barging point 中文意思是什麼

barging point 解釋
  • barging : 駁船運輸
  • point : n 1 尖頭,尖端;尖頭器具;〈美國〉筆尖;接種針,雕刻針,編織針;小岬,小地角;【拳擊】下巴。2 【...
  1. Construction works at the desalination plant and barging point will only affect small areas of coastal habitats, which account for a small proportion of the daily home range of fauna of conservation concern in the coastal areas

  2. The construction of the desalination plant and temporary barging point will result in minor temporary losses of fishing grounds, but it is not expected to be a significant impact on capture fisheries

    3 . 13化淡廠和臨時停泊點的建造工程會造成輕微的暫時性捕魚場損失,但並不會對該區漁業構成明顯影響。
  3. Marine barging point

  4. Given the short construction durations about one year for temporary barging point and about 3 months for dredging area, a negative impact on marine ecology is not expected