client centered therapy 中文意思是什麼

client centered therapy 解釋
  • client : n 1 訴訟[辯護]委託人;顧客,客人。2 〈古羅馬〉(依附貴族的)門客;受保護者,依附他人者。3 附庸國...
  • centered : adj. 1. 位於中心的。2. 以某一對象為(活動)中心的。
  • therapy : n. 【醫學】療法;療效。 new acupuncture therapy 新針療法。 radio therapy 放射療法。
  1. I see a growing interest in empathy in gestalt therapy, and in part of what ' s client - centered therapy there is an experiential therapy which i feel is quite similar to gestalt, so i ' ve trained in both approaches

  2. Heinz kohut developed self - psychology theory at about the same time that carl rogers developed client - centered therapy - both were at the university of chicago

    在卡爾羅傑斯創立當事人中心治療的同期,海因茨科胡特創立了自體心理學理論? ?兩人都在芝加哥大學工作。
  3. Leslie : well, i teach at york university in toronto, and i ' m developing a sort of integrative, what i feel is an integrative package of gestalt and client - centered therapy, and i see the two as merging more and more

  4. I ' ve recently completed a study of gestalt and client - centered combination on a depressed population, a clinically depressed population, and demonstrated that these processes are as effective as cognitive behavioral therapy or interpersonal therapy