高原行車 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [gāoyuánháng]
高原行車 英文
driving on plateau
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (從下向上距離大; 離地面遠) tall; high 2 (在一般標準或平均程度之上; 等級在上的) above...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (最初的; 原來的) primary; original; former 2 (沒有加工的) unprocessed; raw Ⅱ動詞(原...
  • : 行Ⅰ名詞1 (行列) line; row 2 (排行) seniority among brothers and sisters:你行幾? 我行三。where...
  • : 車名詞1. (中國象棋棋子的一種) chariot, one of the pieces in chinese chess2. (國際象棋棋子的一種) castle; rook
  • 高原 : [地理學] continental plateau; plateau; highland; tableland
  • 行車 : 行車train working; drive a vehicle行車安全 driving safety; 行車里程 mileage; distance travelled b...
  1. The category, design and guidelines of highway barriers were then described, and dynamics of occupant and injury biomechanics were also discussed. it was found that the most frequently injured body segments during a car - barrier crash are head and thorax, and their injury mechanisms were pointed out

  2. Drawback occurred in the classical vssmc can be alleviated in the proposed control scheme because of importing the eliminating chatterer. according to the control strategy put forward above, corresponding controller for abs is designed. quarter braking vehicle model with four dof ( including vertical and longitudinal motions of body as well as vertical and spin motions of wheel ) is built considering the effects of wind resistance, longitudinal inertia forces, the vertical dynamics associated with the suspen

    總之,基於輛動力學建模,提出並探索了幾種實用且具有魯棒性的變結構、模糊控制策略在abs 、 asr及vdsc系統中的應用,而後開發了abs的ecu形,採用實時硬體在環模擬技術,對三種模糊控制策略進了性能模擬。
  3. Petrol, efi engine, high roof, auto door ( gliding type ), clock, air conditioner, amfm radio & cassette wmicrophone, rear under mirror, rear window defogger, curtain, 30 seater with passenger seat belt, bag rack, full wheel cap, high mount stop lamp, refrigerator ( c ) brand new toyota lhd coaster 29 seats, diesel

    ,汽油,電子燃油噴射發動機,頂,手動波,自動門(飛機門) ,鐘,廠空調,收錄機連咪,尾鏡,尾發熱線,窗簾,乘客座位安全帶,李架,大轆cap ,尾掛剎燈,冰箱,排氣規制對應發動機,尾霧燈,緊急用具(錘子) ,尾輪胎強化
  4. Diesel, high roof, 5 - speed manual transmission, china standard specification, automatic door ( gliding type ), clock, cooler, amfm radio & cassette wmicrophone, tachometer, rear fog lamp, rear under mirror, rear window defogger, curtain, passengers seat belt, baggege rack, full wheel cap, high mount stop lamp, refrigerator. side glasspro - molding

    ,柴油,頂,五檔手動變速,自動門(飛機門) ,鐘,廠空調,收錄機連話筒,轉速表,后霧燈,尾鏡,尾發熱線,窗簾,乘客座位安全帶,李架,大轆cap ,尾掛剎燈,冰箱,側面窗(滑動式深綠色玻璃)
  5. 5 - speed manual transmission, efi gasoline, high roof, high roof 26 seater with passenger seat belt, automatic door ( fliding type ), clock, air conditioner, amfm radio & cassette wmicrophone, rear under mirror, rear window defogger, curtain, baggege rack, full wheel cap, high mount stop lamp, refrigerator, china standard specification

    ,中國規格,汽油,頂,手動波,飛機門,鐘,廠空調,收音錄音機連咪,尾鏡,尾發熱線,窗簾,乘客座位安全帶,李架,大轆cap ,尾掛剎燈,電冰箱,排氣規制對應發動機,尾霧燈,緊急用具(錘子) ,尾輪胎強化
  6. Highlights of harbin include colorful and mysterious ice lanterns, crystal - clear ice carvings and pure - white snow sculptures of exquisite craftsmanship. sport - lovers may choose to ride a wind - driven snow sledge with sail to tear along the snow - covered fields or make a jump into the icy water, or go to the yabuli ski resort by a new expressway. for newly - weds, they may attend a grand group wedding ceremony held during the joyful ice and snow festival

  7. Producing single twin screw extruders including manual air blower, multi - die head, double - die stand automatic blow molding machine, storage type hydraulic hollow forming machine, dual - pipe pipe drawing machine set or pipe extruding machine set, bellows assembling set, specially - shaped materials assembling set, blow molding vacuum packing machine, granulator, and underwater granulating machine set, combined with distributing plastic packing bottle, can, bucket, box, case, film, belt, plastic toys, small specially - shaped products, draining pipe, transparent pmma pipe or transparent organic glass pipe for illuminations, plastic bellows, cable housing, cable groove, air pipe line, insulating pipe, dust absorbing pipe, drip tube, etc. flexible and hard pipe products

    塑料廠自主開發直徑6 - 300mm的檔塑料硬管,包括霓虹燈套管護欄燈管輪廓燈管汽底盤燈管pe管pc管abs管ps管hips管as管pvc管pbc管pp管及異型材等等,能生產各種顏色及透明。擁有八條生產線的豪華陣容給予支持,模具間自開發模具,多種機床用於后續加工,使用進口料,價格優越,品質引領潮流,在國內市場有著不可動搖的地位和實力。
  8. And then resume its normal routeing to improve the efficiency of bus operation

  9. In other words, we depend on the strong ability of classification of nn to recognize the characters of a car plate ; 4 ) under the precondition of inadequate samples, we introduce the technology of additional sample in the progress of characters recognition which uses experiential knowledge to construct some sample artificially and then inserted these samples into the sample set in order to improve the performance of network

    在字元的識別過程中,在使用較為簡單的圖像處理技術的基礎上,仍然使用構造性的覆蓋演算法,依靠神經網路強大的分類能力來對牌字元進識別: 4探討了在樣本數量較少的情況下,通過在字元識別過程中引入附加樣本的技術,利用先驗知識對先的樣本集進擴充,從而提網路的性能。
  10. It is difficult to recognize the character directly in original image because the original image has big dimensions, which need big memory, and at the same time, there are many disturbed areas in the image. however, if we can locate license plate and segment character precisely, thus the capacity of storage can be reduced and the disturbance can also be avoided, and so the character will be recognized accurately, which can ultimately improve the efficiency and precision of the recognition system

  11. Lifts the organization through the establishment container hoist crane and the car walks the organization mathematical model, bused on the optimum control in minimum value principle, studies the container hoist crane in loading and unloading process optimum control, causes its loading and unloading time to be shortest, the efficiency is highest

  12. Research on monitoring altitude training intensity for the plain bicycle athletes

  13. Based on the imported turbocharger vtc254 which is in operation, considering the high altitude in the west as well as continuously speed - raising need and the characteristic of our railway diesel locomotive, in this paper 16v280 diesel engine turbocharger, especially the compressor is discussed. for example, through calculation on the match of turbocharger and diesel engine, a brand - new technology for compressor wheel is introduced

  14. But a good portion reflects a raise mr. zhang got : to 1. 45 cents for each bicycle seat from 1. 32 cents. it is a small difference that signifies major change

    但更大因是張敬明加薪了:從每裝一個自座椅1 . 32美分調到1 . 45美分。這小小的差額代表重大的改變。
  15. Thirdly, in term of the results of testing and calculation, the displacement and libration, the difference of altitude, the flexibility and strain of crane - beams are all generally analysed, especially the reason why the crane - beams are attaint is lucubrated, and the reasons why the trigging pole is ruptured, the upper wingspan is damaged, the orbital movement, the exceptional incline of colums are open out, which has instructional significances that improve the design of the steel frame of the coke made by dry flameout

  16. Aiming at the frequent occurrence of traffic accidents due to fatigue driving on express way, their causation is analyzed from physiological and psychological performance of drivers, driving characteristics on express way and driving environment of the express way

  17. Also as this result, the density of the trains can be increased and the railway can be more efficient

  18. Flintcomb - ash being in the middle of the cretaceous tableland over which no railway had climbed as yet, it would be necessary to walk

  19. Heavy vehicle overload becomes an important cause for damage of high way pavement

  20. After travelling 25km, turn - off into the genting highlands road and after another 13km, one will be at the resort