host molecules 中文意思是什麼

host molecules 解釋
  • host : n 〈常 H 〉【宗教】聖餅,聖餐用麵包。n 1 主人 (opp guest)。2 (廣播、電視的)節目主持人。3 旅館...
  • molecules : 分子學
  1. In this paper we studied the intercalation behavior of a new host matrix of x = l of zirconium proline - n - mtthyl phosphonate - phosphate ( a - zpmpp ), we successfully introduced butylamine heptylamine decanylamine ethanolamine diethylenetriamine ( 2e3a ) triethyleneteriamine ( 3e4a ) and tetrathyleneoctamine ( 4e5a ) guest molecules into a - zpmpp interlayer space. the intercalation complex were characterized by ir spectrum x - ray diffraction and tg - dsc thermal analysis, it has been found that a - zpmpp possess different intercalation behavior from a - zrp. because of the bulk of proline group, it affected the amount of guest molecule, mono - alkylamine form mono - molecule layer in the interlayer space, butylamine, decanylamine and ethanolamine form mono - layer and the carbon chain form 90 degree ordered assembly with the zirconium floor of a - zpmpp, every host molecule absorbed 0. 5 guest molecule

    本文報道首次以x ? l的層狀(脯氨酸十一甲基磷酸一磷酸氫)鉛( a zpmpp )為主體底物,成功地將客體分子:正丁胺、正慶胺、正癸胺、乙醇胺、二乙烯三股、三乙烯四胺、四乙烯五股插入層狀化合物a zpmpp的層間,通過紅外光譜( ir ) 、 x射線衍射( xrd ) 、熱重分析( tg dsc )等手段對插層復合物進行結構表徵,結果表明: x ? l的層狀(脯氨酸件一甲基磷酸一磷酸氫)鉛具有不同於無機磷酸結的插層性能,由於層間脯氨酸基團的體積較大,影響客體分子進入的數量,胺分子在層板間取單層排列。
  2. A variety of artificial receptor molecules, such as cyclodextrin ( cd ), crown ethers, calixarenes and porphyrin, as typical host compounds, have attracted enormous research interest in their molecular recognition. among them, cds having an interior hydrophobic cavity and an exterior hydrophilic environment, as a buildup element of second generation supramolecule, can accommodate many organic, inorganic and biological molecules in their toroidal cavity to form stable host - guest inclusion complexes. therefore, they have been paid much attention by the researchers of supramolecular chemistry

    在已報道的多種人工超分子主體物質中,以冠醚、環糊精( cyclodextrin ,簡稱為cd ) 、杯芳烴及卟啉( porphyrin )為主體的分子識別研究引起了人們的廣泛關注,其中環糊精( cd )作為第二代超分子的構築體,其內腔疏水而外部親水,可以與許多有機、無機和生物分子形成包合物,從而成為超分子化學工作者感興趣的研究對象。
  3. One of the practicing methods is sol - gel technique, which has been widely used to incorporate a variety of organic and organo - metallic molecules in inorganic host. this paper reports the successful preparation of mpc molecules doped silica gel glass composites obtained by sol - gel technique. the composites are transparent and homogeneous with required optical quality

  4. An important issue to be addressed for the successful application of mpc in optical area where will find interesting application is represented by their incorporation in a matrix to fabricate a solid state system. one of the practicing methods is sol - gel technique, which has been widely used to incorporate a variety of organic and organo - metallic molecules in inorganic host

  5. Cyclodextrin and their derivatives have the hydrophobic cavities and hydrophilic wall. as the molecular host they are well known to have the property of forming inclusion complexes with organic, inorganic and biological molecules which possess suitable polarity and dimension. as the excellent enzyme model and molecule receptor, cyclodextrins have been widely used in many fields in science and technology