much the best 中文意思是什麼

much the best 解釋
  • much : adj (more; most) 〈用於修飾不可數名詞〉很多的 許多的;大量的;很大程度的;(時間)長的(much wa...
  • the : 〈代表用法〉…那樣的東西,…那種東西。1 〈用單數普通名詞代表它的一類時(所謂代表的單數)〉 (a) 〈...
  • best : adj 〈good 和 well 的最高級〉 (opp worst) 1 最好的。2 最合適的。3 最多的,大部分的。4 〈口語〉...
  1. The total capital stock of a share company were proved to be the best criterion and the size effects were found to be much more obvious, the second best crierion is the circulating capital stock. even though, the size effects were not proved to be existing through all the periods that were tested. it is proved that the size effects were periodical and highly correlated with the changes of policy of the stock market

    從時間來看,小公司效應是從1999年6月30 ? ? 1999年12月31 ,即統計的第三個時期開始的,這在時間上與我國證券市場資金準入政策變得寬松是一致的;而在最後一個時期,即2001年6月30 ? ? 2001年10月26日的統計時期內卻沒有小公司效應,與我國國有股減持政策出臺、打擊市場操縱、規范上市公司治理結構和信息披露制度在時間上是一致的。
  2. So much so that out of 40 offers for their accommodations, they chose the park hotel weggis which boasts a comprehensive gym equipped with cybex. the team stayed there and trained on cybex equipment from 22nd may to 4th june. physical trainer francisco adolfo ferreira and physiologist emerson silami of the brazilian cruzeiro esporte clube agree : training on cybex equipment produces the best results

    巴西著名的克魯塞羅足球會cruzeiro esporte clube內的體適能教練法瑋拿先生francisco adolfo ferreira及物理治療師思拿美先生emerson silami都同意說:運用賽百斯健身設備來操練可得到最佳效果。
  3. Deborah exerted much sagacity in conjecturing which of the two girls was likely to have the best place.

  4. It is a forlorn hope at the best, and not much the forlorner for being delayed till dark

  5. The simple story is in the world of the animation is an absolute main factor, a complicated story details turns and twists confusing link for see an animation of the audience is a tremendous burden, the market need that is in present the top interest has already replaced a traditional story to spread chen, at this interest in command age how expressed a plot to become the most important topic with the simple story, very clearly, advertise from the film of the way can feel what kind of the topic just is the need of the consumer, passed by high cost to create greatly of the advertisement mode has already not been reseen this several years, take but the generation is a film to have many interests much play, this be the typical simple story description complicated plot, give examples to say : the movie “ shrike ” is a very typical example, pure of save a princess of plot, continuously of pound at audience by the plot of " be contrary with traditional thinking " of thinking mode, i still remember at that time see that slice through behind appear details of hear the public discussion interest continuously, but hear half personal say this drama of story have much good, in fact such manuscript was the best animation manuscript, letting the audience acquire they want of plot but don ' t be pack with complicated story, this just is the animation dramatize of the tallest state, because of would like to spend money to enter into theater or spend money to purchase dvd consumer, all is want to open happy heart ' s appreciating film bear, have no burden, also be spend money to buy happy, want to remind specially of " the writing animation manuscript not is write to personal satisfy own creations desire but is face all appreciate of crowd "

    在動畫的世界里簡單的故事是絕對的要素,一個復雜的故事情節曲折迷離的環節對于看動畫的觀眾是一項極大的負擔,在現今的市場需求上趣味已經取代了傳統的故事鋪陳,在這個趣味掛帥的年代怎麼樣用簡單的故事來表現劇情變成了最重要的課題,很明確地,從影片廣告的方式可以感受到什麼樣的主題才是消費者的需求,過去高成本大製作的廣告模式這幾年已不復見,取而代之的是影片有多趣味多好玩,這就是典型的簡單故事描述復雜的劇情,舉例來說:電影史瑞克就是一個很典型的例子,單純的救公主的劇情,不斷的以「與傳統思維相反」的劇情沖擊著觀眾的思考模式,我還記得當時看完該片后出場不斷的聽到眾人討論趣味的情節,但是卻沒有聽到半個人說這部戲的故事有多棒,其實這樣的劇本就是最好的動畫劇本,讓觀眾獲得他們想要的劇情卻不以復雜的故事包裝,這才是動畫編劇的最高境界,因為願意花錢進到戲院或是花錢購買dvd的消費者,都是想開開心心的觀賞影片沒有負擔、沒有包袱,也就是花錢買開心,特別要提醒的「寫作動畫劇本並不是寫給個人滿足自己的創作慾望而是面對所有欣賞的人群」 。
  6. I consider it a special privilege to wish the bride on behalf classmates the best of luck and much happiness on the occasion of her wedding

  7. Owing to consumption of so much manpower and material resources in small scale gap test, ssgt is simulated for making it possible to choose the best experimental programme, and reduce the experimental expenses, and shorten the research periods, and even replace ssgt

  8. Somehow we always say the least to those we love the best and hope our thoughts are understood, although they are unexpressed. . that is why it means so very much, when days like this appear, to say how very much you are loved each day throughout the year

    不知何故,我們總是對我們最愛的人表露的心跡最少,盡管我們的想法沒有表露出來,我們也希望我們的心得到理解. . .因此可以理解,如果有人說愛你日深,這句話會有更深的意義
  9. I thought that the third violinist was the best player -- not that i am any judge, i. e. i do not know much about the subject.

  10. Many mncs have even their own airboat advertising system ; some other companies would like to make advertise by hiring ; airboat advertise featuring good promotion effect, sound attractiveness, large area, vivified image, especailly when appearing in the endless sky, it can remind so much people feeling the interest ; the best result but the lowest cost make it more suitalbe for every enterprise ; it can used on many cases like ceremony, celebration, memory activity, amusment, lottery drawing and sports games, it is truly the best choice for a company to make a impressed product promotion

  11. Incorporating with mineral admixtures could control the tendency of evening shrinkage of hpc, but the effect is not much remarkable. and the expansive agent uea could compensate shrinkage, but different curing conditions have significant effects on the volume stabilization of hpc. it is necessary to enhance the water curing at the young age and try the best to prolong the curing time

  12. There is a great tradition of wine connoisseurship and much to be studied about the tasting of wine and the many vineyards where the best examples are produced

  13. The author has done much research work in examining the functions of raw materials, as well as making graph analysis of the raw material. as a result, achievement have been made : ( 1 ) making sure of the standard factor and t he best mixture proportion, ( 2 ) finding out the best way of measuring the index of the high performance concrete, ( 3 ) the endurance of this high performance concrete and the volume stability have been experimented ; ( 4 ) the great economic and social benifit are obtained by cost analysis

  14. In the face of barriers, difficulties and legal challenges, mr bell said the best approach was a dogged pursuit of as much evidence as possible to prove the former government counsel guilty as charged. he was irritated that people could attempt to buy justice

  15. Low temperature storage is the best method for husked rice, air conditioning storage is also nice, however quality guarantee period of the latter will be much shorter than that of the former

  16. The rebel justice and equality movement has implied as much, telling voa that a regime change in khartoum would be the best and the quickest way to end conflicts in war - torn sudan

  17. The light ships fared the best ; as not so much labouring in the sea ; but two or three of them drove, and came close by us, running away with only their sprit - sail out before the wind

  18. That was much the best meal i have ever tasted.

  19. This has no bearing on how the browser actually retrieves a page from a web server ; in that case, text is still very much the best option

  20. This is much the best