氣壓艙 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [cāng]
氣壓艙 英文
strato chamber
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (氣體) gas 2 (空氣) air 3 (氣息) breath 4 (自然界冷熱陰晴等現象) weather 5 (氣味...
  • : 壓構詞成分。
  • : 名詞(船或飛機中分隔開來載人或裝東西的部分) cabin; module
  • 氣壓 : [氣象學] pressure; atmospheric pressure; barometric pressure; gas pressure; air pressure
  1. The system can automatically fill in fresh air for dehumidify and prevention of negative pressure higher than designed in the cabin when testing

  2. Although the demand for detecting performance of a sealed - cabin was put forward in 1980s, as the advance of products, today not only airproof but also sealed - cabin drying process and hygrothermograph and pressure detection online are required. the more advance of our product, the higher means of detection are required

  3. Hyperbaric chamber pressurized with medical oxygen

  4. Mediccal hyperbaric chamber pressurized with air

  5. Because of the occupational requirement, flight attendants are frequently exposed to low - oxygen - partial - pressure cabin environment

  6. For the convenience of the design and experiment of cpcs, a sapc ( simulated atmospheric pressure cabin ) that can simulate the atmospheric situation when aircraft are at different flight states was necessary

  7. This thesis used aerodynamics equation and mechanics of materials knowledge analyzed the high pressure caused by overloading in terms of theory. by compared the increment of pressure in a not full container with the full one and combined with the igc - code, this thesis put forward a method of calculating safe loading capacity under different temperature

  8. Fore peak tank, fresh water tank, ballast tank, fuel oil tank, void tank, auxiliary engine daily service tank, steering gear tank, emergency generator fuel oil tank, sewage treatment equipment all has air pipe and air pipe head

  9. Speculation is that one of 22 men on board, unaware that the unpressurized cabin contained gas fumes, lit a cigarette, causing the explosion

  10. " there is a life - support system and if i have a pressure loss in my capsule then i ' ll have to abandon my flight, " mr singhania said

    辛加尼亞說: 「如果說我不害怕,那是撒謊。 」據悉,熱球下的耐備有降落傘和逃生系統。
  11. In this study, a mathematic model was established and dynamic characteristics simulation was conducted in matlab to prove the validity of the fuzzy logic control

  12. Virtual instruments technology was applied to build the measurement and control system and develop the software for the experiment, which improve the efficiency of the study. finally the velocity control experiment of sapc at several flight states was accomplished which has a good effect. the study has certain significances on developing electronic - electric cpcs

  13. Dynamic analysis of the cabin atmosphere in a manned spacecraft

  14. The diagnosis of air embolism is based on a careful consideration of the worker ' s history and neurological findings

  15. Ate plays a more and more important role in the test and repair of aircraft avionics, and can considerably improve servicing quality and efficiency. our task is to develop a new type of ate used to test six kinds of aircraft avionics instruments located in the cockpit. it should be able to fulfill the test of all functions and performances of each instruments according to it ’ s component maintenance manual

  16. I think it ' s important for the world to know that we, too, have aspirations. " andy elson and colin prescot, the british pilots leading mr singhania ' s technical team, have designed the 40 - tonne balloon, which is fired by propane and paraffin, and the pressurised aluminium cabin

    這個重40噸的熱球在英國製造,充后容積達160萬立方英尺約合4 . 53萬立方米,高度接近30層樓,依靠燃燒丙烷和石蠟提供浮力,並裝有鋁制耐
  17. Main propulsion equipments have been gradually improved. in addition, some additional systems are provided, such as the power station, deck machinery, refrigeration and air condition plant, freshwater generators, drinking water system, steam generating system, ballast and bilge system, and fire fighting system. the management of ship ' s power plant is also known as the engineering management, which is supervised and controlled by the engine department under the direction of the company ' s engine technology management department of the headquarters. owing to the complexity of power plant, the changeability of navigational conditions, and the seriousness of accident ' s consequences, it is essential to explore how to manage the power plant economically and reduce the occurrence of troubles so as to raise the shipping efficiency

  18. In 1997, an explosion of undetermined origin killed a passenger who was blown out of a tam fokker 100 during flight. in 2001 an engine breakup on a tam fokker 100 caused two cabin windows to shatter and one of 82 passengers aboard died as a result of the depressurization

  19. In 2001 an engine breakup on a tam fokker 100 caused two cabin windows to shatter and one of 82 passengers aboard died as a result of the depressurization

  20. Inside the cabin inside the cabin pressure physiology