instead (f) 中文意思是什麼

instead (f) 解釋

  • instead : adv 代替,頂替。 come another day instead 改天再來吧。 Give me this instead 請改拿這個給我。 inst...
  • f : 1 【化學】 fluorine 2 【生物學】 (generation of) filial offspring; 【植物;植物學】子代 〈F1 雜...
  1. Kindly notify the buyers that we shall make an amendment in the l / c freight collect instead of c & f new york

    煩請通知買方,我們將信用證內c & f紐約更改為買方負擔運費。
  2. Instead of smiling, each f them made a face

  3. This paper gives a profound analysis on the causes and process of formation, feat ures of the locations, their varieties and specific property of the self - organ i zed meeting center by applying the modern principle of ecology, and these ce nter s vary from each other, they have proper and stable locations and many activities for outside go on at particular times, which is mainly for old people in urb an c ommunities. it points out that the natural ecological feature which has been is many old people s spiritual sustenance which has been possessed during the f orm ation of the centers. it also indicates the necessity of including this factor in to the construction planning of urban cities and the architects responsibili ties to provide places for these people, instead of the passive finding for the pub lic

  4. At the appointed hour the same man returned in the same carriage, which, instead of stopping this time at the end of the rue f rou, drove up to the green door