height-gain factor 中文意思是什麼

height-gain factor 解釋
  • height : n 1 高,高度;身高;海拔。2 〈常 pl 〉高地,山丘。3 高貴,卓越。4 絕頂,頂點;【聖經】天。5 〈罕...
  • gain : vt 1 獲得;博得,掙得;贏得,打勝(戰爭、官司)。2 吸引;爭取…(到一邊),說服。3 (尤指通過努力...
  • factor : n 1 〈英國〉經銷人;(代客買賣收取傭金的)經紀人;代理商;代辦人;〈蘇格蘭語〉 土地經管人。2 要素...
  1. Based on the structure and drafting of a convertible collar, the factors of affect the collar ' s shape and style is introduced briefly, especially the effect on collar height by the curved degree of underline - the major factor is analysed, and the functional relationship between them is gain

  2. The blade inner channel cooling is a complex convection - conduction coupling problem. this thesis build a three - dimension. compressible turbulence model, and give a general solve method. with the geometrical model of the glossily rectangle straight channel, the rectangle straight channel with in - line arrays disturb plates, the rectangle straight channel with staggered arrays disturb plates, the rectangle straight channel with slant disturb plates, this thesis compute the flow and heat transfer condition when the cold air path though these channels, and gain the temperature field, pressure field, velocity filed, in addition. this thesis also analyze the influence of the different channel height, the different channel materials, the different channels, and gain the function relation between he nusselt number, friction factor and reynolds number. this thesis is emphasis on the new heat transfer enhancement structure, that is, disturb plates, with the comparison with the glossily channel and channel with pin fins, the heat transfer enhancement effect of the former is better, and the conclusion can be used in the design of aircraft blade