電影文化研究 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [diànyǐngwénhuàyánjiū]
電影文化研究 英文
cinema & cultural studies
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (有電荷存在和電荷變化的現象) electricity 2 (電報) telegram; cable Ⅱ動詞1 (觸電) give...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (物體擋住光線后映出的形象) shadow 2 (鏡中、水面等反映出來的物體形象) reflection; image...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (字) character; script; writing 2 (文字) language 3 (文章) literary composition; wri...
  • : 研同 「硯」
  • : Ⅰ動詞(仔細推求; 追查) study carefully; go into; investigate Ⅱ副詞[書面語] (到底; 究竟) actually; really; after all
  • 電影 : film; movie; motion picture
  • 文化 : 1. (精神財富) civilization; culture 2. (知識) education; culture; schooling; literacy
  • 研究 : 1. (探求) study; research 2. (考慮或商討) consider; discuss; deliberate
  1. The factors affecting the properties of air electrode were examined in this article and mno2 / c was prepared. the process parameters of air electrode were optimized, and the aluminum / air battery was also assembled

    主要針對響空氣極性能的因素進行了系統的,制備了mno _ 2 / c催劑,確定了空氣極的最佳制備工藝,將空氣極與鋁陽極組裝成池,並初步考察了池的性能。
  2. With the use of finite method we have developed computer simulation software for vacuum microtriodes with wedge - shaped and cone - shaped cathode on the basis of stduying deeply the field emission theory of vacuum microelectronics. the software included field section, grid point numbering, and the calculation of electric currents, transconductance and cathode capacitance, moreover, it can simulate the properties of vacuum microeletronic with variant structures and sizes. the relationship was studied and simulated among electic properties and device structures, sizes and cathode materials etc. the optimized design of vacuum microtiode was proposed

  3. So the current huisology needs supplementary study quickly, and at present the urgent work is that combine huisology with anthropology, and gain more achievements in saving intangible cultural heritage, making ethnographical film and hius cultural interpretation and so on

  4. In order to improve the electro - catalytic activity of platinum based catalyst to methanol oxidation, in this thesis, firstly prepare heteropoly acid modified pt / gc electrode with different concentration by cyclic voltammetry method, and then test the cyclic voltammetry curves individually in vitriolic and methanol solution. the study shows the best concentration for both phosphomolybdic acid and phosphotungstic acid is 1 10 ~ ( - 3 ) mol / l. and find the more heteropoly acid modified on electrode, the lower peak - up potential towards methanol because of the existence of oxygenous species

    為了改善鉑基催劑氧甲醇的催活性,本論首先通過循環伏安掃描法制備了不同濃度磷鉬酸和磷鎢酸修飾的pt / gc極,通過pt / gc極在修飾前後在硫酸溶液中及含甲醇的硫酸溶液中的循環伏安行為發現,磷鉬酸和磷鎢酸均能在ptru / c極上發生氧還原反應,而且雜多酸修飾濃度對pt / gc極氧甲醇的催活性有很大響。
  5. In this article, the bellcore method was used to prepare polymer electrolyte membrane based on pvdf - hfp, and polymer electrolyte membranes under different conditions were prepared by changing sorts of solvents 、 ratio of dbp and solvent. effects of ratio of plasticizer and solvent on the liquid uptake 、 sem 、 mechanism capability 、 ionic conductivity 、 electrochemical stability window of polymer electrolyte membrane were also studied. through optimizing the preparation technics, the integrated effects of additives such as pc 、 ec 、 dbp and nanophase al2o3 on the ionic conductivity 、 liquid uptake were studied

    以聚偏氟乙烯-六氟丙烯共聚物pvdf - hfp為基質,採用bellcore制膜法制備了pvdf - hfp聚合物解質膜,通過改變增塑劑dbp的含量、溶劑的種類及溶劑的含量制備了不同條件下的聚合物解質膜,分別了增塑劑含量、溶劑含量等對聚合物解質膜的吸液率、表面形貌、機械性能、離子導率、學穩定窗口等的響;對制備工藝進行了優了各種添加劑如pc 、 ec 、 dbp及納米al2o3對聚合物解質膜的離子導率、吸液率等性能的綜合響。
  6. Sophisticated facilities and laboratories were also opened to participants, for example, faculty of arts electro - acoustic music centre ; the school of communication s new media laboratory, digital imaging centre, animation studio, tv studio ; the faculty of science s biology, chemistry, physics and computer science laboratories ; and the school of chinese medicine s chinese medicine clinic, library and the anatomy, acupuncture, herbal medicine and pathology teaching laboratories

  7. Depending on how the ground surface is denuded, the feature of the current crustal stress field and rock stress environment can be calculated analyzing the result in this paper : by analyzing the recovering feature of the elastic deformation of the rockmass in unload - stage under various pressures, it has been found there is close relationship between the recovering degree of the elastic deformation of the rockmass and the unloading degree of the pressure the direction of the major principal stress in the crustal stress field is not consistent with the direction of the crushing stress regional tectonics borne during the last tectonic movement. the evolving degree of the regional geomorphology evidently affects the current crustal stress field, which changes from the self - weight stress field to the horizontal stress field, with the changing of the eroding degree of the regional geomorphology ranging from valley area to hilly country to flat country. in valley area, where there is two stress belts, the bankslope s tress belt and the self - weight stress belt within the mountain. the direction of the major principal stress is nearly parallel to the ground surface and inclines towards the valley in the bankslope stress belt. it is nearly vertical in the self - weight stress belt

  8. This paper mainly described the research on rheological property, high thermal stability, flame retardant, the influence of catalyst and insulating heat conduction of organic silicon encapsulating materials, which greatly apply on electronic equipment and large scale integrated circuit and so forth

  9. To establish the hong kong film archive as an internationally renowned film archive in conserving the rich film heritage of hong kong and facilitating research on such films

  10. Abstract : the phenomenon of light and heavy steps in 5 - phase hybrid stepping motors is investigated. focusing on the relationships between phase - current and phase - voltage caused by different switching modes, a proposal to improve the light and heavy steps under3 - 4 phase mode is presented and the well - agreed experimental results are given

    摘:了五相混合式步進動機4 5相通運行時的輕重步現象,通過分析不同通方式時導通與截止相的相壓變對相流的響,闡明了3 4相通方式可以改善機輕重步現象的機理,並進行了實驗驗證。
  11. Cultural studies @ lingnan covers a wide array of content ranging from distinctive academic research papers, film reviews, critics on different cultural and art activities, discussion forum to feature interviews of professionals in the field of cultural studies

  12. It is showed in this thesis that temperature is very important to single photon detection, but too low temperature is not good for detection because of afterpulse and the breakdown voltage

  13. Therefore, on the basis of detailed review of research on prescription of mh electrode at home and abroad, faced to the application of d type power battery, effects of prescription of mh electrode on the performance of the negative electrode for ni / mh battery are investigated by the open cell method

    在詳細綜述國內外mh極配方的基礎上,面向d型鎳氫動力池,採用開口池方式了mh極配方對ni mh池負極性能的響。重點了稀土氧物添加劑、 coo和ceo _ 2復合添加劑對ni mh池負極學性能的響。
  14. This thesis focuses on the study of the layered lithium nickel - based oxides as catho de materials lithium - ion batteries, the main aspects follow : 1 study on the synthesis and properties of linixco1 - xo2 by the sol - gel method compared with solid - state method, sol - gel method enjoys the advantage of lower calcining temperature and small uniform particle size of products. after the xrd measurement, it was shown that the single - phase layered compound can be prepared in sintering temperature of 750 for 6 ~ 8 hours. the sintering temperature, the properties and the amounts of doping materials can all affect the product ' s phase, and its structure ( lattice parameter, crystal phase distance )

    本論工作主要集中在作為鋰離子池正極材料的層狀鋰鎳基氧物上,包括以下幾個方面: 1溶膠凝膠法( sol - gel )合成lini _ xco _ ( 1 - x ) o _ 2的與固相合成法相比,溶膠凝膠法合成lini _ xco _ ( 1 - x ) o _ 2煅燒溫度低,產物顆粒均勻一致,經過xrd的測試過后,結果表明750下燒結6 8小時,即可得到單相產物;燒結溫度,摻雜劑的種類及摻雜劑量均對產物物相的形成產生響,並對產物的結構產生響。
  15. Her articles on cinema, media, and popular cultural history were published in major journals and anthologies. her latest book, hong kong connections : transnational imagination in action cinema, co - edited with prof. stephen chan ching - kiu and dr li siu - leung co - published by hong kong university press and duke university press, provides an indepth analysis on cinema culture

    一直以來,她所出版的著作包含了傳媒通俗歷史的形成誇國等范疇,例如墨美姬教授與嶺大系陳清僑教授及李小良博士推出最新著作「 hong kong connections : transnational imagination in action cinema 」香港大學出版社及杜克大學出版社出版,有助讀者了解及分析而她的章在世界各地的報刊及學術期刊內發表,在界甚具響力。
  16. Perovskite - type complex oxides of la1 - xcaxcro3 compositions are attracting growing attention because of their superior electronic conductivity and excellent chemical stability in both oxidizing and reducing atmospheres, which makes them promising candidate materials for many important applications, such as interconnectors for solid oxide fuel cells ( sofc ), heating elements for high temperature furnaces, and current collecting electrodes in magneto - hydrodynamics ( mhd ). in this dissertation, the gnp ( glycine - nitrate process ) method has been employed to synthesize la1 - xcaxcro3 oxides. the synthesis and preparation, sinterability, electrical conducting properties and thermal expansion properties of la1 - xcaxcro3 oxides have been investigated

    採用gnp ( glycine - nitrateprocess )法制備了la _ ( 1 - x ) ca _ xcro _ 3材料,對制備方法與工藝參數、材料燒結性能、性能以及熱膨脹性能進行了,分析了ca ~ ( 2 + )含量、粉體顆粒形態對材料燒結行為、燒結緻密溫度的響,並了ca ~ ( 2 + )含量、粉體顆粒形態對材料晶體結構、顯微結構和物理性能的響,其目的在於為該類高溫子導體的進一步利應用提供實驗和理論依據。
  17. Small and narrow particle size distribution benifit diffusion of li - ion. also, the production techniques of li - ion battery is discussed, the influence of important working proceduces ( including the preparing, the doping, the assembling, etc. ) on battery performance is analysed and the recipe of cathode materials is optimized

  18. Abstract : this paper deals with the regularities of the thickness of thermal damage surface and effect of all of the mechanisms in edm of structural ceramics

  19. Its faculty members and researchers, from asia, north america, australia and europe, combine diverse research areas covering cultural theories, film and media studies, popular culture, education and cultural studies, commodity and globalization, cultural history, gender studies, hong kong culture and literature, etc. the department offered master in cultural studies and postgraduate diploma in liberal studies from 2003 and 2005, respectively, providing quality cultural studies to a broader audience

  20. Through theoretical analysis on the behavior of soil - water - system dielectrics, it is proved that the real parts of the dielectric constant under high frequency or microwave can be used to measure soil water content rapidly this method can get a lot of measurement results with high accuracy and wide applicabiiity in addition, the results are seidom affected by the spatiai variation of soil property as a further application of the above result, a soil moisture sensor based on standing wave ratio was developed

    概括起來本內容主要有以下幾點: 1本通過對土壤介特性的理論分析,論證了利用高頻或微波段內的介常數實部來快速測量土壤含水量是一種靈敏度高、適應面寬、受土壤理特性空間變異響較小的快速測量方法。為製開發基於駐波率原理的swr型土壤水分傳感器奠定了基礎。