緩沖器沖程 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [huǎnchōngchōngchéng]
緩沖器沖程 英文
buffer stroke
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (遲; 慢) slow; unhurried 2 (緩和; 不緊張) not tense; relaxed Ⅱ動詞1 (延緩; 推遲) d...
  • : 名詞1. (器具) implement; utensil; ware 2. (器官) organ 3. (度量; 才能) capacity; talent 4. (姓氏) a surname
  • : 名詞1 (規章; 法式) rule; regulation 2 (進度; 程序) order; procedure 3 (路途; 一段路) journe...
  1. First, it is compressible and cushiony ; second, it can be transported to a long distance with a little power loss ; the last, its flux and velocity of flow are quite high, so the reaction time of the operators can been considerably shortened. aiming to solve the problems of vibrating machinery such as short life - span, poor cushion and high energy consumption, the writer, on the basis of characteristic of pneumatic mentioned, contrives a set of valve controlled pneumatic vibrator, which has larger output vibrating force and longer life - span with simple structure. then, it is applied to drive a vibrating screen and the result is fairly well

  2. In pumping fluid with gas, pressure boost can be improved by enhancing the pump rotation speed, thereby improving the performance of the pump to a certain degree ; when the gas content is constant, by increasing the inlet pressure, the pressure boost can be enhanced and the pump efficiency be improved remarkably ; when the gas content is rather high, there will be a problem of matching between the gas pressure and the fluid pressure ; the performance of the multiphase pump can also be improved by means of rational design of buffer vessel and homogenizer

  3. Then a vsc controller using on - off valve and two potentiometers are designed for cushioning control system. it can realize the balanced, no shock, no reversing cushioning. experiments under different air pressure, load mass are carried out, and the results prove that the vsc controller can be used in pneumatic cushioning

  4. According to different research objectives, four kinds of vehicle dynamic models ( named from model a to model d ) and two types of train dynamic models ( model e and model f ) are established in this thesis. during the modeling process of the vehicle and train systems, nonlinearities arising from wheel / rail contact geometry, wheel / rail interactive forces and suspension characteristics are fully considered. the modeling methods about vestibule diaphragm, coupler and draft gear are introduced, too

    本文按照研究目的的不同,建立了4種車輛動力學模型(模型a模型d )和2種列車動力學模型(模型e和模型f ) ,建模過中盡可能多地考慮了列車(車輛)系統中的各種非線性因素,詳細給出了風擋裝置、車鉤及的具體建模方法。
  5. During aircraft take - off and landing phases, the dynamic loads and vibrations caused by landing impact and the unevenness of runway will result in airframe fatigue, discomfort of passenger and the reduction of the pilot ' s ability to control the aircraft

  6. After the introduction of the innovations and the improvements of foreign hydraulic shock absorbers, the profound cushion mechanics study is done aiming to the shock absorbers chosen for the thesis ; the cushion process of hydraulic shock absorbers can be divided into several stages, which include local pressure loss caused by across sectional area shrinking, sharp edge throttling and aperture throttling

  7. Ibis 3. 2 electronic design automation libraries - part 1 : input output buffer information specifications ibis version 3. 2

  8. Such rounded and systematic research has been done in this thesis. it is significant in theory and engineering for the design, performance improvements and reliability of both the shock absorbers and the pneumatic product line

  9. Abstract : the design of a reverse recoil mechanism of naval gun, i. e the groove hydraulic buffer, was discussed. the hydraulic resistance formula was derived and the method for paremeter selection was put forward. the recoil distance is about 28 % shorter than the original one

    文摘:討論了艦炮的一種反后坐裝置,即溝槽式液壓的設計問題,通過推導液壓阻力公式,給出了縮短的有關參數選擇及設計方法,使后坐行比原來一段式縮短28 %左右
  10. Cheng, d., stabilization of a class of nonlinear non - minimum phase systems, asian j. control, 2 ( 2000 ), 2, 132 - 139

    陳文德,張仁忠,帶的多出口串列生產線無阻塞最優控制與性能分析,系統工理論與實踐, 20 ( 2000 ) 12
  11. Due to the concern of process variation, the delay of each clock buffer is treated as a range instead of a single value

  12. Working stroke of oil buffer

  13. We then consider the n policy m / g / 1 queueing model with two priorities. by using the supplementary variable method to analyze the state probability equations, we derive the generating function of queueing length distribution and the mean queue length in the buffer of the communications network. and through further discussing for the queue with various priorities, we derive the generating function of queueing length distribution and the stationary queueing length in queue models with various priorities

    其次研究帶有兩個優先權的n策略m g 1排隊模型,利用補充變量法對狀態概率方組進行分析,得出了此排隊系統隊長分佈母函數及通信網中的平均隊長,並對不同優先權隊列的進一步討論,得出了不同優先權隊列的隊長分佈母函數及穩態隊長。
  14. Working stroke of sring buffer

  15. In a dpcx program, a type of form used to address data sent to the output full screen processing buffer

    在分散式處理控制執行序( dpcx )中,一種用於對送到輸出全屏幕處理的數據進行尋址的形式。
  16. Our optimization goal is not only to maximize the tolerance of the circuit to process variation, but also to minimize the total area of clock buffers

  17. Of the number of road works vehicles involved and the unit cost of installing tmas at the back of such vehicles ; and

  18. The cost of a truck mounted attenuator ( tma ) is about $ 180, 000. currently, 16 road works vehicles are equipped with tmas

  19. To enhance safety during the course of road works, highways department ( hyd ) has recently promulgated a set of guidelines relating to the installation and use of tmas and vmss for government contractors to follow

  20. Therefore, the dynamic loads should be considered and limited in designing landing gear. the traditional landing gear is a passive system and the parameters changes may produce an unsatisfactory performance