carrying bolt 中文意思是什麼

carrying bolt 解釋
  • carrying : adj. 1. 裝載的。2. 運送的,運輸的。n. 1. 運送,運輸。2. 【紡織;印染】墊紗,給線。
  • bolt : n 1 螺釘,螺栓。2 (門窗等的)插銷;閂,鎖簧。3 箭,矢;弩箭;【軍事】槍機,槍栓。4 電光,閃電。5...
  1. Load - carrying capacity per bolt

  2. Railway transport equipment. tank wagons and tank containers for carrying liquid chemical products. dome cover with a toggle - bolt closing device

  3. He drew back the bolt of his door, and almost directly an old lady entered, unannounced, carrying her shawl on her arm, and her bonnet in her hand. the white hair was thrown back from her yellow forehead, and her eyes, already sunken by the furrows of age, now almost disappeared beneath the eyelids swollen with grief