聘請律師 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [pìnqǐngshī]
聘請律師 英文
brief a barrister
  • : 動詞1. (聘請) engage 2. (定親) betroth 3. [口語] (女子出嫁) (of a girl) get married or be married off
  • : 動詞1. (請求) request; ask 2. (邀請; 聘請) invite; engage 3. (招待; 款待) entertain 4. [敬] (用於希望對方做某事) please
  • : Ⅰ名1 (法律; 規則) law; rule; statute; regulation 2 (律詩的簡稱) short for lüshi 3 (姓氏) a ...
  • 聘請 : engage; invite; employ; call in
  • 律師 : lawyer; barrister; solicitor; [美國] attorney
  1. Have project of project of a batch of deep know well to manage theory and practice experience the tall intelligence of code of hep policy is compound model talent ; register cost division, build engineer of manage of division, inspect, investment to seek advice from the of all kinds major such as division of rate of engineer, estate hold 80 % what job seniority personnel occupies faculty, among them 6 people provide advanced title ; at the same time the company still retained personnel of senior and a batch of famous experts, professor, advanced professional technology, lawyer, and the elite of familiar international convention, perfectness foreign language and it, the advisory expert warehouse that makes system of company much territory, much discipline, much class, network, become " your kind effort " internally the development, brain trust that serves external

    擁有一批深諳工程項目管理理論與實踐經驗並熟知政策法規的高智能復合型人材;注冊造價、建造、監理工程、投資咨詢工程、房地產估價等各類專業執業資格人員佔全體員工的80 % ,其中6人具高級職稱;同時公司還了一批知名專家、教授、資深高級專業技術人員、,以及熟悉國際慣例、精通外語和信息技術的精英,構成公司多領域、多學科、多門類、網路體系的顧問專家庫,成為「鼎力」對內發展、對外服務的智囊團。
  2. Each issuer shall provide for appropriate funding, as determined by its audit committee, for payment of compensation to : ( 1 ) the registered public company accounting firm for audit reports ; and ( 2 ) any independent counsel or advisor retained by the audit committee

    每一個上市公司要提供由審計委員會確定的資金支持,用以償付: ( 1 )編制審計報告的備案登記的注冊會計事務所;和( 2 )審計委員會的獨立或顧問。
  3. Counsel ' s brief fee be $ 1, 000with refresher of $ 250

    費為1 , 000美元還有額外費用250美元。
  4. That i , ( ) have employed ( ) as my attorney to present me to prosecute through settlement or judge certain claims i have and hold agai t ( ) and / or any all other perso , firms and corporatio for or arising out of personal injuries to ( ) as well as damages to property caused by or growing out of a certain accident which occurred on or about the ( ) day ( ) of ( ) 20 ( )

    我, ? ? ? ,特? ?為我的,以代表我提起訴訟並通過調解或審判方式,就我在20 ? ?年?月?日所發生的事故中所遭受的人身傷害及財產損失向? ? 、和/或其他任何和所有個人、商號和公司提出索賠。
  5. The panel and the bar association expressed support to the council s proposals to amend lasco to confer upon council powers to enter into contracts and to employ its own staff, and to reduce the quorum requirement

  6. They employed the best lawyer they could get to plead their case.

  7. Suppose someone wrongs us, accuses us of something that we have not done, or deprives us of something that we rightfully deserve, then we need a lawyer to defend for us because we do not know much about the law. he is an expert and can argue for us, then we need an attorney. they should be the ones who defend the weak and help ignorant or oppressed people

  8. However, there was concern about service fees due to the requirement that only solicitors with at least seven years experience could perform a marriage

  9. However, if applicants prefer to use outside assistance, that is their choice. there are many legitimate attorneys and immigration consultants assisting applicants for reasonable fees, or in some cases for free. unfortunately, there are other persons who are charging exorbitant rates and making unrealistic claims

  10. Members of the public can also check out for information on where to seek free legal assistance, and how to get a lawyer from the clic website

  11. The lawyer holds the position of company counsel, should according to the lawyer office and invite just talk things over sign " retain counsel contract " in working limits of the regulation and duty, have the following job lawfully, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests that invites a person : ( one ) solve legal inquiry ; ( 2 ) suggest to invite square managemant decision to offer legal basis and legislation ; ( 3 ) draft, examine and revise invite copy clerk of square contract etc law ; ( 4 ) enter negotiation job ; ( 5 ) the representative enters mediation, arbitration and litigant activity ; ( 6 ) entrust general affairs of law of conduction blame lawsuit ; ( 7 ) provide information of law law plan, publicize and popularize legal common sense

    擔任企業法顧問的,應根據事務所與方協商簽訂的《顧問合同》中規定的工作范圍和職責,依法進行以下工作,維護人的合法權益: (一)解答法詢問; (二)為方的經營決策提供法依據和法建議; (三)草擬、審查和修改方的合同及其他法文書; (四)參加談判工作; (五)代理參加調解、仲裁和訴訟活動; (六)委託辦理非訴訟法事務; (七)提供法法規信息,宣傳和普及法常識。
  12. If you do not qualify for legal aid, you can either represent yourself or contact a lawyer

  13. Well, you certainly have the right to elect your own lawyer,

  14. And i do not need an attorney because this is all bullshit

  15. Hearings of minor employment claims are conducted in public and no legal representation is allowed

  16. If a case involves state secrets, the criminal suspect shall have to obtain the approval of the investigation organ for appointing a lawyer

  17. The 3rd it is owner people collective and contributive invite lawyer or building inspect manage, solve common problem, on cost cost relatively a lot of lower

  18. Whereas, client desires to initiate proceedings agai t ? ? ( 10 ) ? ?, of ? ? ( 11 ) ? ?, client hereby retai and employs attorney to prosecute said action to final judgment or to any other settlement satisfactory to client

    鑒于客戶旨在對? ? (姓名) , ? ? (地址)提起訴訟,特在此聘請律師代理上述訴訟直至最終判決或達到其他客戶滿意的任何調解結果。
  19. Not only the website provides user - friendly information on a number of legal topics which are closely related to citizens daily lives and it also helps citizens to acquire a preliminary understanding of the relevant law before seeking advice from lawyers

  20. Whereas, client desires to initiate proceedings against ? ? ( 10 ) ? ?, of ? ? ( 11 ) ? ?, client hereby retains and employs attorney to prosecute said action to final judgment or to any other settlement satisfactory to client

    鑒于客戶旨在對? ? (姓名) , ? ? (地址)提起訴訟,特在此聘請律師代理上述訴訟直至最終判決或達到其他客戶滿意的任何調解結果。