色品調整 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [shǎipǐndiàozhěng]
色品調整 英文
chroma control
  • : 色名詞[口語] (顏色) colour
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (物品) article; product 2 (等級; 品級) grade; class; rank 3 (品質) character; qualit...
  • 調 : Ⅰ動詞1 (配合得均勻合適) harmonize; suit well; fit in perfectly 2 (使配合得均勻合適) mix; adju...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (全部在內; 完整) whole; all; complete 2 (整齊) neat; tidy; orderly Ⅱ動詞1 (整理; 整...
  • 調整 : adjust; tune up; trim; trimming; variation; modulation; arrangement; debug; rectification; redres...
  1. Then, main projects and synthetic techniques of ecological agriculture construction are discussed. the results indicate that main projects include fertile soil project, water conservancy, forestation and virescence project, agricultural structure adjustment project, agriculture industrialization project, integrated use of agriculture rejectamenta project, high quality and innoxious farm produce project, livestock breeding project, sight - seeing agriculture project, etc. the suited techniques include ecology location scheme technique, agriculture rejectamenta use technique, energy source regeneration technique, sewage biologic depuration technique, innoxious farm produce technique, soil fertility increase technique, ecological control technique of plant disease and insect pests, economizing water technique of dry farming, agriculture environment reconstruction technique, etc. lastly the study brings forward the countermeasure and advice of ecological agriculture development

  2. Apply computer chip to control the circuit ; omron opto - elecrtonic control - ler and panasonic and mitsubishi inverter have stable performance, high precision, rapid reaction and long life - span ; the controlling plate applies tactile operation board which is handled easily ; vertical structural screen is easy to adjust the vertical printing pressure so as to ensure the quality of printing ; the frame lift is driven by electrical motor and installed with imported linear guide rails, of which the speed - adjust device, scraper and scraping blade can be adjusted within15 to 45 and can be set for many times so as to repeatedly printing with good precision and output, the flat bed is made of 2mm stain - less steel plates which are flat, smooth and indeformable ; it is also equiped with micromatic setting device in order to ensure the precision of multi - color overprint and auto air - intake device to ensure strong adsorption

  3. Based on an analysis of the history and present status of the farmland - pastoral ecotone in the northern part of china, a new point of view was proposed in this paper for the construction of eco - environmental systems, namely, the industrial structure has to be modified so as to make a functional integration between different parts of the whole system : to give priority to a combination between cultivated grassland and in - shed feeding of domestic animals, and at the same time, to employ a new model of animal husbandry so that the degradated natural grassland can be recovered ; to develop a new type of processing industry for agricultural and forestal products so as to create a pluralistic enterprise structure ; to make a better use of water resources by taking advantages of the abundant resources of energy and minerals, and to restrain the expansion of industries of high environmental cost ; to employ techniques of integration management and restoration ecology, and to speed up the process of woodland and grassland recovery ; to make a thorough plan for arrangements of hills, waters, roads, farmlands, forests and pastures in order to gain an integration at landscape level

  4. Under the situation of china ' s entry into wto, fierce market competition, and increscent market requirements, hohhot must reconsider the development for its milk industry and timely adjust the new thought and medium - term policy : the strategy of milk enriches city. hohhot shall guarantee the sustainable, rapid, and sound development of its milk industry and become the nation ' s largest green milk base of good quality, and the fine milk processing base, and the real " milk capital of china " only by that reconsideration and adjustment. because this reconsideration and adjustment have the important theoretical value and the practical significance to strengthen the development of hohhot ' s milk industry and even to promote the development of regional economy

    但隨著我國加入wto ,面對市場競爭日趨激烈和奶業市場需求量增大的新形勢,內蒙古呼和浩特市能否在新的發展時期保證奶業持續、快速、健康發展,真正把呼和浩特建成全國最大的綠優質奶源基地和優質乳加工基地,成為名副其實「中國乳都」 ,需重新審視奶業發展機遇,適時調研究「奶業興市」戰略的新思路和中長期政策措施是至關重要,對做大、做強奶產業,推動地區社會經濟全面發展,亦具有重大的理論價值和現實意義。
  5. The draft is also good on the power play a stimulating role plates, such as anhui to electricity, such as tin fu thermoelectric have appeared 漲 停 ; in addition, the rehabilitation of agricultural products every day 漲 停 the shock after under the recently also started the plate, such as water in the fishing industry, kang biological, and other days there 漲 停 ; the two sides also offer acupuncture, nam fung chemicals, such as chlor - alkali and jin also 漲 停, the military concept of the space momentum in nuclear science and technology have appeared 漲 停

  6. This thesis conducts a detailed analysis of yangda dairying group ( ydg ) from the perspective of marketing situation, competitiveness and designs four sorts of management strategies through " swot ". there are : ( 1 ) to emphasize freshness of our products ; ( 2 ) to regulate or innovate inner organizational structure of the enterprise under the pressure of external competition ; ( 3 ) to introduce green marketing concept by taking advantage of advanced technologies at yangzhou university ; ( 4 ) to avoid competition with rivals on room - temperature dairy products

  7. After the analysis of the status and problems of agriculture industry structure in hebei taihang mountain area, it is pointed out that the readjustment of agriculture industry structure in this area should based on the market, principle of mountain ecosystem and sustainable development, the precondition of agriculture industry readjustment is food safety, in this area, to implement the optimization and readjustment of agriculture industry structure, we should develop the water - save agriculture, characteristic forestry and stock raising, pollution - free agriculture, touring agriculture and farm product processing

  8. Facing to the newly marketing environment and the adjusting for the international hotels brand strategy, china hotels must fuse knowledge marketing strategy, green marketing strategy, the whole world marketing strategy and so, so that they take part in competition and improve the competitive position in the world

  9. The structure of the study is as follows : chapter 1 introduces research background ; chapter 2 gives an overview of theoretical framework while chapter 3 is a comparing analysis of foreign apbf ; chapter 4 is the history, development and problem of our apbf ; chapter 5 shows the cause and influence of our apbf " s problem and the institution mode of our apbf is explained in chapter 6 ; chapter7, 8 and 9 analyze the operation mechanism, supervision mechanism and development strategy of our apbf respectively ; the last chapter gives conclusions and policy applications. there can be two interpretations for so - called " finance " on broad and narrow sense respectively

    20世紀80年代以來,中國經濟體制變革在從「有計劃的商經濟」 ,到「計劃經濟為主、市場調節為輔」 ,再到建立以「有中國特的社會主義市場經濟體制」為目標的逐步深化的過程中,金融體制改革不斷深化,商業金融業務不斷發展,原專業銀行也由單純「經營政策性業務」到「兼營政策性業務與商業性業務」 ,直至1994年「政策性金融與商業金融」分離,專業銀行向商業銀行轉變,農業政策性金融的功能由新成立的中國農業發展銀行承擔,並在運行中調、改革、發展。
  10. The auto - proof capability of dc 2060 is also a feature of fuji xerox. the reacs and i - tracs technology includes software and sensitive devices that continuously monitor all the aspects of the operation of the system, and adjust picture quality during the process of printing. this feature ensures the even output quality of digital printers

    Dc 2060的自動校功能也是富士施樂的特之一, tracs和i - tracs技術負責管理復雜的全感器和軟體,不斷監控系統運行的各個方面,並在列印過程中,即時進行圖像質量的調,使數碼印刷機輸出質恆定如一的特性得以淋漓盡致的發揮。
  11. Holding the development principle of pioneering - arduous struggle, success - with help around, reputation - essence of profits and development - never self - satisfied, since its establishment in 1994, the company has adjusted all the industrial structure constantly, improved the product grade, made pillar industry bigger and strongger, developed group s scale. the group has already built up changjang runfa mechanical industrial park, changjiang runfa suyu industrial park. covering industries such as machinery, section steel, building material, textile, port machinery, shipbuilding, ship repairing, electronics as well as real estate development, service industries as hotel with three star class, building decoration, water and electricity installations, etc. it is a private share - issuing corporation with self - research ability for products and has the right to import and export by itself

  12. This set of equipment includes : auto - stirring, aerating - and - conveying system, system of automatically sucking cups, oil - blasting system, material - padding system, cloth - spreading system, swerving - and - passing system, system of automatically separating raw material from plates, cooling system, and auot - washing system. additionally, if you replace the mould plate and the die in the equipment of the auto - material plate and give a proper adjustment, you can make various cakes

  13. Avoid synthetic products to improve sleep on human sleep on the role ; can promote and enhance the natural sleep, improve sleep quality, improving adult insomnia ; adjusted to the time difference, the time difference correct response ; senile plaques and prevent the formation of melanoma ; enhance human immunity

  14. The journalistic conception and the specially of news reporting includes : ( 1 ) the spirit of insisting on the justice ; ( 2 ) adoption of journalist conception and the exercising of " positive reporting " : ( 3 ) " the eternal change is unchangeable " ; ( 4 ) put the spirit into newspaper ; ( 5 ) keep the sense of culture ; ( 6 ) use ( he comment to invigorate the newspaper

    新聞理念和新聞報道特包括:一、仗義執言的傳媒精神質;二、新聞理念的調和「正面炒作」為主的探索;三、 「不變的是永恆的變」 ;四、融入精神;五、文化氣息濃厚;六、評論為報道生輝。
  15. Zhejiang moershu sanitary equipment co., ltd and shanghai moershu corporation development co., ltd cover an area of 100000 square meters with 52000 square meters of modern workshops as two big production export bases and moershus newest technical research centers. zhejiang company as zhejiang province recommend importance agreement corporation 1000000 sets environmental protection sanitary ware and 500000 pcs fitting technical innovation producing sanitary ware advantage science and technology base in 2006. it has strong independent innovative technical research ability, which fully demonstrated the leading level in time tidal current and 15 years development history established the higher speed development for moershu in future

  16. Two parts are included in the software : first, by adjusting the parameters of the rgb cmky and hsv color space to change colors. it is convenient for designers to rectify the color deviation and optimize colors matching. second, by adjusting the parameters of one color space in turns, the image can shade in colors, so that the images with ideal color effect can be caught, which can help the designers " originality

    這一軟體包括兩大部分:一是通過分別調節rgb 、 cmyk 、 hsv等顏空間內的參數值,達到調的目的,便於包裝產設計人員糾正彩偏差,優化彩搭配;二是通過依次改變某一顏空間內的各參數值,產生顏漸變效果,並捕捉到具有理想彩效果的圖像,有助於包裝產設計人員的設計創意與圖像實現。
  17. This good - quality device is convenient to operate and regulate. by using different appartuses for grouting paste, one can change the sort of products quickly and manufacture ice cream of various color and taste or sandwich ice cream and chocalate coating ice cream. the cjb - series multipurpose ice cream machine which is designed and made in accordance with your requirments will conribute to the rise in quality of ice cream and satisfy you

    本機性能優越,會使您感到操作、調方便,通過使用不同的灌漿裝置,產種更換迅速,可以生產各種不同澤、不同風味的冰淇淋,或者夾芯冰淇淋,表面巧克力浸塗等,根據您的生產需要而設計,有助於提高您的冰淇淋產的檔次, cjb系列自動花冰淇淋機能使您得到滿足。
  18. The paper can be divided into four chapters : the first chapter introduced the background for app to carry on green marketing. in the first part, it expounded the theoretical basis for green marketing, including the emergence of green marketing concept, the details, characteristics and necessity for enterprises to develop green marketing ; in the second part, it presented the development background of app and its contribution in introducing green papermaking into china ; in the third part, it elaborated the strategic significance of green marketing for app, i. e. not only meeting the demand of enterprises ’ long - term development but also the demand of social development ; in the fourth part, it discussed the choice of app to invest in market and analyzed china ’ s market structure, raw material structure, development bottleneck and market opportunity of top - level paper

    再次,根據金光紙業的實際情況及綠營銷的相關理論指導,對金光紙業開展綠營銷提出了相關建議,包括:綠研發、清潔生產、綠推廣、綠牌的實施計劃等一套完的綠紙業計劃;通過產線全面策略、專業化策略、延伸策略等進行綠紙業產組合策略實施並按照管理學上的「 5r 」操作原則實行全面管理和渠道管理;通過對各綠營銷子系統的協調控制,以期達到綠營銷體績效最優;最後對金光紙業各牌進行全面合,使牌資源累計共享,提高在市場上的競爭力。
  19. Usd0. 02 / pc / per color should be added with usd25. 00 / per color set up charge

    調費16美元的基礎上(調兩種顏或以下) ,每增加一種顏,每件產需要增加0 . 02美元
  20. After evaluating hebei ' s previous supporting industry with this index system. we can find these industries can not continuously supporting the development of hebei ' s economy. therefore, they shovild be selected and adjusted according to the standard of national industry classification. the previous supporting industry. including chemistry ( rnedicine - making ) industry. building material ( building ) industry, metal smelting industry

    利用該指標體系定量評價河北省原定支柱產業后,發現這些產業無法支撐河北經濟的長期健康發展,應按照國家的工業行業分類標準,對它們進行重新選擇和調,將原定的支柱產業,化工(醫藥) 、建材(建築) 、冶金、機械(汽車) 、食等五項,調為黑金屬冶煉及壓延業、食和飲料製造業、醫藥製造業、化學原料及化學製業、電氣機械及器材製造業等五大產業,從而校正產業政策的引導方向。