海洋時代 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [hǎiyángshídài]
海洋時代 英文
ocean age
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (海洋) ocean 2 (洋錢) silver coin 3 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ形容詞1 (盛大; 豐富) vast; m...
  • : shí]Ⅰ名1 (比較長的一段時間)time; times; days:當時at that time; in those days; 古時 ancient tim...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (代替) take the place of; be in place of 2 (代理) act on behalf of; acting Ⅱ名詞1 (歷...
  • 海洋 : seas and oceans; ocean; [詩歌用語] blue海洋霸權 maritime hegemony; 海洋保護區 marine preserve; 海...
  • 時代 : 1 (時期)times; age; era; epoch 2 (生命中的某個時期)a period in one s life:青年時代youth; 時代...
  1. The recent history of korean peninsula is a history of convergence of sea power and land power, which is an inevitable result caused by its geographical politics. during the recent history, great powers around once attempted to divide the buffer region - - korean peninsula time and again. during the cold war, the political division of korean peninsula is actually a reality of aspirations

    韓半島的近史是一部成為勢力與大陸勢力之力量交匯處的歷史,這是其地緣政治意義所導致的必然的結果。在近的歷史上,周邊列強曾多次試圖分割東亞的緩沖地帶- -韓半島。冷戰期,韓半島政治上的分裂實際上就是這種慾望的實現。
  2. Facing the information age, the marine environmental information systems should also absorb the article intelligence technology and virtual reality technology to serve as a decision - making support system and export system for the ocean environment study and development. thirdly, based on maplnfo ( gis software ) platform and development languages ( vb and mapbasic ), marine environment information system in luoyuan bay was designed and development, then relied on gps and rs, ocean environment information in luoyuan bay was collected and managed effetely, its aim is to provide a reasonable opinion for decision - maker on how to utilize resources and protect environment in luoyuan bay. lastly, marine environmental quality of aquafanns in luoyuan bay was assessed relied on marine environmental information system and mathematics model ( fuzzy cluster ), and corresponding countermeasures were presented to protect ocean environment in

    本文首先通過對環境信息系統的特點和國內外研究現狀的分析,探討了網路環境信息系統的發展趨勢;接著以mapinfo ( gis軟體)為開發平臺,以vb和mapbasic為開發語言,面向管理和決策層,進行羅源灣環境信息系統的設計與開發,並結合遙感( rs )和全球定位系統( gps )建立模型庫,收集和管理羅源灣環境信息,旨在為羅源灣的建設項目的立項、選址、規劃和污染事故的應急提供決策支持,從而有效地保護羅源灣生態環境;最後運用羅源灣環境信息系統並結合數學模型(模糊聚類)對羅源灣養殖區水環境現狀進行評價,從而使得羅源灣各水養殖區的水質現狀評價變得生動、形象和直觀,並針對羅源灣污染源狀況和污染現狀,提出了保護羅源灣生態環境相應的對策。
  3. Results rectify that matched field processing based on ray travel time delay is insensitive to the mismatch of sound speed proflle, although the mismatch of ocean bottom depth and receiver location is bad to matched field processing, different forms of cost fimctions could decline the sensitivity

  4. Data used in this work are north pacific ssta, 160 stations precipitation of china, and ncep reanalysis data. main results are as follow : ( 1 ) it is found that a apparent transition of north pacific ssta in later 1970 ' s : eastern and middle - equatorial pacific ssta turns from cold to warm with area extending, and mid - latitude pacific ( west wind drift zone ) turns from warm to cold. during this transition of ssta, different characters also appear in el nino and la nina : before 1976, la nina happens more frequently, and its duration is longer, el nino zone develops from negative ssta in the early stage ; after 1976, el nino happens a little bit frequent and longer with more intensity than before, el nino zone develops from positive ssta in the early stage ; the course of ssta variation has an enso cycle of 2 - 6 years, annual oscillation of 8 - 9 years, and decadal variation of about 22 years

    本文採用1950 - 1999年北太平表溫度( sst ) 、中國160站夏季降水和ncep再分析的歐亞500hpa高度場等資料,利用eof 、 svd 、小波分析、合成分析和相關分析等方法,在分析北太平空分佈特徵的基礎上,著重探討了溫異常及其年際變化對我國東部降水的影響,並對降水、高度場和溫三者之間的關系進行了分析,以試圖尋找三者異常之間可能的聯系,主要結論如下: ( 1 ) 1976年前後,北太平溫經歷了一次明顯的轉變,赤道中、東太平厄爾尼諾區由冷轉暖,暖水范圍增大,中緯度西風漂流區溫由暖轉冷;在這樣的年際背景下,厄爾尼諾、拉尼娜事件在不同的期也有不同的特徵:在76年前,拉尼娜事件發生頻率高,持續間長,事件起始於負溫距平;而76年後,則是厄爾尼諾事件發生頻率略高,持續間長,強度增大,事件起始於正溫距平。
  5. Living in an era of reform and opening, we young people should struggle through the battle of english so that we can stand a chance during the tide of globalization, stand out in the palace of knowledge and, gallop freely on our life ' s expedition

  6. This demonstrates that sometime in the history of the earth, before at least the 1500 ' s a sea faring people existed that could circumnavigate the globe and accurately survey its features

  7. However, marine fishery resource has been subjected to irreversible destroy because it is affected by reproduction of extension enlargement, which is at the cost of using up resources. on the other hand, management is not good and legal system is not health. therefore, marine fishery has been immersed in the condition of unsustainable development

  8. To reconstruct the evolution and variability of the east asian monsoon during the late cenozoic on millennial, orbital and tectonic time scales. 3. to identify and better understand the links between tectonic uplift, erosion and weathering hemipelagic deposition, and climate change, including the evolution of the asian monsoon and the neogene global cooling

  9. At the edge of the sea a woman lived with her father

  10. The changes in the culture of eastern zhejiang are historically significant in that they have moved china, whose agricultural culture had isolated itself for thousands of years, to the age of ocean exploitation that has made the country open to the outside word

  11. If you had not left in time then, i could not imagine what would have happened

  12. With the progress of time, hong kong has become one of the busiest ports in the world with over 100 ocean going vessels entering the harbour every day

  13. Modern fighter planes fly at incredible speeds, and can cross entire continents and oceans in very little time

  14. Friends of the earth, wwf and the rspb all expressed concern yesterday, warning that the production of green energy would be offset by environmental damage caused by building the barrage and the changes it would make to a globally important habitat for birds and marine life

    地球之友、 wwf和皇家鳥類保護協會25日也表達了關心,警告說為了製造這種綠色能源,可能得以建設巨障的環境破壞以及全球鳥類與的生態改變做為價。
  15. Be an ornament to the temple of rightness, a breath of life to the body of mankind, and ensign of the hosts of justice, a luminary above the horizon of virtue, a dew to the soil of the human heart, an ark on the ocean of knowledge, a sun in the heaven of bounty, a gem on the diadem of wisdom, a shining light in the firmament o thy generation, a fruit upon the tree of humility

  16. Of shenzhen. it s located in bojin business centre of beihai city guangxi, beside the beautiful north - bay. you can stroll and roam in the business centre of beihai. the hotel is east to the leading multi - functional comprehensive sea - floor world of ocean park of the whole country, south to the well - known " peerless beach " silver sands west to the national forest park in guanshanling and north to the old street with modern buildings and the seafood s sand island - special seafood beverage district. the total area of construction is about 23000 square metre. allacoted intelligent administrative system realize water and electricity air conditioner, lift, safe precaution, fire control, communication, information and work intellectual modernization management system. there are the top - grade 192 guestrooms with all kinds of the whole broadband access with the professional commercial floors to serve the tourists and businessmen. incorporate commercial affair, recreation, food and beverage, amusing, shopping into an organic whole, offer high - efficient, comfortable, convenient, and safe environment for travellers amd businessmen and perfect humanization service to guests, the south country flavour fills in the air

    酒店東鄰全國首屈一指的多功能綜合性公園底世界,南接聞名遐邇的「天下第一灘」銀灘,西望冠頭嶺國家森林公園,北觸中西合壁的近建築群珠老街和北著名的鮮特色餐飲區外沙鮮島。酒店總建築面積2 . 3萬平方米,整體建築雄健沉穩,氣勢拔雲,配備智慧化管理系統實現水電空調電梯安全防範消防通信資訊和辦公智慧現化管理,擁有各類全寬頻接入的高檔客房192間套設有專業商務樓層悉心為商旅人士提供至尊商務服務,集商務休閑餐飲娛樂購物為一體,為賓客提供高效舒適便利安全的商旅環境和盡善盡美的人性化服務,彌漫南國氣息,實為各界人士商洽會議觀光休閑首選。
  17. ( 3 ) on parallel computing of the third generation ocean general circulation model from lasg / iap i ) we present an optimization model by multi - overlapping - boundary for parallel explicit integration with finite difference discretization, and point out that the gap between speed of network and cpu makes it a practical technique. we compare the parallel characteristics of spectral element and finite difference from the point of view of communications, communication - to - computation ratio and scalability

    ( 3 )關于中科院大氣物理研究所第三環流模式的高效并行計算? )基於對有限差分離散的分析,提出了一個面向顯式間積分并行計算的多重疊國防科學技術大學研究生院學位論文邊界優化模型,指出了網路速度與處理器速度間的落差使得採用冗餘計算取部分通信成為一種具有相對優勢的實用技術。
  18. Systematic research across multiple subjects such as biology, chemistry and physics will be carried out, in order to understand the population variation of hab species in coastal china seas, to understand the mechanism of hab damage, to elucidate the ecological and oceanographical mechanism of hab construction, thereby provide scientific foundation for efficient methods for " hab prevention, control and treatment ", and contribute to the global morden theoretical system of hab ecology and oceanography

  19. Yin pin and liu hailing, 2004. tectonic - stratigraphic division and blind fold structures in nansha waters, south china sea. journal of asian earth sciences, 24 ( 3 ), 337 - 348

    閻貧劉齡, 2005 .南及其周緣中新生火山活動空特徵與南的形成演化模式熱帶學報. 24 ( 2 ) : 33 41
  20. Three years after zheng he ' s death, a new emperor banned the construction of oceangoing ships, and china ' s brief era of naval expansion was over