instant picture 中文意思是什麼

instant picture 解釋
  • instant : adj 1 迫切的,緊急的。2 當月的,本月的〈商業或正式文件中使用,一般略為 inst 〉。3 立即的,直接的...
  • picture : n 1 畫,圖畫。2 畫像;照片。 3 圖畫似的敘述,寫照;畫一般美的東西;圖畫似的風景,美景。4 相似的形...
  1. Dressed in old fashion clothes with gingham, you can take a picture with your idol. you can copy your photo on the mug, plate and cobble to make your typical eternal souvenir. ( providing instant photo )

    身著新潮式懷舊服裝,手拿碎花洋傘與心慕已久的偶像合影,這浪漫的一幕就讓像館幫您實現吧,還可把您的影像刻在馬克杯、瓷盤、鵝卵石上製成您專屬的永恆紀念(附設快速從印菲林) 。
  2. However, there are some questions about instant messenger : firstly, instant messengers existed ca n ' t support to draw instantly graphs for communicating with others because there is no environment to draw graphs in the local computer in instant messengers. secondly, or can do it, but for transferring too large picture encode data, the instant messengers are only running in local area networks, not in internet

    現有的即時通信系統在支持圖形即時雙向交互方面還存在著如下問題: ( 1 )不能支持基於圖形的即時通信,在即時通信系統中缺少即時繪制圖形的環境,只支持基於文字、文件、語音和視頻的通信; ( 2 )部分支持基於圖形的即時會話的系統,傳輸的數據是圖像壓縮數據,單位時間內傳輸的數據量大,不適合在開放網際網路上廣泛使用。
  3. Mr. kinoshita of sony corporation introduced the simultaneous dual program recording of digital terrestrial and analog programs, instant program search, and digital camera picture features. both recorders demonstrated unique and interesting demonstrations of their features

  4. While praying, i just followed the information signs at the airport without thinking. suddenly, within ten footsteps i saw two people holding a picture of master. i felt instant relief and walked up to them and asked, " are you looking for me ?

  5. With the improvement of technologies and demands, the application area of instant messenger is from person to group, as telemeeting, telelearning etc. medias are demanded to cover text, graph, picture, audio and video order to simulate tele - environment