電子多重性 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [diànziduōzhòngxìng]
電子多重性 英文
electron multiplicity
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (有電荷存在和電荷變化的現象) electricity 2 (電報) telegram; cable Ⅱ動詞1 (觸電) give...
  • : 子Ⅰ名詞1 (兒子) son 2 (人的通稱) person 3 (古代特指有學問的男人) ancient title of respect f...
  • : 重Ⅰ名詞(重量; 分量) weight Ⅱ動詞(重視) lay [place put] stress on; place value upon; attach im...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (性格) nature; character; disposition 2 (性能; 性質) property; quality 3 (性別) sex ...
  • 電子 : [物理學] [電學] electron
  1. This is among them the international factory nature rose the positive push function, especially the some and international factory is high to raise the technique with the big ensign that international synchronous, and let the numerous consumer buy the very much. for example, the most wide lcd of the world that this year june the three stars electronics produce then type dvd l100w a, 40 g the dish s dvd h40c and dvd vcr combination machine dvd v85k at the sale quantity continuously increase of the circumstance, product of recent its grade creep is then type dvd l200w a with combine the machine dvd the v90k again with the strategy s success that the new face walk in to sell a product for, further enunciation three stars is in china and world synchronous ". two year agos, this principle in the three stars electronics the inner part up and down reach consistence. latest product first appears chinas, and this is the three stars electronics in recent years of an important strategy

    這其中國際廠商自然起到了積極的推動作用,特別是一些國際廠商高舉技術與國際同步的大旗,讓眾消費者十分買賬。比如,今年6月三星生產的世界最寬的液晶便攜式dvd l100w a 40g硬盤的dvd h40c以及dvd vcr的組合機dvd v85k在中國隆登場。在銷售量不斷攀升的情況下,最近其升級產品便攜式dvd l200w a和組合機dvd v90k再次以新面孔走進賣場,進一步表明「三星在中國的產品與世界同步」的策略的成功。
  2. Mixers are the key components of many microwave and millimeter - wave systems. the super - heterodyne receiver is always applied in modern communication system, mixer becomes the key component as is at the first part of system. but it is more and more difficult to get the choiceness lo source of the same band with the system is working at high frequency especially in the millimeter - wave. sub - harmonic mixer is a good solution to this problem now. in this circuit we need just half 、 quarter 、 even 1 / 8 of the rf signal frequency. in this paper the design and fabricate of sub - harmonic hmic mixers ( 2, 4 ) at w - band are introduced

    混頻器是微波通信、射天文學、雷達、等離物理、遙控、遙感、對抗,以及許微波測量系統中至關要的部件。在現代通信系統中,毫米波頻段通常採用超外差接收機,混頻器作為第一級就成為關鍵部件。由於在毫米波頻段,同頻段高能的本振源成本高,技術難度大,採用分諧波混頻技術是解決此問題的有效途徑,只需射頻頻率1 / 2 、 1 / 4甚至1 / 8的本振頻率即可實現混頻。
  3. This subject is with ovid ( journals ovid full text ) data base an example with two domestic biomedical information full text biomedicine electronic periodical that circle use often most these, proquest of umi, search to it characteristic, discipline distribute, sci, etc., that authoritative data base includes than serious, and jcr periodical influence factor analyze a lot of go on and appraised and study, can purchase the reference of offering of the department in order to expect the analysis result of a subject for readers and electronic periodical, do some exposition on appraisal of the electronic periodical of medical science of foreign language at the same time

  4. Nowadays, because of the advantage in the real - time simulation and the authenticity of the result, semi - physical simulation has been applied to many fields widely. the simulation for the avionic system and devices is an important branch of the semi - physical simulation

  5. Safety of structures is a common and important problem in the mechanical engineering. recent years there is a trend of developing unified theory of fatigue and fracture to describe the life - cycle damage behaviour of structures. researches on safety guarantee are going toward multi - method synthesis, system micromation, network availability and life - cycle information management

  6. Thioredoxins, an ubiquitous small proteins with a redox active disulfide bridge in its conserved motif - cp ( g ) pc -, are universally distributed in eucaryote and procaryote and have a molecular mass of approximately 12kda. by its disulfide / dithiol interchange reaction, this protein can transmit the regulatory signals to seleted targets ( enzymes, transcription factors etc ) and plays an important role in many plant physiological processes that includes photosynthesis, dna synthesis, transcription, protein disulfide reduction, protein repair, filamentous phage assembly, cell apoptosis and seeds germinating and so on

    該蛋白質中含有保守的- cp ( g ) pc -氨基酸活基序,該基序中的兩個半胱氨酸殘基可通過巰基二硫鍵的轉換實現其氧化還原狀態的變化和氫的傳遞,對細胞中與氧化還原相關的種生理過程的調節起要作用。通過同許酶類、蛋白類、細胞內活相藕連, trx能對光合作用、 dna復制、基因轉錄、細胞凋亡和生長、噬菌體組裝、蛋白質的還原和修復信號傳導等生理過程產生影響和調節。
  7. The paper focused on how to apply the new technology xml in application and support layer of e - government effectively. we made thoroughly researches on the format of electronic official document based on xml, the method of using xsl to format electronic official document, the definition of e - government business process based on xml and xml web services. we achieved the works following : ( 1 ) electronic official documents in many government web sites are based on html, and created by people

    對基於xml的公文格式、用xsl格式化公文、使用xml來定義政務中的業務流程和xmlwebservices技術等新思想、新方法進行了深入地研究,主要完成了下列工作: ( 1 )針對政務中數據交互的問題設計了一套基於xml的公文格式和針對該格式的xsl格式化樣式單,從而可以在程序中實現公文生成、顯示和傳輸的自動化,突破了目前大數政府網站公文所採用的html靜態格式、人工生成頁面的方式,減少了政府網站建設過程中的工作,減輕了繁的維護任務。
  8. The entropy or number of states of system or subsystem are closely related to interaction of particles and energy level distribution, therefore, to study the temperature dependence of the specific heat may supply some important and useful microscopic information which may play an important role in understanding electronic structure, density of state, phonon spectrum etc. the specific heat measurements at low temperatures also play important roles in the finding of the third law of thermodynamics, the quantum theory of solid and bcs theory for superconducting etc. moreover, specific heat measurements help us to understand the different kinds of phase transitions ( such as : structural phase transition, magnetic phase transition, superconducting phase transition etc. ) and the scaling behavior near the critical point

  9. Hic has been the important technical channel for realizing the small - scale, multi - functional, high - performance, highly reliable military electric equipment, for hic make good use of high - integration, high - speed and other characters of sic, and formed a new - generation advanced microelectronic assembly technique

    混合集成路( hic )充分利用半導體集成路( sic )高集成度、高速等特點,形成新一代高級的微組裝技術,並已成為實現軍用裝備小型化、功能化、高能化、高可靠要技術途徑。
  10. Facilities management ( fm ) is an important part of computerized government affairs, but there are many problems exits in present fm, such as the difficulty to maintain the integrity and greenness of data, the handicap exits in data exchanging and data sharing, the shortness to provide evidence for decision - making, and so on

  11. Vod ( video on demand ) system can be widely used in many fields, such as long distance education, digital library, news on demand, tv on demand and etc. video server is the key part of vod system, whose performance has direct effect on the service quality of vod system

    視頻點播系統可以廣泛地應用於遠程教學、數字圖書館、新聞點播、商貿、視點播等文化、商業及娛樂的各種領域,具有很高的實用價值。視頻服務器( videoserver )是視頻點播系統中最關鍵的組成部分,它的能直接影響視頻點播系統所提供的服務質量,因此視頻服務器的設計是分散式媒體領域的要研究課題。
  12. Electronic soft starter is a kind of novel motor control device which can implement the soft - start, soft - stop and energy - saving of the asynchronous motor. compare in the traditional motor starter, it has outstanding advantages such as stepless regulation of the motor start, avoid the inrush of the torque and the current, and reliable protections, convenient operation and starting repetitively. so the paper aim at electronic soft starter, asynchronous soft starter of electrical machinery electron as research object, study it ' s high - performance soft starting technology - torque control soft - start, develop its realization circuit

    異步動機軟起動器是一種集機軟起動、軟停機、輕載節能和種保護功能於一體的新穎機控制裝置,相比于傳統的起動器,它突出的優點體現在能夠連續無級的調節機起動、沖擊轉矩和沖擊流小、控制簡便、起動好以及體積小等方面,本文以異步軟起動器為研究對象,研究高能的機軟起動技術- - -轉矩起動方式,並研製其實現路。
  13. U2 game web is a compositive amusement and game gateway web, under powerleader ' s exploitation at the same term, which pays attention to the exchange between the game and player, exploit field of game team building, input idea of player exchange community, match with perfect economic system, and seemly tie in all kinds of product, at the same time they sustained manifold fresh network technology platform, such as voice, note, network telephone, electron balance, which is a online integrative amusement platform that gather netgame, game message, card business and chessboard game to a whole

    游途網是寶德網路同期開發的一個綜合娛樂和游戲門戶網站,注遊戲和與玩家的互動,開辟游戲團體活動基地,注入玩家互動社區概念,配以完善的經濟體系與各款產品的有機結合,同時支持種最新網路技術平臺- - - - -語音、簡訊、網路話、結算,是一個集網路游戲、游戲資訊、卡類交易、棋牌游戲等於一體的在線綜合游戲娛樂平臺。
  14. The calculation results show that the correlation between the multiplicity of intermediate mass fragments n ( subscript imf ) and total number of charged particles n ( subscript c ) is a sensitive observable for probing the isospin - dependent in - medium nucleon - nucleon cross section, but the isospin effects of symmetric potential on n ( subscript imf ) is not obvious in the chosen energy region

  15. In the paper, the engendering and development, business flow and function of logistics distribution are analyzed, that logistics distribution is important link and assurance of realizing e - commerce are analyzed, the problems existed in e - commerce logistics distribution in china is put forward by the actuality of e - commerce logistics distribution in china, and the above study establish the basement of later study. logistics distribution ' s demand to e - commerce, the feature of e - commerce logistics distribution, the way of reducing cost of e - commerce logistics distribution, actuality of the mode of e - commerce logistics distribution in china are analyzed, and the mode of e - commerce logistics distribution in china is put forward ; by selectively studying the theory and method of logistics distribution and studying the principle and method of dividing the group of places, the model logistics distribution allowing visiting repeated of multiple places is established, the model is used to solve rational distribution sequence to reach lest cost to allowing visiting repeatedly, and an actual example is taken. the model logistics distribution in emergency has been established on the base of studying the necessity of logistics distribution in emergency in logistics distribution center

  16. Generation of new nuclear elements is an important symbol of the research ability of a country. theoretical study on such element, not only can help the rule for the considering of the relativistic and correlation effect in the many electron system, but also can give an identification for the validity of the. present theory in the limited case

  17. The la2o3 material was paid attention because of its good gate dielectric properties, but there are a lot of properties are under research, the most important property is thermal stability. to improve the situation the author has made the following research and achieved beneficial results

    La _ 2o _ 3是一種新型的高介常數的柵介材料,它的優良能引起了微界的注意,但它的很還有待于研究,其中最要的是它的熱穩定和隧道流。
  18. The traditional research methods on huanghe river include paper map, and modern map, i. e., electronic map, which pay more attentions to the display of spatial data ; virtual reality has the features of multi senses ( include seeing, listening, touching and motion, etc ), immersion, interaction and autonomy and emphasis on 3d dynamic display of 3d map

    傳統研究黃河的可視化方法有地圖,以及現在的地圖? ?強調空間數據在屏幕上的顯示,而虛擬現實則注三維圖形的三維動態顯示,它具有感知(視覺、聽覺、力覺、觸覺、運動等) ,投入感( immersion ) ,交互( interaction ) ,自主感( autonomy )等要特徵。
  19. In the paper, the gpr system developed by us employs several optimization techniques to enhance the system performances, including antenna, sampling - hold circuit, orientation wheel, function of system software, multithreading, and signal processing algorithms. as the result the system works more well with these techniques, and its azimuth and distance resolution of 10 cm has been achieved with detection depth of more than 50 cm. the main contents of this dissertation are summarized as following : 1

    本文根據探地雷達系統工作原理,在科技大學探地雷達系統樣機研製的基礎上採用了各種有效的優化技術,包括探測前端、采樣保持路的優化,定位輪、目標定位、線程技術的應用,數據採集處理和控制軟體功能的拓展、各種有效的信號預處理演算法的應用等,顯著提高了系統的探測能和增強了探測效果,使得系統方位、距離解析度均達到了10cm ,探測深度大於50cm ,其能指標達到國外先進水平,為進一步的實用化奠定了要的基礎。
  20. With the more and more extensive application of power electronics technology, especially with the increasing frequency of main switching device, there have a higher requirement to the power switching diode. the si p - i - n diode have played an important role in these areas so many years

    隨著技術應用的深入,尤其是主開關器件工作頻率的不斷提高,對功率二極體能提出了更高的要求,年來硅p - i - n二極體一直在這方面扮演著要角色。