ec evaluation 中文意思是什麼

ec evaluation 解釋
  • ec : n. 〈俚語〉經濟學 (=economics)。
  • evaluation : n. 1. 估價,評價。2. 【數學】賦值,值的計算。
  1. The enough capacity of an iffy ec system is analyzed by using of performance rules and queue theories, and a general method for analysis and evaluation is given

  2. This thesis outlines the aim and the significance of the economic evaluation and studies in detail economic evaluation methods of industrial investment project construction, on the basis of the newest studying achievements in economic evaluation field at home and overseas. meanwhile, the thesis adopts a number of economic evaluation methods for analyzing and calculating some typical projects and makes the relevant conclusions in combination with industry and enterprise realistic practice. furthermore, through practicing in the software development of the economic evaluation of the industrial investment project for hongdu aviation industry group, the author studies a lot of problems and experiences in ec onomic evaluation software design process, and puts forward the complete design thought, design principle, modular construction, software platform and programming tools

  3. 4. by systematically analyzing the composition and connected relations of the compound " ed - ec " system ( the compound system of education and economy ), this paper sets up patterns of the structure and coordinate development of the compound ed - ec system during its transformation and offers a method of evaluation based on fuzzy neural net. 5

    通過對「教育-經濟」復合系統(高等教育與社會經濟復合系統,即ed - ec復合系統)構成、關聯的系統分析,建立了轉型期ed - ec復合系統的結構模型和協調發展模型,給出了一種基於模糊神經網路的評價方法。