電傳電報中心 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [diànzhuàndiànbàozhōngxīn]
電傳電報中心 英文
teletypewriter center
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (有電荷存在和電荷變化的現象) electricity 2 (電報) telegram; cable Ⅱ動詞1 (觸電) give...
  • : 傳名詞1 (解釋經文的著作) commentaries on classics 2 (傳記) biography 3 (敘述歷史故事的作品)...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (告知; 報告) report; declare; announce 2 (回答) reply; respond; reciprocate 3 (答謝)...
  • 電傳 : telex電傳印表機 teleprinter; telewriter; teletype (writer); 電傳印表機代碼 teleprinter code; 電傳打字帶 teletype tape
  • 電報 : telegram; cable; telegraph; message
  1. The central control room of the branch is located in the bank of communications plaza in the lujiazui, shanghai, which adopts the xbrother developed professional security and facility control system which monitors and controls 10 subsystems in the central control room, including : the ups control system ; the coulometer control system ; the leaking control system ; the temperature and humidity control system ; the air conditioning control system ; the video surveillance system ; the sensor of in out water temperature control system ; the access control system ; the switch control system and ; the fire alarm system

  2. The promotional poster for director todd haynes dylan - inspired film i ' m not there features a few of his stars doing their best dylan - impersonations

  3. The promotional poster for director todd haynes dylan - inspired film [ i ] i ' m not there [ / i ] features a few of his stars doing their best dylan - impersonations

  4. The systems of century ck security locks and automatic alarm lock security have special features, when the larcener were seen breaking a lock, the setbar of door lock shock, it automatically switches touch alarm, it quickly issued a warning signal, alarm and transmitted to the mainframe, telecommunications company by phone or sent to the terminal, it can be 110 and the security alarm centers, community policing, the residential quarters network security departments, the police realized the linkage

  5. Transportation : qixin golf course 20km, ningbo lishe airport 10km, ningbo southern train station, ningbo coach bus station, tianyi square. hall services : ordering and arranging services offlowers and miniature landscapes ; ordering of meals and drinkable water ; water, electricity, gas and telephone fee charging ; ordering of magazines and newspapers. business center : printing and photocopying ; long - distance calls ; graphic and context telex ; car renting ; ordering of train and air tickets ; mail and package posting

  6. Once has the bandits and thieves to intrude guards against the place, the detector launches the wireless coded signal immediately, the networking center number which installs when is apart from defense area 150 meter within the main engine to send out the police whistle sound to report to the police immediately, reports to the police dials to establish in advance or reports to the police the telephone, the handset number, answers in the police telephone to return puts user pre - record to report to the police the pronunciation, long - distance reports to the police, simultaneously comes the real - time transmission through the internet to deploy troops for defense, to withdraw from a defended position, to report to the police and so on the condition, inquires the historic record through the computer network

  7. The fully equipped business center is in the hotel lobby, offers internet, photocopying, typing, colour & laser printing, document binding, film developing, laminating, translsting, short - hand, express delivery, fax, long distance call and professional secretarial services to help you with different business needs

  8. The following results of recent researches were presented on measuring stiffness of a wide range of soils such as clay, sand and gravel, characterizing anisotropic properties of soil induced by external loading, measuring stiffness of base and subgrade materials in the pavement, determining soil properties in a centrifuge model during the flight of a centrifuge, and understanding wave propagation in granular materials under micro - gravity environment with this technique

  9. Iii to create new media communications or make good use of existing ones, such as those operated by caritas, the diocesan office for laity formation and the diocesan audio - visual centre such as resources centre, telephone hotlines, websites, emails, chat rooms, the production of vcds, a special column in kung kao po, etc

  10. The popular culture is a kind of modern culture phenomenon which makes majority of the citizen come into being the similar way of existence and the same require so as to form into a whole that shares the similar interest, habit, custom, meaning, belief and value. it was born in the modern city and it spreads itself through the culture product produced by the culture industry with the aid of modern popular medias, such as radios, televisions, newspaper, magazines and internets, at the places like disco - ballrooms, bars, shopping plazas, bathing plazas, with the style as jeans, longhair, rock - roll

  11. He business centre offers telex, cable, telegram, facsimile, video telephone, typing and translation services

  12. A series of journal, related to international automotive information of hongkong, is supported by china auto parts institution and shanghai auto pates institution. it is transacted by hongkong international automotive information pubilisher, shanghai automotive information limitted company, and comprehensive commercial weekly express advertises : auto parts, auto related products, auto concervation, auto maintenance. it is delivered in the whole country and it has more than ten service places in many homes, cities and abroad, it transmits south east asia located in hongkong. automotive parts : engine system, eletronic system, automobile body system, cooling system, gearing system, turningsystem, suspending system, braking system, consumingsystem, cimpanion companion tools, maintenance equipment, motor parts sysrem

    國汽配商訊》是香港凹凸國際資訊信息系列刊物,由國汽配學會、上海汽配學會支持,由香港凹凸國際資訊出版社、上海凹凸資訊有限公司、 《國汽配商訊》社主辦,專業宣:汽車配件、汽車用品、汽修汽保、汽車修理專業型綜合商情類現代時尚周刊,本面向全國發行,在國內各大城市設有幾十個服務機構,海外以香港為輻射東南亞華人地區,本刊涵蓋汽車配件包括:引擎系統、器系統、車身系統、冷卻系統、動系統、轉向系統、懸掛系統、制動系統、易耗品系統、隨車工具、保修設備、摩托車配件系統;汽車用品包括:汽車器、化工保修用品、內飾用品、外飾用品、公車件、橡膠件、方向盤、覆蓋件、汽車配件市場等。
  13. The research and developing of gps / gsm vehicles watch and control system based on analyzing gps positioning technology is discussed in this article. this system is a public security prevention and far distance watching control telecommunication management which has adopt the advanced system in the world including gps / gsm, gis and internet. through this system, all the movable objectives covered by gsm net can be kept being watched and controlled from far distance. the gps data of the movable objectives and different kinds of alarm data will be sent back to the service center through gsm or cable. then the center may send the information of movable objectives " gps data and help alarms that have been already classified and identified to the different departments to deal with linking the consumers through ddn, isdn, pstnand adsl. the advantages of this system is that it adopts mature gps technology and combines the movable telecommunication net - gsm provided by china telecommunicate trades throughout the nation and it can get voice information everywhere. by utilizing internet, vbandsql server computer technology, watch and control center and far distance terminals can aim at how to increase vehicles operating efficiency, decrease wear, promote service quality and build a concentrated system of watch and control, deploy and cammand, scientific management, coordinate and process, and safety in the professions relevant with transfortation of the city

    移動目標的gps數據及各類警數據通過gsm網路及信有線網路回監控服務。該可通過ddn 、 isdn 、 pstn或adsl等方式與用戶相聯,將移動目標的gps定位信息,求救信息,警等信息進行分類確認后,實時送到相應的職能部門進行處理。本系統的優點在於利用了成熟的gps全球衛星定位技術,並結合了我國信行業在全國所開通的gsm移動通訊網路,在話音上實現了全國漫遊等特點,在監控和遠程用戶終端利用網際網路技術、 vb數據庫管理系統、 sqlserver分散式數據庫管理系統等計算機技術,可針對城市與交通有關的各行各業如何提高車輛使用效率,降低損耗,提高服務質量,建立集監控、調度指揮、科學管理、協調運營、安全防範為一體的指揮控制體系,發揮其不可替代的作用。
  14. Common data interfaces used in radio include rs - 232, etc. as the rapid growth of data speed in data radio, asynchronous serial port does not meet the need of data transmission of high - speed data radio. data radio is gradually using ethernet interface as high - speed data radio ’ s data interface, to function as a high - speed data channel between host computer and data radio. this paper brings forward a universal radio interface protocol model, whose core is taking ethernet as a high speed data channel in network protocol stack

  15. The business center is located on 2 f. we can provide services as follows, typeing, calling, fax, facsimiling, photocoping and translation. we also provide the rental services as projecting apparatus and internet

  16. It is domestic and international to research networks economies on the up the abroad scholars study more early, and study more completely with deep into research that it is economic to network that western scholar research " post industry society " and can think of considers most and early, afterwards of knowledge - based economy, arithmetic figure economy research then network economy starting point that study the chinese scholar is late start than then, but already there are large quantity scholars and commerce personage study with and pay attention to the network economy chinese and foreign scholar although cognition network economy, but profusion of different opinions, mostly is basic the network economy to equal the internet economy, its core is an electronic commerce, basic analysis method is a traditional limit method, but the less study the theories problem, problem of more little and in point of system of the network economy ; come in sight of the network economy to the challenge and break traditional economy theories, and less talk with the relationship the network economic theories and traditional economy theories ; ca n ' t answer the underneath some and important problem : why the phenomenon of increasing returns widespread meeting with network economy ? why the network economy trade expenses and the information dissymmetry at the same time in the decrease, and also can increase the bargain expenses and the information dissymmetry