自由營 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [yóuyíng]
自由營 英文
libertad camp
  • : Ⅰ代詞(自己) self; oneself; one s own Ⅱ副詞(自然;當然) certainly; of course; naturally; willin...
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  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (謀求) seek 2 (經營; 管理) operate; run; manage Ⅱ名詞1 (軍隊駐扎的地方) camp; barrac...
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  1. After 15 minutes ' intensively discussion, they started to exhibit their results. the nine groups, adding culture construction group, drumbeating group started their aboil contend and pk match. first, the elected leaders steped onto the platform to declare their team name and catchwords, and devised themselves ' characteristic behave. this activity bubbled up the assembly room ' s atmosphere. then we let the leaders stand in a line and give them the last 2 minutes ' speak time to draw tickets. lastly, we decided to choose the winner using the method that every group votes two tickets. but for there were 3 winners at last, we handed out a few lollipops averagely to this 3 groups. their great ambition expressed in last prevail speech reminded us the experience and scene in summer camp

  2. The agiotage adopts the service mode that " the passway is made " at the beginning of market development, such traditional operation mode has caused the tradesman of the behavior in securities trader ' s seller ' s market, weakness that this kind of traditional, regular, single operation mode caused securities trader ' s profit to be with single mode too at the same time, the income curve correlate with height of general trend of market development, exist and deviate from with investors " interests too on the value orientations

    本文通過探索我國證券經紀業務的發展歷史和趨勢,得出最根本的結論是業部轉型是必然,變「坐商」為「行商」 ,「單一通道服務」向「綜合理財銷服務」變革是轉型的核心所在。東北證券江陰業部作為傳統服務模式的代表,本文詳細闡述了業部結合身實際應該採取的轉型策略及轉型后銷策略,為指導業部經機制改革提供了系統的解決方案。
  3. The signing ceremony announcing the cooperation took place in today s press conference held in beijing and was officiated by d - link s prc general manager, mr jack huang and artel s executive director and chief operation officer, mr frederick yu

  4. The causeway is lined on either side with a 16 - metre - wide belt of verdant lawns and hedges made up of xian juniper, jinshan meadowsweet, purple - leaf barberry and golden - leaf privet, showing with the rotation of the seasons the infinite changes and beauty of lively nature, and providing much pleasing and peaceful space for the roaming of the mind

  5. Any machine can t leave lubricant, as if human needs drinking water. fixed time and quantity automatically lubricant equipment controlled by plc program gives all parts of machine to provide necessary " nutrition " and at the same time, it is very bright and has trouble only centesimal point and when it can t drink water, it can give an alarm

    任何機械都離不開潤滑,這就如同人類必須要喝水一樣,plc程序控制的定時、定量動潤滑裝置給機器的所有部位都供給必須的「養」 ,同時還有:它特別聰明,百分之一「點」出故障,喝不到「水」 ,也會報警。
  6. The cslcc is composed of 7 members, representing public and private sectors lawyers, chartered accountants, businessmen, journalists and civil associations

    Cslcc七名來及私機構的代表組成(包括律師、特許會計師、商人、記者和民間團體) 。
  7. The cause is that depending strength of government only to hit lawless proprietor and safeguard consumer ' s leigitimate rights and interests is limited, because the proprietor can constringe the action of self due to the government strike it strongly in the short - term, but government can not be persisted over a long period of time because of the restriction of resources such as funds etc. in another aspect, if encouraging consumer to safeguard the leigitimate rights and interests of self, the probability that proprietor ' s tort occurs could reduce generally, moreover it is lasting

  8. The grand oriental hotel dongguan modern deluxe building landscape, is the hallmark of luxurious accommodations in dalingshan dongguang, with a richtradition of platinum 5 - star exceptional service and hospitality. the grand oriental hotel covers a land area of 47, 000square meters, a building area of 80, 000square meters. for meetings, conferences and private dining, there is a comprehensive business center plus all the meeting rooms are available with complete audio visual equipment to make every function memorable and successful. accessible to roads from any point in the city, yet free of bustiling dongguans traffic snarls, itsmidway position gives it a decisive edge over other hotels, while being very near to the trade center, the preferred venue for major conventions and exhibitions, and the industrial conurbation, makes for the utmost in business convenience

    帝京國際酒店佔地面積4 . 7萬平方米,建築面積8萬餘平方米。酒店商務娛樂設施全,擁有351間符合國際高星級標準智能化的奢華商務客房,殷勤體貼的英式管家服務,令您的商務之旅備感舒適。 800個餐位的漁米之鄉中餐廳,廣東烹飪名師親主理,經正宗粵菜地道莞邑小食, 「帝京三寶,鮑翅燕窩」 ,大嶺山「荔枝柴燒鵝」馳名廣東省。
  9. To droit of illegal change town enterprise, detinue or free uses town enterprise property, dismiss illegally of town enterprise controller with the act that violates a town enterprise to manage own advantageous position, instruct by department of administration of town enterprise of prefectural class above correct

  10. While the other type is due to the internal reasons which occurred in the course of our banks " operation development. for example, the banking service doorsill has been setting too high, the range, product and service of financing marketing are not as one wishes yet, also the lack of financing specialists and advanced technology can not be ignored

  11. Beijing seven - color ring technology products television limited is the development, production, marketing, and system engineering for the main business, the renowned products of complete autonomy in r & d and production arm of a large series of video products, its overall performance can be fully verified, the process equipment and its key components are world - class manufacturers, by the authority of physical abnormalities destructive testing and the safety of a number of patented technologies, a declaration rocker flying boat full compatibility broadcasting class, professional - level film cameras, video cameras, small hdtv cameras, boom achieve the same product serialization

  12. Another hong kong s tramway is a cable - hauled funicular railway, operated by peak tramways company limited since 1888

  13. From 24th august of 2001 to 8th april of 2002, gala ( malus cv. gala ) and golden ( m. cv. golden delicious ), stored with three different models of cold storage, air condition and ultro - lower oxygen, were kindly provided in different sale time by inter - profession technique center of fruit and vegetable of france. the fruits were cut into three parts of the skin, pulp and core according to the human edible habit. the apple polyphenolics in the skin and pulp were determined by thiolysis hplc and unthiolysis hplc in institut national de la recherche agronomique, laboratoire de recherches cidricoles

    為建立能全面測定蘋果果實多酚的hplc方法,同時為蘋果養標簽的制定提供不同銷售時期蘋果多酚含量的依據,指導貯藏方式和時期的選擇,明確的消費信息,2001年8月24日至2002年5月15日,法國果蔬跨行業技術中心提供普通冷藏、氣調和超低氧方式下,不同銷售時期的嘎拉( malus , cv . gala )和金冠( m . cv . goldendelicious )為試材,根據蘋果食用習慣將果實分為果皮、果肉和果心二部分,利用硫解hplc和非硫解hplc定量分析世界主栽品種金冠和嘎拉果皮和果肉多酚物質含量,並對不同貯藏方式下和同一貯藏方式下的不同商業貯藏時期多酚物質含量作了比較。
  14. The total flat area is up to 22 square kilometers. there are eight advanced production lines, which can produce as many as 10000 pairs of shoes daily. the second hazan industry zone of 2. 2 square kilometers is under building

    仁」為本的創業思路,務實求精的質量意識,規范有序的管理機制,誠信至上的經理念,使企業實現了「手工製作到動化流水線生產」「產品以內銷為主拓展為出口外銷為主」 。
  15. I perceived that i was sickening from excitement and inanition ; neither meat nor drink had passed my lips that day, for i had taken no breakfast

  16. China abounds in resources and occupies an important position in the exploitation and utilization of the global natural resources. because of lacking a distinctive definition of property right for natural resources in china, over a long period of time, the limits of management authorities was indistinctive, and various property right structures occurred. consequently, many problems were resulted such as careless and extensive management of natural resources, serious consumption and wastage of resources etc

  17. In some cases, though, supplements prescribed by a qualified naturopath or herbalist may be used safely as an adjunct to standard care, she maintains

  18. He was once fabulously rich, but because of his overconfidence in his own judgement his business went bust and he is now a gone coon

  19. For such acts as dealing in gold and silver without authorization, altering the scope of business without authorization, illegally purchasing or using gold and silver for other purpose, or embezzling gold and silver, in violation of articles 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23 of these regulations, the administrative department for industry and commerce shall impose fines or confiscate the goods

  20. A balance obviously has to be struck, but i find the fact that a group from the private sector put forward the report very encouraging, as is, in particular, what the chairman of the group calls the statesmanship they displayed in their willingness to put aside narrow interests in order to produce a report that unquestionably serves the public interest