capital stock-preferred 中文意思是什麼

capital stock-preferred 解釋
  • capital : adj 1 首位的,最重要的,主要的,基本的,根本的。2 〈口語〉優秀的,上好的,第一流的。3 大寫(字母...
  • stock : n 〈德語〉 滑雪手杖。n 1 (樹等的)干,根株,根莖。2 【園藝】砧木;苗木;原種。3 〈古語〉木塊,木...
  • preferred : 更被喜歡的
  1. Without preferred stock, stock warrant and treasury stock, our countries " listed companies are lame. it is important for our country to carry out the exchanging businesses of preferred stock, stock warrant and treasury stock. it will not only avail in improving the capital stock structure of listed companies, but also give play to the capital mechanism in society resource distribution

  2. By drawing essence from limited partnership contract, we can reconstruct and improve incorporated company contract in china ; the fourth, when compared with debt contract or common stock contract, convertible preferred stock contract is the best choice for our investing stage contract, because it is better to alleviate asymmetric information and lower agency cost effectively in the process of venture capital investment. but it is very possible that common stock contract would still be used widely in a certain long time because convertible preferred stock contract suffers law restriction and many other limitations in china ; the fifth, staged investment, combinative investment and united investment are recommended strongly in this paper

  3. When it comes to the means of paying, after stating the differences between general dividend paying methods and the special dividend paying methods to human capital owners, stock dividend is preferred for hi - tech enterprises, hi order to meet the needs of meeting requirements of all the stake - holders. specifically, the dividend policy to human capital owners in hi - tech enterprises is up to the way the property rights are obtained, namely, the stock options and esop

  4. A game model can be set up, which can help to study which tool is the best investment tool among debt, common stock, convertible preferred stock and convertible debt, given the venture entrepreneurs can be made work hard. by the analysis of the model a fact can be found that convertible preferred stock and convertible debt is the better way if the better result is twice larger than the original capital