gabled 中文意思是什麼

gabled 解釋
adj. 形容詞 有山墻的,人字形的。

  1. Finally, with caparisons of that three parapets properties cantilevered parapets has been adopt to the steel structure of light - weight buildings with gabled frames, numerical simulations have been carried out with that buildings, results of simulations show that device can also significantly reduce the area - averaged coefficient of wind pressure and high negative suction peaks on zones susceptible to wind pressure. formula has been proposed about the height of that parapet

  2. The gabled brick, tile, and freestone houses had almost dried off for the season their integument of lichen, the streams in the meadows were low, and in the sloping high street, from the west gateway to the medieval cross, and from the medieval cross to the bridge, that leisurely dusting and sweeping was in progress which usually ushers in an old - fashioned market - day

  3. Here was an old church, quaint and rambling and gabled.

  4. Steel members of light - weight buildings with gabled frames

  5. The experiment about gabled frames joint ' s capability is performed

  6. Here was an old church, quaint and rambling and gabled

  7. Technical specification for steel structure of lightweight buildings with gabled frames

  8. Technical specification for steel structure of light - weight buildings with gabled frames

  9. The red pillars and gray gabled roof display a unique style of architecture

  10. Finite - element analysis of end - plate connections in light weight steel structure with gabled frames

  11. The main scopes of this paper includes : ( 1 ) the species almost have good ductility, the major factors with gabled frames are same as steel structure

    ( 4 )單獨改變螺栓直徑來提高承載能力,使樑柱連接的延性降低,塑性轉角減小,而承載能力並沒有大的提高。
  12. The experiment procedure and analysis result about exteriorly extended end - plate connection with high strength bolt are introduced primarily ; each sample ' s dimension is given. the adding load equipment, measuring apparatus placed, measuring point established is detailed. adding load measure load and m - curve is produced ; the single span gabled frames horizontal displacement formula is deduced when the horizontal concentrated force is applied to it

    重點介紹了外伸端板高強螺栓連接的實驗過程及實驗分析結果,介紹了各組試件的形狀尺寸、加載裝置、測量儀器安放、測點的布置等;給出加載方式及測出的m -曲線;計算出試驗節點的初始剛度;推導水平集中力作用下單跨門式剛架考慮節點半剛性的側移計算公式。
  13. Gabled frames are widely used in industry and civil engineering, it ' s web plates " local buckling calculated formula in the technical specification for steel - structure of one - storey light - weight buildings with gabled frames ( cecs102 : 98 ) are based on the rectangular plates " and did n ' t consider the interaction of the fringe plate. so, there are some different between the actual members and the prescript of the specification, and the post - buckling strength ' s calculated formula is based on the local buckling ' s, it must have some unreasonable

    楔形門式剛架廣泛地應用於工業與民用建築中, 《門式剛架輕型房屋鋼結構技術規程》 ( cecs102 : 98 )中楔形腹板局部屈曲的計算公式來自矩形板,並且沒有考慮翼緣的相關作用,因此,規程中的規定與構件的實際工作狀況有一定的差異,且屈曲后強度的計算公式也是以局部屈曲系數為基礎的,勢必有其不合理性。
  14. In the actual ( ( code for steel structure design } ) ( gbj 17 - 88 ) and for the ( ( technical specification for steel structure of light - weight buildings with gabled frames ) ) ( cecs 102 : 98 ), the calculation method for the stability of the members is : obtaining the axial force through the analysis of the linear - elastic inner force of the whole structrue, then checking the stability inside and outside the plane respectively on the foundation of the yielding rule of the edge

    我國現行《鋼結構設計規范》 ( gbj17 - 88 )和《門式剛架輕型房屋鋼結構技術規程》 ( cecs102 : 98 )對構件的穩定計算方法是:先對構件進行整體線彈性內力分析,得到構件的軸力和彎矩;再根據邊緣屈服準則對構件分別進行平面內和平面外穩定驗算。
  15. Steel structure of light - weight buildings with gabled frames is a widely used steel structural style in china at present. this paper starts with the deficiency of the specificaion in calculating the effective length factors of gable portal frames. when the gable portal frame subjected to the vertical uniform loading, it conducts the arch effect ? 1. rafter axial force is large when the slope of rafter is big

    門式剛架輕型房屋鋼結構體系是目前廣泛應用的一種結構形式,本文從規范中門式剛架柱的計算長度系數取值的不足出發,針對山形門式剛架在豎向均布荷載作用下產生的拱效應? ? 1 、斜梁傾角較大時產生較大的梁內軸力; 2 、產生跨變效應; 3 、高跨比較小的山形門式剛架會發生躍越失穩,採用整體分析的方法對山形門式剛架的穩定進行了分析。
  16. Using the general finite element programming package of ansys10. 0, the study of gabled frames beam - column end - plate connections is made, considering synthetically nonlinear ( material, geometry and contact ), bolt pretension forces and ratio of axial compression stress to strength. elastic - plastic finite element analyses are carried out among 28 species of 3 series under monotonic loads, in order to discuss the influence of parameters including stiffness of end - plate, bolt diameter, friction coefficients and so on

    本文使用通用有限元軟體ansys10 . 0綜合考慮了三重非線性(材料非線性、幾何非線性以及狀態非線性)的影響,同時考慮了螺栓預拉力的影響,對考慮端板厚度、端板加勁肋的設置、螺栓直徑、摩擦系數等參數不同的3個系列(端板系列,螺栓直徑系列,摩擦系數系列) 28個試件進行了有限元數值模擬,對連接節點的性能進行了分析研究。
  17. According to the above formula, the initial rigidity and ultimate moment is calculated by developed program to several kinds of gabled frames end - plate connection joint with different types ( such as end - plate connection horizontally placed, vertically placed and inclinedly placed ), different end - plate thickness, different bolt diameter. the different result is compared with different end - plate thickness, the different force arm in joints, different bolt diameters and strength grades

    按推導的公式編程計算了不同形式(端板外伸式、端板平齊式、端板斜接、柱腹板加勁) 、不同端板厚度、不同螺栓直徑的門式剛架樑柱端板節點的初始剛度、節點極限彎矩,並比較了不同端板厚度、不同節點力臂、不同螺栓直徑和強度等級、不同連接形式下初始剛度和極限彎矩的變化。
  18. This paper analyzes the feasibility and theory evidence as additional load according to code for seismic design of buildings and load code for the design of building structures. the paper puts forward a kind of predigest account method aiming at these problems by the feasibility analyzes of the gabled frames as additional load and defining a magnified coefficient through analyzing the level earthquake force at the floor of this building according to the code for earthquake this force is in the total building and the gabled frames as additional load multiply a certain magnified coefficient

  19. In this paper, the general situation and virtue or disadvantage about light - steel structure abroad and at home is concluded systematically. the design method, steel characteristic in the connection, the bolt strength, welding line characteristic and the joint connection model about gabled frames structure is introduced

  20. The two kinds of joint connection half - rigidity characteristic about gabled frames are discussed. the criterion among rigid connection, zero rigidity connection, half rigidity connection is determined ; the joint ' s moment and rotation angle curve is analyzed ; the calculation method about joint initial rigidity is brought forward ; the ultimate moment ' s calculation formula is deduced ; the result calculated by the formulas is compared to one calculated by the norm ' s formulas