電子計算裝置 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [diànzisuànzhuāngzhì]
電子計算裝置 英文
computing electronics
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (有電荷存在和電荷變化的現象) electricity 2 (電報) telegram; cable Ⅱ動詞1 (觸電) give...
  • : 子Ⅰ名詞1 (兒子) son 2 (人的通稱) person 3 (古代特指有學問的男人) ancient title of respect f...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (計算) count; compute; calculate; number 2 (設想; 打算) plan; plot Ⅱ名詞1 (測量或計算...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (計算數目) calculate; reckon; compute; figure 2 (計算進去) include; count 3 (謀劃;計...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (服裝) dress; outfit; attire; clothing 2 (演員的化裝品) stage makeup and costume Ⅱ動詞...
  • : 動詞1. (擱; 放) place; put; lay 2. (設立; 布置) set up; establish; arrange; fix up 3. (購置) buy; purchase
  • 電子 : [物理學] [電學] electron
  • 計算 : 1 (求得未知數) count; compute; calculate; reckon; enumerate 2 (考慮; 籌劃) consideration; pla...
  • 裝置 : 1 (機器設備的配件)installation; device; apparatus; equipment; arrangement; gear; appliance; rig...
  1. Wonderful designs of electronic computers and radar units are conceivable.

  2. With the development of electronics and microcomputer, microprocessor - based protection has advanced. but some of them are just the republication of the electromechanical and electronic proteciton. they can not fully utilize the computing capability and logic judgement that the computer has and most of the microprocessor - based protection is running isolated

  3. Method of calculation and representation of energy efficiency standard achievement percentage of electrical and electronic appliances

  4. Calculation of protection dose at the labyrinthine outlet of electron beam irradiation apparatus

  5. Based on the technical development and creation of electronic jacquard machine, new mechanical device is developed and applied to electronic jacquard machine and restraint design is used to simplify the determination of its shedding motion parameters to make the electronic jacquard shedding motion more accurate and easy

  6. The product is widely applied to telecommunication fitting exchanging equipments, telephone sets, cable televisions, computers, modem, various electronic, facilities, equipments, household electrical appliances, terminals of transmission units, electrical equipment and surge protection for power distribution system and so on. switching spark gaps have more extensive use

    產品被廣泛應用於交換設備話機有線機數據機及各類設備儀器家用器,傳輸終端,氣設備及配系統涌保護等方面,開關放管主要用於點火,例如汽車氙氣燈hid ,燃氣爐具,照明燈具等。
  7. Then these separated interferograms can be recorded by ccd camera the experiments with the multi - frame interferometer was carried out on a small gas - puff z - pinch device with 23 kv working voltage and 210 ka peak current and about 2 risetime, and good results were obtained

    該套干涉儀在小型噴氣式z箍縮上進行了實驗, z的工作壓23kv 、峰值流210ka 、流上升時間約2 。根據干涉圖條紋的移動數,可以出等離體的密度和運動速度。
  8. People who visit my office at chrysler are often surprised that i don't have a computer terminal on my desk.

  9. A device for converting energy form one form to another. in relation to computers, the term is applied to a read / write head, to detector of sector marks in a magnetic disc system, and to electronic / sonic pulse converters of delay line memory

  10. The study of flywheel battery concerns the intercross of many disciplines, such as mechanism, material, electronic engineering, heat engineering, computer, and so on. in this dissertation, two main key techniques, the high speed flywheel rotor and the magnetic bearing, are investigated deeply and systematically. the main contents of this dissertation are as following : in chapter 1, the background, source, purpose and significance of the subject are introduced

    其研究涉及到機械、材料、工、熱工、機等多學科的交叉,國內外目前大都在研究原型,對設理論與方法尚未進行系統深入的研究,本論文則對飛輪池儲能涉及的兩大關鍵技術? ?飛輪轉與磁浮軸承及其相關技術進行了系統的理論分析與模擬研究。
  11. Aim at the dtc ' s blemish mentioned above and the direction of dtc technique development, the dissertation put great emphasis on the work as follows, with an eye to exalt dtc system function : ( 1 ) a new speed - flux observer of an induction motor is proposed to enhance the accuracy of flux observing, which is an adaptive closed - loop flux observer and different from the traditions. a new adaptive speed - observation - way is deduced out according to the popov ' s stability theories ; ( 2 ) to improve the performance of dtc at low speed operation, we have to exalt the accuracy of the stator flux estimation and a new way of bp neural network based on extended pidbp algorithm is given to estimate and tune the stator resistance of an induction motor to increase the accuracy of the stator flux estimation ; ( 3 ) digital signal processor is adopted to realize digital control. an device of direct torque control system is designed for experiment using tms320lf2407 chip produced by ti company ; ( 4 ) bring up a distributed direct torque control system based on sercos bus, sercos stand for serial real time communication system agreement which is most in keeping with synchronous with moderate motor control ; ( 5 ) the basic design frame of the hardware and software of the whole control system is given here and some concrete problem in the experiments is described here in detail

    針對上面提到的直接轉矩控制的缺陷和未來直接轉矩控制技術發展方向,本論文重點做了以下幾個方面的工作,目的在於提高dtc系統的綜合性能: ( 1 )提出一種新型的速度磁鏈觀測器,新型的速度磁鏈觀測器採用自適應閉環磁鏈觀測器代替傳統的積分器從而提高磁鏈觀測的精度,並且根據popov超穩定性理論推導出轉速的新型自適應收斂律; ( 2 )改善系統的低速運行性能,主要從提高低速時對定磁鏈的估精度入手,提出了一種提高定磁鏈觀測精度的新思路? ?利用基於bp網路增廣pidbp學習演法來實時在線地修正定阻參數; ( 3 )採用數字信號處理器dsp實現系統全數字化硬體控制,結合ti公司生產的tms320lf2407晶元,設了直接轉矩控制系統的實驗; ( 4 )提出了基於sercos總線網路化分散式的直接轉矩控制系統, sercos ( serialrealtimecommunicationsystem )是目前最適合同步和協調控制的串列實時通信協議; ( 5 )基本勾勒出整個控制系統的硬體和軟體設基本框架,詳細描述一些實驗中的具體的細節問題。
  12. In order to obtain the tolerance requirement for the magnetic field homogeneity of the solenoids in electron cooling device, the source of the magnetic imperfection and its influence on the transverse temperature of electron beam were investigated by means of numerical simulation, and taking the space charge effect of electron beam into account

  13. Linked to a personal computer, the cursor control device “ could work for anything you can do or you can imagine doing by pointing and clicking

    多諾霍說: "這種光標控制與個人機聯接后,你只需點擊它就可完成任何能做的或想象中能做的事情(包括閱讀郵件) 。
  14. For current misoperation cause of microcomputer relay protection, the paper introduces the technology of scattered arrangement protection to improve anti - inteferance ability, the usage of computer digital communication technology to enhance fault diagnostic function of micro computer protection device and outside circuit and decrease bad contact of contactor and terminal which may cause ralay misoperation, establishment of electrical protection remote management network to realize maintenance under condition

    針對目前微機保護不正確動作的原因,提出了採用保護分散布技術,提高抗干擾能力;應用機數字通信技術,增強微機保護及外聯迴路的故障診斷功能及減少接點和端接觸不良引起的保護不正確動作因素;建立網保護管理遠程網路,實現「狀態維修」 。
  15. This paper understands the energy absorptivity formula at large, discusses the relation between the geometrical shape of the floater and the energy absorptivity, and calculates the energy absorptivity of the twin - floater ocean wave generate electricity device

  16. Based on a lot of literatures about power quality, this paper discussed the research and development of the multi - function power quality data collection system combining the lastest computer technology, information technology, automation technology, integrate circuit technology and micro - electronics technology

  17. Parameter optimal design of the parallel mechanism based on particle swarm optimization

  18. The enterprise haupts it solutions gmbh offers among other things computer facility and network concepts

    Haupts it solutions gmbh是一家理想的企業,該企業製造最新的、傑出的,網路設
  19. The auhor develops the user - defined dynamic phasor models of all the above devices with the user - defined function of power system analysis software package ( psasp ) of epri, china, including traditional power components such as generator, transmission line, transformef, fixed series capacitor ( fsc ), grounding reactor, etc., and new type power devices including thyristors like tcsc, hvdc, svc and smcom, thus realizes time - domain simulation for sso large signal stability analysis and realizes sso small signal stability analysis further through the linearization platform of psasp

    作者利用力系統分析綜合程序( psasp )的自定義建模功能,建立了力系統基本元件(如發機、輸線、容器、接地抗器等)及含晶閘管等元件的新型力系統( tcsc 、 svc 、 hvdc及statcom )的動態相量自定義模型,從而通過psasp實現了sso問題的大幹擾穩定的時域模擬,並進而通過該程序的小干擾線性化平臺實現了sso問題的小干擾穩定分析。
  20. With the development of the electronic computer technique, an advanced training instrument, simulator, appeared

    於是,隨著機技術的發展,出現了一種先進的培訓? ?模擬機。