instead of surveying slant distance and zenith distance

  3. The result shows that the trench wall failure at shallow depth is the major failure mode of the slurry - supported excavation, and that the length of the excavated trenches and the difference between the slurry head and the water level are the key parameters controlling the stability of the slurry - supported excavation

  4. But nothing has soured the atmosphere as much as the perception that top executives get rich no matter how badly everyone else does

  5. The main characters of the river - valley landforms are followed : the outstandingly longitudinal range - gorge landforms constitute the unique view of three parallel rivers ; the relative highness difference of the landform is great and the river valley cut deeply ; the formation and evolution of the river - valley landforms are obviously controlled by the geological structure ; the landforms types and the various characters of the landforms combination in the drainage area are prominent ; the geological environment has relatively strong frangibility ; the branches riverhead of the river - valley mostly come from high mountains and lakes, and the river - valleys of the branches along the banks have disproportional distribution

  6. Through comparing the level of educational investment which is evaluated by the number of students at school with the level of educational income which is evaluated by population of high school and higher educational level in every 10 thousand persons, the author draws following conclusions : 1. there are salient differences in educational income at equal level of educational investment. 2. some provinces which pay more for education get fewer, while the other which pay fewer get more

  7. ( 三 ) under the dynamic load of the explosion, the numeric analysis has been done and achieve the rule as follow : ( 1 ) when the frequency of vibration is 0. 3hz, the acceleration of the slopes top gets the maximum ; so 0. 3hz is believed the natural frequency of the slope as a whole ; ( 2 ) the vibration of explosion can been magnified because of the condition of the landform, when the relative altitude is up to 45m, the acceleration of horizon gets the maximum ; when the relative altitude is up to 100m, the absolute value of acceleration and the deformation of horizon is larger than that in the bottom of the slope ; ( 3 ) in the period of forced vibration, at the top of the slope, the acceleration of horizon become larger and larger ; at the middle part of the slope, it becomes smaller ; ( 4 ) when the explosion velocity of is much little, the shallow part destruction is the primary deformation of the slope

    (三)採用模態疊加法針對爆破動力作用,進行邊坡的動力響應分析,得出了以下結論: ( 1 )振動頻率為0 . 3hz時,坡面頂部平向加速度峰值最大;綜合考慮,可認為該邊坡的自振頻率為0 . 3hz左右; ( 2 )地形對爆破地振動存在放大作用,研究剖面的坡面,平向加速度及位移在地形相對45米左右最大,而後隨相對的增而減小,相對為100米時,平向位移及加速度絕對值均大於坡腳; ( 3 )強迫振動段,平向加速度值隨時間變化的規律為:坡頂節點總的變化趨勢是越來越大,而坡體中部節點的變化趨勢是越來越小; ( 4 )當爆破振速較小時,變形破壞的形式表現為坡頂表面滑塌型。
  8. We study the regular of soil water contents in 11 years artificial locust woodland. the results showed that soil water contents are semi - shady > sunny > semi - sunny. so we can draw the conclusion that the reason of differential productivity of artificial locust woodland in different site types is soil water content rather than soil nutrients

  9. Connecting to the model test, some suggestions, important for design, are put foward, for example, the chute width of intermediate outlet should be constant ; the optimum height difference of drop between intermediate outlet and surface outlet should be larger than the water depth at intermediate outlet ; and the type of drop should be changed with the characteristics of certain project

  10. To make the thermal efficiency best, y, a, av / as should be : r : [ 60 - 75 ] a : [ 1 - 1. 5 ] av / as : [ 0. 8 - 1 ] in this paper, numerical model of solar radiant floor heating system is also built. the model of numerical model is solved by finite differance method. the smaller the distance to the tube is, the higher the temperature on the surface of the floor is

  11. On - line supervision technology of furnace water temperature difference and thermal current intensity

  12. But during the teaching period these is always an appearance : high cost low efficiency, little slow bad and waste. the students learn it with little interest, read it with poor ability

    但是在中學文言文教學中,一直存在著「耗低效」 「少慢費」的現象,學生學習興趣低,文言文閱讀
  13. Both an investigation and appraisal have been made of various factors of marine tourist destinations in zhejiang by applying the spatial theory of tourism in order not only to illustrate such problems as dissymmetry between the resource deposit, quality and tourism development in the tourist destinations in zhejiang, incomplete development of tourists ' market, low communications linkage inside and outside the destination and the unbalance of spatial perception effect, but also to reveal such facts as general unbalance of marine tourism in zhejiang province, a gap of development between the tourist areas within the region and less extension effect than polarization effect

  14. First through poor quality analysis, conclude that it is necessary to strengthen quality inspection and quality control so as to reduce internal and external failure cost ; second through sorting and analysis of all non - conformance records happened before quality sustainable improve approach, make us understand it is crucial to strengthen quality sense, enhance bottom management and improve process capacity ; third through analysis of previous year compound quality level before quality sustainable improve approach, point out the compound quality level gap between byq tank shop and counterpart, make us feel quality crisis ; last in connection with byq company production volume development target, conclude it is inevitable for byq company to select the development pattern of reducing cycle time and improve output

  15. It is found that cyclic loading at high differential stress level will lead to the decrease of felicity ratio, and the value max can be decreased by some crack systems in specimen. there is still a lot of ae during unloading at high differential stress level, which implies that the deformation is dominated by fracturing at low differential stress level, and the deformation by frictional sliding increases greatly at high differential stress level

    關于應力方式對巖石破裂的影響,發現較應力平下的多次循環加卸載會使felicity比減小;某些構造能使巖石產生felicity效應的應力門檻值_ ( max )降低;由應力平下卸載時仍有大量聲發射產生推測:在低應力平下,破裂以裂紋尖端的突然擴展為主;在應力平下,沿已有的裂紋面的滑動破裂大量增加。
  16. Thedeviation was caused by the influence of the condensate temperature in the equalizer andthe positive / negative sampling tubes as well as by the effect of the high ambienttemperature

  17. The difference of the cotton production cost between the provinces in china was significant. in compare to the other countries of the planting cotton, the production cost per 666. 7m2 was high, and the cost per 50 kg lint was low, however, the composition of the cost was not reasonable. there were multiple linear regression relationships between production cost per 50 kg lint cotton and labor cost per day, planting area per family and the lint yield per 666. 7 m2

    分析認為,生產成本是我國棉花成本的構成主體,人工、化肥和農藥又是生產成本的主體;我國不同產棉省區具有明顯的成本優勢異;與國外相比,我國畝成本缺乏優勢, 50公斤皮棉成本優勢明顯,但成本結構不合理;我國50公斤皮棉成本與要素價格、生產規模和技術具有線性關系;市場配置棉花生產資源比國家政策更效。
  18. Along with the rapid development of economy, many higway projects need to be built on the flabby groundsill in the area of pearl river delta of guangdong province. this kind of soft soil has the characteristic of rich - watercontent, high compressibility, lower in permeability and bearing capacity

  19. This article links to the plant no. 6 project, studying the measure of pressure reduction and energy removal of large caliber and long distance water delivery pipe in big difference of elevation and topographical form area. the writer gives new measure of pressure reduction and energy removal, according to the theory of pressure reduction and energy removal, planning a composite energy removal construction, and put to use effectively in many water supply projects. it is the first example that people use concrete construction to remove high pressure in large caliber and long distance water pipe in china

  20. Der gewaltige h ? henunterschied an der staumauer und die gewaltigen wassermengen im reservoir bilden ein potential, dessen wirtschaftliche und ? kologische nutzung einen tiefgreifenden einfluss auf die weitere wirtschaftliche und soziale entwicklung in china haben wird