職工代表大會 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhígōngdàibiǎokuài]
職工代表大會 英文
workers congress
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (職務; 職責) duty; job; 盡職 do [fulfil] one s duty; 失職 neglect one s duty; derelictio...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (工人和工人階級) worker; workman; the working class 2 (工作; 生產勞動) work; labour 3 ...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (代替) take the place of; be in place of 2 (代理) act on behalf of; acting Ⅱ名詞1 (歷...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (外面;外表) outside; surface; external 2 (中表親戚) the relationship between the child...
  • : 會構詞成分
  • 職工 : 1 (職員和工人) staff and workers; workers and staff members2 (舊時指工人) workers; labour職工...
  1. What is the relation of workers congress and labour union

  2. Compensatory endowment insurance is according to its by the enterprise benefit circumstance proper motion is decided, via after the workers congress is passed, be being carried out

  3. Though the relevant research regarding german workers ’ participation have been already numerous, but nobody put and go on comparing and analyzing so concrete together works councils and congress of workers and staff system still

  4. This text attempt, overcome described above inclination, in workers ’ participation most at the representative way of realization foundation that go on in detail investigating to the german works councils, probe into questions such as the historical background, social origin, organizational form, property and function of the system of congress of workers and staff of state - owned enterprise of our country, etc

  5. Teaching a workers congress the system is the main component of school management system

  6. On december 25th, 5th pku staff representative conference ( src ) was held at ying jie communication center

  7. Educational law makes clear a regulation, various and of all kinds school is built about the regulation according to the country and teach a workers congress the system soundly

  8. New year soiree of the double representative assembly ( the 5th representative assembly of the pku faculty and staff and the 17th representatve assembly of the union members ) held a splendidi show on pku hall stage

  9. Based on this, part four of the paper mainly expatiates its mechanism that teacher union performs its function, teacher union performs its function by the system of intervention and protecting in advance, the system of equal negotiation and contract, the system of the staff congress and mediating the labor relation

  10. Article 21 managers of mines shall, on a regular basis, report their work on safe production to the corresponding congresses of workers and staff or assemblies of workers and staff, thus bringing into play the supervisory role of the congresses of workers and staff

  11. Be opposite this of 1992 cloth " labor law " revise share 44, new after revising " labor law " have the following characteristic : suited to build the real case that realizes formal diversity with the adjustment that develops structure of system of socialist market economy, economy, state ownership already, highlight again was aimed at increasingly complex and changeful working relationship ; the maintenance that highlighted labour union function, made clear workers congress system and collective contract system shift of power of these two main thought, aggrandizement labour union organizes construction, organize broad worker in labour union to provided legal basis and safeguard for utmost ground ; increased the protective strength to labour union cadre, aggrandizement specific safeguard, make labour union cadre ok more the function that fulfils his duty to fulfill labour union responsibly ; protected labour union to produce bridge and bond effect better, fulfilled labour union to share politics, economy, culture and the approach that the society lives, made clear the essential mechanism that labor of labour union mediate concerns ; those who made clear union funds capture range, aggrandizement of union funds capture strength, ensured labour union to organize the necessary material base that develops function of labour union of activity, implementation lawfully ; set legal liability, made clear the punishment to violating principal part, enhanced law to deter force

  12. The reorganization plan of the enterprise shall be discussed by the congress of the staff and workers of the enterprise

  13. Chinen has established the board of directors, supervisory department, employees ' congress and relevant systems

  14. The draft of the collective contract shall be submitted to the workers ' congress or to all the workers for discussion and approval

  15. The draft of a collective contract shall be submitted to a meeting of employee representatives or the complete body of employees for discussion and adoption

  16. Accordingly, assume the routine of the workers congress by labour union, the working orgnaization that serves as a workers congress is appropriate

  17. The relation of the labour union of state - owned company and workers congress is : labour union is the working orgnaization of the workers congress, is not its standing body

  18. Research on the legislation about the system of worker participation mainly moves around the system of congress of workers, worker supervisor and worker director

  19. Working orgnaization and standing body have principle distinction, standing body closes a meeting in the workers congress during, the powers and authorities of office of exercise workers congress

  20. Company labour union regards the job of the workers congress as the orgnaization, should check supervise and urge the executive circumstance of workers congress resolution, start a worker to implement workers congress resolution