電子通訊網路 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [diànzitōngxùnwǎng]
電子通訊網路 英文
electronic communications network (ecn)
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (有電荷存在和電荷變化的現象) electricity 2 (電報) telegram; cable Ⅱ動詞1 (觸電) give...
  • : 子Ⅰ名詞1 (兒子) son 2 (人的通稱) person 3 (古代特指有學問的男人) ancient title of respect f...
  • : 通量詞(用於動作)
  • : Ⅰ動詞(訊問) interrogate; question Ⅱ名詞(消息; 信息) message; dispatch
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (捕魚捉鳥的器具) net 2 (像網的東西) thing which looks like a net 3 (像網一樣的組織或...
  • : 1 (道路) road; way; path 2 (路程) journey; distance 3 (途徑; 門路) way; means 4 (條理) se...
  • 電子 : [物理學] [電學] electron
  • 通訊 : 1. (利用電訊設備傳遞消息) communication 2. (報道消息的文章) news report; news dispatch; correspondence; newsletter
  • 網路 : 1. [電學] network; electric network2. (網) meshwork; system; graph (指一維復形); mesh
  1. The structure of this paper goes like this, the first chapter introduce the development of e - b / l in practice and in laws. and draw a conclution that the electrification of the b / l is a history tide. in the second chapter, on the basic of reseach the security trap in e - b / l running, 1 conclude six security elements of, e - b / l : the liability of the system, the authenticity of dealers ' identity. the integrity and secrecy of electronic data, and the validity and evidence effectiveness of electronic data. from the third chapter to the eighth, 1 reseach these elements one by one. the third chapter introduce the establishment of the e - b / l security system, and some related laws the fourth chapter introduce the certification authority of e - b / l. in the fifth chapter, 1 introduce the encrypt of electronic information and some countries ' control on use / import / export crytography. the sixth chapter introduce the concept and principle of digital signature, and reseach some related legal issues. the seventh chapter reseach the legal demand of validity, then come to a conclution that to establish a independent electronic information system is necessary. in the eighth chapter, 1 reseach some countries " regulation on the evidence effectiveness of electronic data

  2. Additional trials on aeronautical telecommunication network ( atn ), surface movement guidance and control system ( smgcs ), electronic flight strips ( efs ), secondary surveillance radar mode s data link and very high frequency data link ( vdl ) are planned for this year

    此外,有關航空、地面活動引領管制系統、飛行紙條、 s模式的二次監察雷達數據鏈和甚高頻數據鏈的進一步試行運作,亦計劃在本年進行。
  3. Equipped with well - establish communication network : adopt oas and electronic ticketing system

  4. Currently all sorts of intellectual electronic devices will access internet urgently, with the cmputer, communication network and internet technologies develop fast and the embedded systems permeate into human ' s life quickly. that determines the origination and development of the embedded internet technology

  5. We are extending our leadership and capabilities in our core markets, which include the communications, networking, computing and storage and consumer products industries

  6. Promoting communication within the department through electronic means via gcn and the intranet ; working towards the concept of paperless office to reduce the use and dispatch of paper ; adopting the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle in the consumption of materials and seeking continuous improvement in the efficient use of natural resources and energy, e. g. by re - engineering of work processes

  7. You understand that the internet or other electronic communication system, due to unpredictable traffic congestion and other reasons, may not be a reliable medium of communication and that such unreliability is beyond the control of metro

  8. Equipped with a world - class optical fibre communications network, hong kong offers a favourable environment for the development of software relating to web - based application, intranet solution, multimedia, edi, e - commerce, video - on - demand and training

    香港擁有世界一流的光纖,為開發與上應用、內聯解決方案、多媒體、數據聯( edi ) 、商貿、視像自選系統( vod )有關的產品,以及進行培訓等提供了有利環境。
  9. B promoting communication within the department through electronic means via gcn and the intranet ; working towards the concept of paperless office to reduce the use and dispatch of paper ; adopting the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle in the consumption of materials and seeking continuous improvement in the efficient use of natural resources and energy, e. g. by re - engineering of work processes

  10. As the largest mobile operator in hong kong with superb network quality, hutchison telecom is fully committed to the development of mobile commerce in hong kong

  11. Ningbo ekey ruineng electric technology co., ltd. is ningbo ekey holding groups subsidiary company. the head offices main business is embedded software industry and hammer at development the software exploiture and design, network engineering, chip development, ipv6 digital switching equipment, mobile communications, internet phone, intelligent home electric equipment, automobile anti - theft devices, unlimited remote control and power adapter, etc high - tech industri

    寧波易科瑞能科技有限公司是寧波易科投資控股有限公司下屬公司,集團公司以嵌入式軟體產業為主營業務,以軟體開發設計,工程,晶元研發, ipv6數字交換設備,移動話,智能家,汽車防盜器,無限遙控,源適配器等高科技產業為重點發展方向,並從事房地產開發,酒店投資管理,國際國內貿易等業務,在線投資總規模超過11億人民幣
  12. Our main products, mnzn ferrite cores and electronic transformers are widely used on home electronic, pc, telecom, network instrument and lighting

  13. Electronic communications network

  14. We also made significant advances in the development of our internal knowledge management structures, and electronic communications network

  15. This paper introduce the topologies of avionics communication system, transfer protocol of the data bus and the kernel of designing the avionics system through the study of the development of avionics communication sytem in the world

  16. By anaiyzing the attributes and mechanisms of the trading in the innovating stock market and 1 delineating the relationship between the target device of the securities trading system and the reguiation of the securities trading, the author held the view that that the measures of the regulation of the trading are means by which the conflict between twets of securities trading mechanisms can be coordinated and resolved

    作者認為,交易監管措施是協調證券交易機制目標之間沖突的手段。最後,作者分別對各項交易監管措施如對做市商的監管、對電子通訊網路( ecns )的監管、對賣空交易的監管、對大宗交易的監管、市場穩定措施以及交易監管等進行了全面而系統的研究。
  17. It is integrated with electric technology and computer network. vehicles communicate with others by virtue of gps or special transmitter - receiver while people in vehicle, can communicate with others by using the local network

  18. At present, xiqiao science and technology industry land has completed " three connections and one leveling ", with roads linking up all parts of the land. the main way under planning will be 60 meters wide. nanhai running water factory guarantecs the sufficient supplyof water. 10kv substation provides strong power supply to the enterproses inside the land

    園內道八達,規劃建設的主幹道寬60米;南太自來水廠保證充足的用水; 10kv變站為園內企業提供強大的力供應;先進的郵聯繫世界各地; 24小時治安巡邏、保安監控系統等完善的保安服務,保證工業園正常運作和治安穩定;綠化、燈、排水等配套工程正不斷完善。
  19. She is engaged in pcb manufacturing and services, which is used widely for automotive, consumer electronics products, telecom, internet, industrial equipment etc. and has got a good fame in european and american continents

  20. In facing of the age of knowledge economy and china ' s imminent entry into the wto, we must strengthen the development of road transport information technology. by utilizing science technology especially electronic, communication and network technology to realize leap development of road transport