longlin 中文意思是什麼

longlin 解釋
  1. Since the p. r china found, specially, the law of compulsory education issued, the education in longlin developed rapidly by law

  2. Longlin government gives priority to the development of education, and takes active measures to develop the education, include strengthening teachers " further training, advocating society contributing money for school, increasing investment for school software and hardware, moreover, there are still many problems while we are popularizing nine - year compulsory education

  3. This paper, looking back the history of education in longlin, makes a penetrating analysis of measure adopted by local government and educational administrations, analyses the factors which hinder the development of education, and then puts forward the countermeasure

  4. Looking back the history of longlin education, we realize that there are many favorable and unfavorable conditions of developing education

  5. Advantages, you jiang river and international educational conference held in 1936 pushed the education of longlin forward. disadvantage, longlin lies in an outlying district, its natural resources is poor. that makes the education develop slowly

    有利因素的是右江對隆林教育的推動作用, 1936年國際教育大會給隆林教育注入了新的活力,指明了教育發展方向。