carrousel 中文意思是什麼

carrousel 解釋
carrousel =carousel.
  1. The theory and design calculation of the carrousel oxidation ditch

  2. Just beneath the carrousel canopy are 18 hand - painted vignettes detailing scenes from disney s animated classic cinderella

  3. When he reached the wicket of the louvre, he turned to the left, galloped across the carrousel, passed through the rue saint - roch, and, issuing from the rue de la michodi re, he arrived at m. danglars door just at the same time that villefort s landau, after having deposited him and his wife at the faubourg st. honor

  4. In combination with project example of the application of microporous aeration and carrousel 2000 oxidation ditch process in a municipal sewage treatment plant, the advantages and disadvantages of the process flow compared with others were described ; the basic principle of degrading organic substance and removing phosphorous and nitrogen by means of the process flow was analyzed ; the main design parameters and economic and technical indices for various structures were put forward

    結合某城市污水處理廠採用微孔曝氣、卡魯塞爾- 2000型氧化溝工藝的工程實例,闡述了該工藝流程相對于其它工藝流程的優、缺點;分析了該工藝流程降解有機物及除磷、脫氮的基本原理;並提出了該工藝流程中各構築物的主要設計參數及技術經濟指標。