電子製表機 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [diànzizhìbiǎo]
電子製表機 英文
electronic tabulator
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (有電荷存在和電荷變化的現象) electricity 2 (電報) telegram; cable Ⅱ動詞1 (觸電) give...
  • : 子Ⅰ名詞1 (兒子) son 2 (人的通稱) person 3 (古代特指有學問的男人) ancient title of respect f...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (外面;外表) outside; surface; external 2 (中表親戚) the relationship between the child...
  • : machineengine
  • 電子 : [物理學] [電學] electron
  1. This paper discusses the designing and making of the dynamic testing systems of engine electronic control system. base on the construction and operation principle of santana 2000gsi m3. 8. 2 engine electronic control systems, design and manufacture led circuit of dynamic testing and fault imitating electronic control unit. on the inspect board, design and equip with motronic 3. 8. 2 ecu i / o measuring joints, design and set up obd - ii diagnostic communication link, design and install fuel pressure inspecting meter. depend on the obd - ii diagnostic communication link and ecu i / o measuring joints, this dynamic testing system can inspect engine electronic fuel injection system, distributorless ignition system, idle speed control system and evaporative emission control system, and can inspect m3. 8. 2 sensors, ecu and actuators, and can interrogate fault memory and erase fault memory ; and can analyse data stream ; and can carry out fault imitating. besides, this paper analyses sensors and actuators typical fault w aves

    2控單元路連接器設計成輸入輸出控制檢測端,並在檢測面板上布置了obd -診斷插座和燃油壓力。使該動態測試系統能實現對噴發動的燃油系統、直接點火系統、怠速控制系統和燃油蒸氣排放控制系統的動態檢測;並通過obd -診斷座、 ecu輸入輸出檢測端和故障模擬處理單元實現對噴發動控系統各傳感器、控單元、執行器進行故障碼讀取與清除;動態數據讀取和波形測試和故障模擬等。此外,本論文還分析了傳感器和執行器典型故障波形。
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    Ctv computer technik vertriebs gmbh zwickau是一家現代化的、可靠的產品供應商,這家供應商從事計算,計算系統,數據技術,印、印刷,激光印造、銷售。請您訪問我們的主頁或者發送給我們郵件,垂詢當前的信息和服務。
  3. Dds951 series electronic single - phase electric meter is the most advanced static electronic meter in china. the meter designs use large - scale intergated circuit. high reliability step motor, it can the ac single - phase active energv voltage rating : 220v : frequency 50hz, positive and negative two directions and accumulates in one direction. the test singnal is isolated by phototransistor : it also has the function of anti - fraud, and indicates it s operation situation on flash light, so it could be managed very easy

    Dds951單相,是金雀儀公司開發的新型。該產品是採用規模專用集成路,高可靠性步進等先進技術造的國內最新能試題新產品,用來計量額定壓為220v ,頻率為50hz的交流單相有功能,該產品能夠精確計量正負兩方向的有功能,且以同一個方向累計。
  4. The inspection equipments including speedometer odometer tester and electron tachometer tester all of them are developed and designed by ourselves have reached the advanced quality at home and the same to the magnetizer demagnetizer. all of them can be provided to customer with our quality products together

  5. Founded in 1993, shenzhen chaowei industry co., ltd. a professional manufacture, engaging in lcd clock, mini phone, am fm radio, digital recorder, practical electric gifts and quartz clock core. with the franchise of import and export, chaowei is also a permanent member of shenzhen clock watch association

    深圳市超維實業有限公司成立於1993年,是lcd鐘迷你am fm收音數碼錄音實用禮品和贈品及石英鐘芯的專業造商,是深圳市鐘行業協會的常務理事單位,擁有自營產品進出口權。
  6. The pyrogallol was adhered on the surface of the solid electrode by the direct oxidative electropolymerization to construct the chemical sensors for bi ( iii ). the sensor exhibits perfect long stability and reproducibility. a low detection was obtained in the determination of bi ( iii ) and this way can be applied to determine the real samples such as human hair and nails

    2 、將修飾劑鄰苯三酚直接聚合到固體極的面,研bi ( )離化學傳感器,該修飾極穩定性和重現性很好,克服了以往碳糊械強度差、重現性不好的缺陷,測定bi ( )達到了很低的檢出限,應用於人發和指甲等實際樣品的測定。
  7. It is respectively : production, facility for transporting operates personnel : jockey of lathe work, milling, grinding work, boring labour, solderer, modular machine tool, machining center jockey, casting matchs benchwork, besmear to install ship - fitter of ship - fitter of equipment of benchwork of labour, tool, boiler, electric machinery, discretion to control ship - fitter of appearance of ship - fitter of appearance of instrument of electric equipment ship - fitter, electron, electrical engineering instrument, machine ; irrigation works of aricultural herd fishing produces personnel : inspector of quarantine of the member that animal epidemic disease prevents and cure, animal, firedamp produces work ; personnel of line of business of commerce, service : the member that assistant, bagman, publication is issued, chinese traditional medicine purchase and sale, clerk of the member that the division of division of appraisal appraisal division, chinese style noodle, chinese style noodle, western - style cook division, western - style noodle division, division that move wine, nutrition distributes food, dining - room, antechamber clerk, client clerk, health care ; handle affairs personnel and concerned personnel : secretary, public relations member, the member that terminal of communication of computer operator, cartographer, operator, user is maintained

  8. The surface semi - conducting layer is widely used to control the electric field and suppress the surface corona discharge in both hv power cable termination and the end turns of hv generator stator winding

  9. Changxing eurasia precision mechanical electronic co., ltd. is a high - tech manufacturer specializing in producing heart - parts in laserjet printer - opc drums

  10. From auto parts system ( including engine systems, engine parts, transmission parts, steering system accessories, brake system parts and accessories, mileage system accessories, electrical instrumentation parts, body and accessories, auto parts manufacturing equipment, horizontal pieces etc. ) to automotive electronic system, automotive heat insulation system, car modification system, car audio system, car maintenance accessories, all within our reach

  11. Equipment engineer - engineering department : university graduated in mechanical or electrical engineering or equivalent ; minimum 3 years experience in mechanical engineering or manufacturing equipment maintenance, capable of troubleshooting ; capable to work under pressure and independently ; exposure in automation technology is an advantage

  12. Manufactures meteorological and hydrological monitoring systems including sensors and data acquisition systems. from taiwan

  13. A document may be signed by handwriting, facsimile signature, perforated signature, stamp, symbol or any other mechanical or electronic method of authentication

  14. The product widely uses in the automobile, the motorcycle, the electrically bicycle and the part, the clearer, the gasoline engine, the sewing machine, the electrical machinery, the instrument measuring appliance, the domestic electric appliances, the computer, the color television, the air - conditioner, the electric refrigerator, the washer, the cooking utensils, conserves energy electronic profession each kind of assembly production lines and so on the lamp, cosmetics, correspondence, transportation, water pump, food plastic product

  15. Tian ying paper products ( shenzhen ) co. ltd. is one of bigger size with modern facility. it ' s capital solely come from hong kong. it produces articles mainly for subtle printing ( such as christmas cards, yera greeting cards ) and high fashion gift boxes ( moon - cake boxes and mobile phone boxes ) product illustration pamphlet, advertising picture, non plastic commercial labels, office note books, picture albums and different kinds of healthy, electric appliance and extc rigid boxes with subtle design and manufacture

    天櫻紙品(深圳)有限公司是一家具有一定規模的港資企業,主要生產各種精美印刷品(如聖誕賀卡、賀年卡) 、高檔禮品盒(如月餅盒、手盒) 、產品說明書、廣告畫、不幹膠商標、辦公用手抄本、畫冊及各類保健品、、鐘、首飾、化妝品、家用器等精緻盒類的設計及
  16. Through the analysis and research of henan input ? output table, i confirm the candidate industrials which can be grow up to the key industrials of henan in the future. the list includes agriculture, metal mine selection, food manufacture and process, chemical industry, mechanic industry, textile industry, the manufacture of electric power stream and hot water, transport equipment manufacture, electric and mechanic equipment manufacture, electrommunication equipment manufacture, instrument manufacture, freight and post

    通過對1992年和1997年河南省投入產出的分析研究,確定了未來可以作為河南省主導產業的候選產業部門為:農業、金屬礦采選業、食品造與加丁業、化學工業、械門k 、紡織業、力及蒸汽熱水生產、交通運輸設備造業、械設備造業、通訊設備造業、儀器儀造業和貨運郵業。
  17. The product widely applies in profession domain and so on the galvanization, ion coating, electron, mechanical hardware components, automobile, aviation, national defense weapon, clock and watch, glass product, chemical fiber, medical instrument, liquid crystal, optics, jewelry, bearing

  18. With nanjing electronic information, electromechanical integration, and precision machinery, new home appliances, spare parts processing, and numerically controlled machine tools and cnc systems, motor vehicles and accessories, die manufacturing and shipbuilding industries, and special transmission equipment, aerospace, high - performance intelligent instrumentation and sensors, laser application, machinery manufacturing, and other pillar industries in the rapid development of nanjing bearings, fasteners, springs and other important infrastructure components consumption will be a great space for growth. for a considerable period of time will remain the most potential domestic consumer market

  19. I do not use a spreadsheet, nor can i identify any uses or features it might have which would benefit the way i work

  20. Jialuo have been working with german lasercomb & rofin sinar over a period of 10 years and supported by beijing printing college who has advance technology of printing and laser cutting