私人工程 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [réngōngchéng]
私人工程 英文
private works
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (個人的) personal; private 2 (自私) selfish 3 (暗地裡; 私下) secret; private 4 (...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (工人和工人階級) worker; workman; the working class 2 (工作; 生產勞動) work; labour 3 ...
  • : 名詞1 (規章; 法式) rule; regulation 2 (進度; 程序) order; procedure 3 (路途; 一段路) journe...
  • 私人 : 1. (個人的) private; personal 2. (自己的人) one's own man; personal friends or relatives
  1. Whispers around downtown predict major cutbacks soon at forum east.

  2. After high school a person may prepare for a particular vocation or occupation by attending vocational courses either in a junior college or in a privately supported training school such as secretarial or industrial school

  3. Build - transfer - operate - private proponent finances and constructs facility on a turn - key basis assumes cost overrun, delay, specified performance risk

  4. In the democratic radio address, north carolina congressman bob etheridge says the plan would hurt small farmers, who depend more heavily on social security, because most fund their own retirement instead of relying on private sector employee accounts

  5. Currently, the deep bay link project is the only on - going land resumption and clearance exercise involving pig and poultry farmers legitimately operating on private agricultural land whose farm structures are, however, not covered in the 1982 squatter control survey

  6. In the part two, gene engineering and life ethics. this part is written that the operation of gene engineering can harm the rights of people, including gene diagnosis make people privite lose and make the public discrimination, gene therapy can make people longevity, bue it also can make the living not sense, trans - foodstuff is secure or not, and should let know the details and choose themsleves when it is on sell. in the part three, the prevention to heredity disease and the ethical problems

  7. To further enhance safety and quality supervision of building works, the buildings department introduced in august 2000 the quality supervision plan system requiring private building professionals and contractors to strengthen supervision of foundation works and ground investigation field works

  8. Of the respective numbers of graduates from courses on physiotherapy, occupational therapy, radiography and biomedical engineering in the past three years, and the expected numbers of such graduates in the coming three years ; the employment situation of such graduates in the past three years, and whether there were any of them who were unable to engage in related work due to the lack of vacancies for allied health personnel in the job market

  9. Receives all personal re - imbursement expense documents from department staff members, and handles the processing of getting the payments

  10. The isaaa, for example, is successfully partnering with the us agency for international development, local researches and private biotech companies to find and deliver biotech solutions for farmers in developing countries

  11. Uses : public engineering, schools, hospitals, shops, offices, meeting rooms & private homes

  12. Fbi agent carl hanratty tom hanks had made it his prime mission to capture frank and bring him to justice, but frank is always on step ahead of him, baiting him to continue the chase

  13. There are kinds of people at least will constitute the mid - income group in the 20 years in the future. they are scientific investors and enterprisers ; accountants, engineers, architects and advanced technicians, high and middle rank intellectuals ; employees in government and managers in organizations and scientific researchers ; foreign enterprises and managers in such enterprises ; private enterprises and people working in industry and commerce, and so on

  14. For example : since there are too many ruling departments and without a united procedure, it ' s hardly to provide safety guarantee for trading activities ; there is an overlapping risk on the object in a real estate mortgage guarantee case ; the character of the underlying indemnity right of a building - project constructor remains uncertain, and also there is no regulation on a possible effect collision between real estate mortgage guarantee and in - building house mortgage ; there is still no legal clause on the point that whether it is possible for a rural villager " house to become the object of mortgage guarantee

  15. A senior technician and an assistant supervisor formerly employed by a laboratory were each sentenced to 240 hours of community service for conspiring to forge reports of soil tests at a private property construction site

  16. Building - private procurements - quality of building works - related services in private procurements

  17. Under the agreement the agencies will broaden their cooperation in the areas of occupational safety and health, the handling and distribution of hazardous chemicals ; emergency response procedures in workplace accidents ; private insurance programs that help promote workplace safety and health ; and the effective collection and analysis of occupational safety and health data

  18. In many areas of industrial operations, process and energy engineering, as well as in science, research and private applications, temperature measuring equipment safeguards and monitors key parameters for quality, productivity and safety

  19. The tendency of american welfare system reformation after 1980s includes : seeking nongovernmental substitutes for publicly funded programs, privatizing social srevice ; delegating policy responsibility to state and local government ; heavily reducing the proportion of the direct aids to self needed family, obviously raising the proportion of the funds which encourages and helping people to work and live on self - reliance

  20. Regarding the performance assessment, we shall review the listing status of a contractor if he is found involved in proven or suspected serious poor performance or other serious causes in any public or private sector works contract. other considerations include circumstances related to public interest, public safety and public health