cabinet piano 中文意思是什麼

cabinet piano 解釋

  • cabinet : n 1 〈常作 C 〉內閣;〈英國〉內閣會議(室);〈美國〉總統[州長、市長]顧問團。2 小房間,私室,密議...
  • piano : adj. ,adv. 〈義大利語〉【音樂】輕輕的[地];微弱的[地]。n. 輕奏樂段。
  1. In this room, too, there was a cabinet piano, quite new and of superior tone ; also an easel for painting and a pair of globes

  2. Madame danglars who, although past the first bloom of youth, was still strikingly handsome was now seated at the piano, a most elaborate piece of cabinet and inlaid work, while lucien debray, standing before a small work - table, was turning over the pages of an album