gable window 中文意思是什麼

gable window 解釋

  • gable : n. 【建築】山墻,三角墻;三角形的建築部分。
  • window : n 1 窗;窗口,窗戶;窗扉,窗框;窗玻璃;(商店的)櫥窗;【計算機】窗口〈電腦視頻顯示器屏幕上的視...
  1. And in the corner by the window gable was a shelf with some books, and some from a circulating library. she looked

  2. The sun fell on her naked limbs through the gable window

  3. She looked round the whitewashed little bedroom with its sloping ceiling and gable window where the white curtains were closed. the room was bare save for a little yellow - painted chest of drawers, and a chair : and the smallish white bed in which she lay with him

  4. The fashion of the gable end with attic window towards the street, came from holland

  5. There are three doors in the front. the eaves are supported by the gable with badge - like decorations, with yellow stone walling. both the window partition and hierarchical gable have decorations of the 1920s