科學通信公司 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [xuétōngxìngōng]
科學通信公司 英文
scientific communications
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (學術或業務的類別) a branch of academic or vocational study 2 (機關按工作性質而分設的單...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (學習) study; learn 2 (模仿) imitate; mimic Ⅱ名詞1 (學問) learning; knowledge 2 (學...
  • : 通量詞(用於動作)
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (屬于國家或集體的) state owned; collective; public 2 (共同的;大家承認的) common; gen...
  • : Ⅰ動詞(主持; 操作; 經營) take charge of; attend to; manage Ⅱ名詞1 (部一級機關里的一個部門) dep...
  • 科學 : science; scientific knowledge
  • 通信 : communication; communicate by letter; correspond
  1. Have project of project of a batch of deep know well to manage theory and practice experience the tall intelligence of code of hep policy is compound model talent ; register cost division, build engineer of manage of division, inspect, investment to seek advice from the of all kinds major such as division of rate of engineer, estate hold 80 % what job seniority personnel occupies faculty, among them 6 people provide advanced title ; at the same time the company still retained personnel of senior and a batch of famous experts, professor, advanced professional technology, lawyer, and the elite of familiar international convention, perfectness foreign language and it, the advisory expert warehouse that makes system of company much territory, much discipline, much class, network, become " your kind effort " internally the development, brain trust that serves external

    擁有一批深諳工程項目管理理論與實踐經驗並熟知政策法規的高智能復合型人材;注冊造價師、建造師、監理工程師、投資咨詢工程師、房地產估價師等各類專業執業資格人員佔全體員工的80 % ,其中6人具高級職稱;同時還聘請了一批知名專家、教授、資深高級專業技術人員、律師,以及熟悉國際慣例、精外語和息技術的精英,構成多領域、多、多門類、網路體系的顧問專家庫,成為「鼎力」對內發展、對外服務的智囊團。
  2. In the end, the paper demonstrates the application of the model with two listed companies in china, younger and kelong. it makes some calculation based on the initial experts grading, and gets basic status of the two companies by the analysis of weights, relative importance and effect of each factor. the results from the model are not contradictious to those from professional credit rating companies, who usually evaluate firms through financial analysis and on - site investigation

  3. At present the company is the general agent of japan conice closed - circuit monitoring system and network digital building system of china, hong kong, macao ; it also the appointed agent in china of germany bosch visual buildings system and anti - fire / anti - burglar alarm system, south korean lg professional circuit monitoring products, taiwan aone video security products, japan elbex professional circuit monitoring system

  4. Insisting on the principle of customers oriented, the company holds a firm pass on production and guarantees high quality of products, which wins great satisfaction from customers. the company has successfully passed iso9001 2000 quality system authentication, and appraised as national quality trustworthy organization and high quality well - known goods

    秉承以客戶為中心的原則,多年來一直過產品的技創新和企業的管理來提升產品質量與客戶服務水平,企業已順利過了iso9001 : 2000認證,並被評為全國質量得過產品中國名優產品。
  5. Through studying tai gang estate company ' s equipment information, this softwareof tai gang estate company ' s equipment management information system has not only develops, the systematization management problem of tai gang estate company ' s equipment information has solved, method software built - in use technical thought again have put forward in the aspect of software development, this kind of method and development workload are little, have low cost and strong practicality, the information system that develops is easy to managed and defended, satisfies the requirement of the software fast development of business management, one fast practical development

  6. So far, china has basically formed a china mobile, china telecom ( new telecommunications ), china netcom, china unicom, china satcom, china tietong. moreover, the major operators are trying to expand their scope of business, not only in the business of mutual penetration, but in striving for the entire telecommunications business permission. moreover, families to other telecommunications operators market share, constantly competing prices, making communication enterprises have to adopt a strategic cost

  7. Since the securities investment fund was first come up on march in 1998, it has six years development. till february 2005, there have been 124 securities investment fund published. even though the securities investment funds are developing fast, but the research about appraisal of the securities investment fund was only the first stage. some scholars attempted to do this thing, and some securities company also have reports about evaluation of securities investment fund, but there are not any feasible 、 fair 、 authorities methods and standards to evaluate of securities fund, and even any reliable evaluation outcomes are never published. the published information is only net value to be often know, the information about assets, liabilities, operation, portfolio can be known by annual reports and quarterly reports. published information on funds is defect, all these things make the investors know little about the funds, and even feel it mysterious, the result is to hinder the development of the fund. however, in the foreign countries, the ordinary investors often use funds as the investment tools. the evaluation outcome of securities investment fund is published everyday for the investors. to the fund managers, they must scientifically appraise their performance periodically or non - periodically, through this way, they can make asset of funds stable increase at long term. in a word, the scientific funds evaluation is very important to both the investors and the managers

  8. The scientifically categorized databases of various corporations and manufacturers of the world most popular and 7 biggest online retrieval systems have been made available by the author for all end users for fast effective and correct access to any required databases

  9. Goldcellcom possesses sound r & d environment, outstanding corporate culture and high - quality staff, among which 30 % have master ' s degree or above and 90 % have bachelor ' s degree or above

  10. The ceremony announcing the establishment of the mobile technologies centre today was officiated by mr francis ho, permanent secretary for commerce, industry and technology ( communications and technology ) ; mr m. h. au, director - general of telecommunications ; mr douglas li, chief executive officer of smartone mobile communications limited ; mr stephen yeung, managing director of ericsson limited ; professor kenneth young, acting vice - chancellor and professor ching pak - chung, dean of engineering at cuhk

  11. Relied on the project “ management system of the hydro engineering construction trade of tianjin ” ( msect ) of hcht, this thesis analyzes the national situation of engineering construction trade and the domestic and international network trade at present, expatiates the knowledge of engineering construction trade, discusses the tender review methods which are often used and sets the mathematic models for methods of tender review which are being studied, designs the structure models and application development in detail, at last describes the technologies being used in network security, information security and impartial supervision

  12. Gradually a new kind of corporate governance appears - governed corporate governance. with the change from managed corporate governance to governed corporate governance, the core function of corporate governance changes from decentralization to decision - making scientifically

  13. Petroleum chemical companies, and r d labs in various industries. our main business scope including : design and construction for new lab, alteration and upgrade of outmoded lab, update and development for lab in existence, production and installation for lab furniture system, design and construction for lab high - purity gas pipeline, design and construction for lab aeration system, laboratory exhaust gas waste residue treatment, laboratory wear material, chemic reagents, laboratory analytic apparatus, and lims laboratory information management system etc.

  14. The data of article roots in the enterprise which i worked in such as the tenth research institute of telecommunications technology of mii, datang telecom company, datong information technique company limited, shaanxi province post office and tongchuan city post office. in this article, i put forward the property right of human capital, analyzed the benefit and venture of human capital investment. and the article designed a three - dimensional model for the special human capital ( the leader of modern enterprise )

  15. Park shenzhen, regarded as the most throbbing place of it industry in china, book digital has set up a core - running system and business supporting system consisted of the domestic sales and marketing center, the international sales and marketing center, the commercial center, the r d center and the administration center. meanwhilly, the manufacturing base of book digital is located in dongguan, which is the world - famous manufacturing center of it products in china. combined by the book digital manufacturing park and the dy factory, the manufacturing base takes up totally over thirty thousand square metersand, with the capacity of producing three million av, it, and communication terminals of all types, and producing and assembling ten million dy every year

    金格川穀運營中心設立在電子息產業最具活力的深圳高新技園,按照流程設置了銷售中心市場中心客戶服務中心商務中心等各大功能模塊生產基地位於國內息製造業最發達的東莞市,擁有總建築面積3萬多平方米的博訊東莞大嶺山數碼製造中心和東莞南城工廠,具有年產300萬pcs以上的各類型av it訊終端和年產1000萬pcs以上dy的生產裝配能力。
  16. Our company focus on providing service for the fields of mlcrowave communication. automatization control, textile machinery, instruments equlpments and automobile. our major customers : allrizon - tongguang, benninger, rae

    專注于微波、工業自動化控制、紡織機械、汽車等高技行業的精密部件加工.現已成為奧雷訊設備" 、 "貝南格紡織機械" 、 "華瑞儀器"等國內及國際知名廠商的主要供應商
  17. Hunan copote science and technology co. ltd. ( copote ), derived from hunan post and telecommunication scientific institute, is a shareholding it corporation basing itself mainly upon post lines simultaneously covering telecommunications and other spheres. copote is the high - tech institute and technology development center of our national post office and a backbone to carry out important tasks of scientific and technology innovations throughout the country

    湖南湘郵技股份有限( 「湘郵技」 )是一家立足郵政行業、面向及其它領域的股份制it企業,是以郵電分營時被整體分到郵政的湖南省郵電研究院為主改制而成,是國家郵政局的「高新技術研究所」和「技術發展中心」 ,肩負著全國郵政技創新和技術支撐的重任。
  18. Authorized by the ministry of railways ( mor ) and sponsored by both the scientific and technological information research institute of mor and the engineering consultation co., ltd. ( in beijing ) under china academy of railway sciences, the journal, operated in a new mode of media, shall focus on urban rail transit business, introduce the all - around aspects of the construction and operation experiences on such mass transit as metro systems and light rails at home and abroad, and report timely the related technologies and equipment as well as the hi - tech achievements in this field, in order to promote the academic seminar, technical exchange and international cooperation

  19. Cooperation with the universities and colleges widely, such as sichuan university, zhejiang university, zhejiang university of technology, etc. established long design research item. mainly products are : tv - if saw filters for color tv sets and b / w tv sets, cordless phone saw filters, saw resonator and all kinds of low insertion saw components in the communication

  20. Finally, the article introduces the bits equipment ( clockstar ) that the author participates in tapping in wri ( fiberhome under wri ), which applies the dds technique and different frequency multiplication technique to the equipment and analyzes the circuit diagram tapped by the author himself

    論文最後介紹本人在武漢郵電研究院(烽火)親自參與開發的bits設備clockstar ,並將dds技術、差頻倍增技術應用於該設備,分析本人實際製作的電路。