much hotter 中文意思是什麼

much hotter 解釋
  • much : adj (more; most) 〈用於修飾不可數名詞〉很多的 許多的;大量的;很大程度的;(時間)長的(much wa...
  • hotter : 赫特
  1. Engineers would have to find a way to exert precise control on the interactions of particles in a plasma hotter than the sun ' s core, and much of the communications bandwidth would be taken up in controlling the computer and dealing with errors

  2. In iceland, meanwhile, a consortium of utilities is teaming up to do just the opposite : harness steam that is much hotter than the norm

  3. When it dies ( by swelling to become a red giant, a planetary nebula and finally a white dwarf ), it will be much hotter than other, older white dwarfs of similar mass

  4. The scientists - using their strongest language yet on the issue - said now that world has begun to warm, hotter temperatures and rises in sea level " would continue for centuries " no matter how much humans control their pollution

    科學家們在他們的報告中用了最最強烈的語言表示,現在全球已經開始的變暖,高溫以及海平面升高問題「將持續數個世紀」 ,無論人們如何控制污染。
  5. To her, the irons he swung were much hotter than she ever dared to use