cabin cruise 中文意思是什麼

cabin cruise 解釋

  • cabin : n 1 小屋,小室;〈英國〉(鐵路等的)信號室。2 船室[艙],頭[二]等客艙;【航空】座艙;艦長室,長官...
  • cruise : n 1 (軍艦等)巡邏,巡航。2 〈口語〉游覽,旅行,周遊。vi 1 巡邏,巡航,游弋。2 〈口語〉游覽,漫遊...
  1. Airfare from your hometown to los angeles, port taxes about 99, government taxes about 23, optional airport transfer 19 o w and land excursions, tips. price varies depending on your selection of actual cabin and cruise dates

  2. During the carnival, first ferry and first travel will showcase its vessel models and visitors are invited to participate in the exciting booth games to win prizes. besides, to attract more local and overseas tourists to enjoy the scenic spots on the islands, cabin attendants of the first travel s sightseeing route " hong kong dragon cruise " are ready to introduce different routings and distribute timetables

  3. After continental breakfast depart hotel for a sternwheeler cruise. join a third generation riverboat for a cruise on the only authentic operating sternwheeler in alaska, the discovery. on a scenic 20 - mile roundtrip cruise down the chena and tanana rivers, enjoy a lively narration as you view a bush plane s performance, log homes, and a trapper s cabin

  4. Cruise accommodations are based on two persons one standard cabin

  5. As the day ends we will check in for the silja cruise line, a deluxe 60 thousand - tons cruise ship. all rooms are ocean - view cabin with buffet dinner on board

    下午,乘豪華全新六萬噸silja line豪華客輪前往芬蘭,沿途欣賞芬蘭與瑞典波羅的海沿途迷人優美之天然景色,夜宿于客輪上豪華外艙睡房,房內皆有望景大窗。