聚丁二醇 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [dīngèrchún]
聚丁二醇 英文
polytetramethylene glycol
  • : 動詞(聚集; 聚積) assemble; gather; get together
  • : Ⅰ數詞(一加一后所得) two Ⅱ形容詞(兩樣) different
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 [書面語] (含酒精多的酒) mellow wine; good wine2 [化學] (有機化合物的一大類 含羥基的烴化...
  1. Synthesis of butyraldehyde glycol acetal with h4siw12o40 pan as catalyst

  2. Catalytic synthesis of butyraldehyde glycol acetal with h4siw6mo6o40 polyaniline

  3. The present work indicates the organic nf membranes and the inorganic nf membranes all have shortages, so develop composite nf membranes that have low cost, mechanically strong and thermally / chemically - resistant, easy to cleanout and good performances is a very important task. in this paper, the preparation of inorganic - organic composite nf membranes were presented. this composite comprise a porous sio2 / al2o3 support substrate, the pore diameters of which ranging from 10 to 15 nm, this inorganic support substrate having a polymer membrane which comprises an polyvinyl alcohol ( pva ) or polyamide ( pa ) densely deposited on at least one of the face surfaces thereof, the structural porosity of such pva and pa membrane ranging from 3 to 5 nm

    本論文以開發無機?有機復合納濾膜為出發點,首先在al _ 2o _ 3多孔微濾膜上利用溶膠?凝膠法制備sio _ 2 al _ 2o _ 3無機復合超濾膜作為無機?有機復合納濾膜的基膜;選用乙烯酰胺為表面功能層材料,分別探討了以羥基酸和磺基水楊酸為混合交聯劑,採用浸塗法制備了乙烯sio _ 2 ? al _ 2o _ 3復合納濾膜;以均苯甲酰氯、哌嗪和胺為單體,採用界面合法制備了酰胺sio _ 2 ? al _ 2o _ 3復合納濾膜,並對影響膜性能的諸多因素進行系統研究。
  4. Tao feng changzhou chemical company located in the jiangsu international plastics city, is in changzhou city, the river additives ltd. and jurong city tao reagent production plant product sales window, the major products : toluene, pure benzene, xylene, n - octanol, ethyl acetate, acetic acid small fat, silicone oil, aniline, poly - succinimide, benzene triazole derivatives, isopropanolamine, ethanolamine, alkylation two aniline, scale inhibitor, promoting agents, antioxidants, ppd, defoamer, metal deactivator, hx - 3308 scale and corrosion inhibitor, hx03 - 12 diesel flow improver, parathion octyl - zinc chloride bridge acid, chlorine bridge anhydride, chlorobenzene, double - dicyclopentadiene, norbornene anhydride

    常州濤峰化工有限公司座落在江蘇國際塑化城,是常州市夏溪助劑有限公司和句容市龍濤試劑廠生產的產品的銷售窗口,主要經營產品:甲苯、純苯、甲苯、辛、乙酸乙脂、乙酸脂、硅油、苯胺、雙酰亞胺、苯三唑衍生物、異丙胺、乙胺、烷基苯胺、防垢劑、促進劑、抗氧劑、降凝劑、消泡劑、金屬鈍化劑、 hx - 3308阻垢緩蝕劑、 hx03 - 12柴油流動改進劑、硫磷辛基鋅鹽、氯橋酸、氯橋酸酐、氯苯、雙環戊烯、降冰片烯酸酐等。
  5. We specialize in chemical material s, including 1, 4 - butanediol, tetrahydrofuran, ptmeg, polyvinyl alcohol series, sodium diacetate, glacial acetic acid, dibutyl phthalate, methyl acetate, ethyl acetate, n - butyl acetate, - butyrolactone, polyvinyl acetate emulsion series, pentaerythritol, redispersible emulsion, anhydrous sodium acetate and methanol

    公司主要經營的產品有: 1 , 4 -,四氫呋喃, ptmeg ,乙烯系列,雙乙酸鈉,冰醋酸,鄰苯甲酸酯,醋酸甲酯,醋酸乙酯,醋酸酯, -內酯,白乳膠系列,季戊四,可再分散性乳膠,無水醋酸鈉,甲
  6. Polydiethylene glycol succinate, pdegs, degs

  7. The substitution of pervaporation for traditional separation in organic mixtures is of energy - saving and environment - protecting significance. in this paper, pervaporation of two kinds of organic mixtures is investigated : one is using ca membrane and ca - eva ( ethylene - co - ethylene acetate ) composite membrane for methanol removal from mtbe ( methyl t - butyl ether ), focused on the influence of casting solvent mixtures ; the other is utilizing proper membrane stuff and additive to separate p - xylene from m - xylene

    本文對兩類有機有機混合體系進行了滲透汽化膜過程的研究,其一為醋酸纖維素( ca )膜及ca -乙烯醋酸乙烯共物( eva )復合膜用於甲基特基醚( mtbe )中少量甲( 5 meoh )的脫除,探討鑄膜混合溶劑及后處理技術對膜分離性能的影響。其為運用適當的膜材料及添加劑去除間甲苯( mx )中的少量對甲苯( 10 px ) 。
  8. The resting cells reaction experiment showed that it could also degrade other acetic ester compounds including ethyl acetate, vinyl acetate, chloroethyl acetate, propyl acetate, isopropyl acetate, butyl acetate, sec - butyl acetate and 1, 3 - butanediol diacetate by producing aetate

  9. Product use : catalysis, regeneration gas filtering, hydrogenation, oil filtering ; ethylene, propylene, butadiene, toluene, dimethylbenzene, benzene, ethanol, impregnant, natural gas, macromolecule polymer, pharmacy, metallurgy, sewage treatment, etc

  10. Secondary coating materials used for optical fiber part 1 : polybutylene terephtalate

  11. Monodisperse ( coefficient of variation 5 % ) polystyrene microspheres in the size range of 1. 0 ~ 10 m are prepared by dispersion polymerization in ethyl alcohol reaction media using polyvinylpyrrolidone ( pvp ) as a steric stabilizer and 2, 2 ' - azobisizobutyronitrile ( aibn ) as an initiator in suitable condition

    摘要以乙烯吡咯烷酮為分散劑、無水乙為反應介質、偶氮腈為引發劑,採用分散合的方法,通過優化反應條件,成功制備出了粒徑范圍為1 ~ 10 m不同粒徑級別的單分散(分散系數5 % )苯乙烯微球。
  12. Synthesis and characterization of high molecular weight biodegradable poly hexane - succinate

  13. The tio2, cds and cds - tio2 films on the common glass substrate were prepared, respectively, using ti ( oc4h9 ) 4, cd ( cooch3 ) 2 and scn2h4 as raw materials by sol - gel method. the influences of manifold preparing parameters ( such as the concentration of sol, the amount of the peg. the number of coatings, the heat - treated temperature and time ) on the structure and performance were studied

    本文採用溶膠-凝膠技術,以鈦酸酯、乙酸鎘和硫脲為原料,以普通玻璃片為載體,制備了納米tio _ 2薄膜、 cds薄膜和cds - tio _ 2復合半導體薄膜,研究了制備過程中多種制備參數(如溶膠的濃度,( peg )的加入量,鍍膜層數,熱處理溫度及時間)對薄膜結構和性能的影響,採用x -射線衍射( xrd ) 、掃描電鏡( sem ) 、能譜分析( edxa ) 、紫外-可見吸收光譜( uv - vis )等測試手段對各薄膜進行了結構和物性表徵。